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Love From The Other Side.

Novel By: dclovesfd

The worst day of Madison's life is the day she has to look at the dead body of her best friend Jacob. Someone has killed him, hurt him. But who would do anything to Jacob? He was never one to start problems, or fights.
While Detective Jenna searches as hard as she can for the killer. Danny Madison's brother is getting worried about Madison. She's been acting different.

Madison discovers not long after her trip to the large room where she saw Jacobs body, he is not gone after all.
And while Jacob tries to remember what happend to him. Things change between him and Madison. But, what can you do when you love someone who's dead? Love from the other side. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 31, 2011    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter One.

No one ever wants to see the day their loved one dies and they have to go, see them all dressed up, makeup covered face, hands neatly folded, looking pale and cold and still. Wishing you could know where they are and what its like there. So no one definatly wanted to see what I was about to see.

" Does she have to?" My older brother Danny asked the Detective his eyes blood shot from worry and lack of sleep, mine the same. Detective Jenna's eyes flickered to me for a moment. I nodded indicating that I did. Danny sighed giving in and another detective led him down the hallway. Jenna turned towards me.


I could feel a lump forming in my throat, so I just nodded as she opened the blue doors to a brightly lit room. For a moment I was blinded but then I was able to see the 3 doctors and 2 forensic scientist's standing in the large room. It was cold and I could feel the saddness and death in the room. It felt like something out of a movie. That I most definatly did not want to be in.

On a metal bed was a large lump covered by a thin white sheet. Still as me and Jenna stopped one foot from the bed. My brain refused to register the fact of what the lump really was. My eyes started to tear up as the gloved hands of one of the doctors slowly started rolling the sheet down to the bare bodies waste.

My hands flew to my mouth as a sob burst from my trembling lips. There lay my best friend Jacob Chanin, his once tan skin pale and cold looking. His once large and excited dark brown eyes, wide open. Purple bruises from his neck down to his waste, even on his arms. Deep bloody teeth like abrasion's on his neck and chest. He looked so dead. Who ever did this to him, was sick, and I wanted to hurt them. Anger filled every part of my body. And my tears spilled over.

" Is this Jacob?" Jenna asked, though already knowing the answer from the look on my face, that felt hot and cold at the same time. My hands shaking.

"Yes! Just, get me out of here" I choked out.

She nodded, quickly grabbing my arm and leading me out as I cried trying to control my sobs. As soon as I got into the room where Danny was, her came toward me. His blue eyes tearing up knowing what had gone down in the room. I knew he was just as angry and sad as I was. Jacob was not just my best freind but Danny's also. He was like Danny's brother and my brother. We both loved him more then anything. He was all we had, since mom and dad were gone. And now we had no one but ourselfs.

He wrapped his arms around me and I set my head on his right shoulder.

"Shhh, shhh" He hushed me but I could feel his tears on the back of my neck.

"He's....g....g...dead!" I sobbed into my brothers red T-shirt. He held me tighter, trying to calm me down. It was such a horrible truth. We were never going to see Jacob ever again. We were going to have to go to his funural and look at him. Dead, cold, covered in make up, and a black suit. People crying. People acting like something good has happend, and he is safe with god in heaven. When in truth, everyone knows nothing will be the same anymore. And I will have to live with the fact that a part of me is gone forever.

After a moment Jenna cleared her throat and I took a deep breath inward before turning around and facing her. It did not suprise me that her hazel green eyes were tear filled and she was running a shaking hand threw her shoulder length blonde hair.

" I will keep you updated, we won't stop looking for his killer"

I nodded taking a step forward feeling Danny's presence still behind me, knowing his head was hanging down but he was listening.

"Have hope Madison" she said before turning around and walking out.

I closed my eyes for a second. Listening to just mine and Danny's breathing. I felt his hand on my shoulder and then heard his low, crackling voice.

"Lets go."....


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