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Must Be Doing Something Right

Novel By: dclovesfd

Morgan was always the odd one, the crazyily insane one.
But when her twin brother Joshua dies in a car crash along with her ex boyfriend/friend Greyson she turns into a completely different person. Her brothers and sisterm along with her mother have no idea who she is anymore.
While struggling threw highschool, and life, she meets Tom. The one person whe makes her feel right. He must be doing something right... View table of contents...



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Chapter One

Morgan stared out a the rippling water. That seemed to be even darker then the weeks before. As she sat on the light brown, old wooden dock, she thought about taking off her sandles and sticking her feet into the cool water.

But she knew what would happen when she did that, she would feel a deep pain inside her.

The water would sting like poisonous venom on her skin. And she would cry again.

She felt no need to go threw the whole thing, she had already cried that day, and honestly, she did not know if she could even stay awake much longer, she was so tired. From the endless nights with no sleep.

The sun was setting in front of her, but she did not even feel a mear sprinkle of excitement for the beautiful scene.

She folded her arms, and closed her eyes. Feeling that sadness in the pit of her stomach, she just wanted to lay down, close her eyes, and never have to open them again to this world.

But she couldn't, she could not hurt her mother like that, her brothers and sister like that, they had already lost one family member. It would only tear them apart more.

Morgan could here, soft footsteps behind her, and after a moment, when she opened her eyes, she saw her brother Kendle. He smiled slightly, slid off his shoes and put his feet in the water. Morgan just looked at him, with no sense of anything.

Kendle sighed, and looked downward, trying to find some soft of words, to help his sister. He was always the one to give her advice on things.

" Morgan, its going to be alright..." He whispered, his dark blonde hair falling over his hazel eyes.

" Kendle, this isn't something you can give advice about, its already happend, its never going to end..."

" Whats never going to end?" He asked, frustrated.

Morgan felt angy with her brother, why could he not just leave her alone!

She stood up, brushing her long dark brown hair over her shoulders.

" The pain! The saddness! The fact that we will not never be able to go any where, do anything, with out remembering Joshua!" She yelled, and took off running for the house, before Kendle could even utter a word.

She felt breathless, and hot headed when she got inside, opening the door to her bedroom.

She walked over and sat on the red window seat, its deep black certain pulled shut.

She curled into a little ball, breathing slowly in and out. But tears were starting to form in her blue eyes. The same eyes as Joshua.

The red seat she lay on, only reminded her of Joshua even more. But it seemed to be the only place she could find comfort.

Her breathing slowed, and she started to drift asleep.

But her dream would help nothing...

" No way! Its totally coming out friday!" Morgan laughed, jumping up and down in her seat in the back of the blue car. Her brother Joshua in the drivers seat smiled, and her ex boyfriend Greyson chuckled, nodding his head.

"She is not kidding, plus I promised her we could take her to buy it..." He said looking back at Morgan with his green eyes twinkling.

She had always liked him, but for some reaosn, they seemed to get along better as friends. As they had been best friends since second grade.

" Well, then I guess we have to! I hate you Greyson!" Joshua joked throwing his hands up in the air.

" Keep those hands on the wheel! You are not even suppost to be driving!" Morgan yelled nervously at him.

Even though all the other times her 15 year old twin brother, had driven her and Greyson to places, it had been perfectly fine. Not even a cop in site.

Morgan felt it was different this time. Like something just wasn't good.

" Oh calm down Morganie..."

" Yeah Morganie..." Greyson teased.

" Hey! Only Josh can call me that!"

" Oh well!"

" Jackass" Morgan smiled looking left out the window, at the bright afternoon sky, and the buildings passing them vastly.

" Guys! Guys!?" Morgan suddenly was yelling excitedly.

" What?"

" YOU MISSED THE TURN!" She yelled, angry now. And crossed her arms.

" Sorry! I wasn't paying attenion..." Joshua chuckled, looking back at her.

And before she could even blink, the car was going backwards, then left, no wait right.

Everything seemed to go by so fast. Was she upside down? She didnt know, everything was grey, and her head hurt, really badly.

" Guys?" She whispered, trying to listen for a response.

But she heard nothing.

Everything was clearer, and she could see straight up into the front seats.

She could see the backs of both of their heads.

And blood. Everywhere...

Scattered on the windows. Windshield.

She touched her face, blood.

But it wasn't hers.

She was covered in Joshua and Greysons blood, and everything was going black again, her head felt heavy and she couldn't breath...

" Morgan! Wake up!" Jazzmin, her little sister yelled at Morgan who was screaming in her sleep and had woken Jazzmin up from the room nextdoor.

Morgan sat straight up, tears running down her face, gasping for air.

" Cry are you crying?" Jazzmin asked, holding Morgans white teddybear.

Morgan could not answer, just fall back down, and sob, painfully.

Jazzmin crawled beside her, wrapping a tiny arm around her sister.

" Shhh, its okay sissy"....


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