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The Dawn Of Renesmee Cullen

Novel By: dclovesfd

Renesmee has been secretly dating a boy names Cole, wile mean time, every one in her family is planning out a life for her with Jacob. What they dont know, is he doesn't love him like that. The only one who knows is Edward. On renesmees 16 birthday, when Jacob tells her he loves her, she has to tell him why she cant love him , and that she doesn't. But she seems to be falling in love with him, but doesn't want to admit it, when she is ready to tell Jake that she does, Elizabeth Bekic the new girl in town, plans on ruining that. On the other hand Jacob is falling for Lilly the other new girl. What will happen!? View table of contents...


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Chapter one, Daddy+Nessie's friends= a whole lotta head aches.1

I walked down the hall of White lake High school to meet Abbie at the door to the gym. I was walking as slow as possible, Abbie,Zashley,Candi and Elli wanted to meet my family. I wasn't worried about alot, just the fact i never told my parents who my friends were, so this would be the first time of them hearing about them. The reason for not telling them was because I didn't want my friends to meet them. One they were all girls, 15 year old girls. Two, all the guys in my family are flawless perfect vampire men. Three, Aunt Alice would go crazy and plan a shopping party. I wasn't one for shopping that much, but all my friends, were. The fact that my family were vampires didn't't trouble me, they were all well under control. We all went hunting this last week end and should be fine. The most thing I was dreading was, they were staying all week end up to Monday because their parents all have some where to go for some damn reason! " Come on, it's not like were taking a test, were just meeting your family, why are you acting all freaking?" Abbie asked pulling me faster after she ran to me and grabbed part of my jacket. " Abbie, my parents are not like yours, they are like, very annoying some times!" I said shaking my head and walking as fast as I was able to without running. " Yeah because my mom isn't annoying as Lord Bekic from Pirates Of The Caribbean!" She said letting go of my jacket stopping at the Gym door. Pirates Of The Caribbean, I thought to my self. Abbie's new fancy. " Well then" I said laughing a little. Zashley,Candi and Elli all burst threw the gym door. " Lets go!" Zashley said running for the front door. I sighed. " Zashley,my family isn't going to move to china in the fifteen minutes it takes to drive there!" I yelled running after her with the girls on my sides. They won't, but the could. I laughed to my self. She stopped just out side the school. In white lake, you get your Drivers Permit at 15, well that's if your grandfather is the famous surgeon Zashley turned to give me the, * I knew that* look. I laughed. " Come on lets go" I said spinning my keys on my index finger wile watching them walk toward my sparkly red and black Aston Martin. I walked over after a couple seconds. When they were done marveling at my car for the 500th time, I got in and started it waiting for them. After Candi got buckled in the front seat we were off. Oh and did I mention? Its a Aston Martin Convertible. I put the top down, going eighty miles per hour down a forty mile per hour road. Like the rest of my family, I loved speed. The girls yelled and giggled behind me,I joined along, I turned on kiss 107, our song was on! " Girls its our jam!" I screamed! they screamed also. " I keep telling you loosen up my buttons babe , but you keep front-in OH!" We sang as loud as we could laughing at the same time. When the song was over we all just looked at the road and passing cars, well we were passing them. Pretty soon we were parked in the drive way. I took two deep breaths before getting out. We walked in ,the order was, Me, Candi,Zashley Abbie and Elli. All my family were sitting on the couch in the living room. " Hey, these are my friends" I said waving a hand toward them. They all stood up. " Oh look, little kitten has friends!" Uncle Emmet said messing my hair up. I hit him on the back. " Hello, nice to meet you all, what are their names?" my mom asked. At least she has sense in her. I thought in my head, then remembered my father could read my mind, I saw him chuckle a little. Stupid dad. I thought glaring at him, he smiled. I walked in front of my friends. "This is Candi" I said signaling for her to shake my mothers hand. She just stood still. " Just a second" I said to them. I walked behind Candi and put my mouth by her ear. " LOOK IS CODY MATTING!" I screamed. " WHERE!" She said jumping up and turning around. " Hey , not fair" She said crossing her arms and turning around frowning. I heard Emmet laugh. Candi smiled and shook my mothers hand, she shook every ond hands, but I couldn't help but notice she didn't't look at the men much. If she did, she would have fell flat on her face, I imaged her falling and fainting, I laughed a little out loud. " What?" Aunt Alice said, looking at me. " Nothing, nothing" I said smiling. I turned to Elli. " Elli, go ahead" I said to her. She stepped forward. " H...Hi..I'm...E..Elli" She stuttered blushing and looking down after shaking every ones hands. " Hello" They all said. Before I had the chance to even point at Zashley she stepped forward. " Hello, I am Zashley Marie Carlie Patti" She said smiling and shook their hands. Elli looked at her with a, * how did you do that* look. " Its called born in England" Zashley whispered at Elli standing back in her place. Abbie stepped forward. " Hey, I'm Abbie Turner" she said shaking their hands." Hey" they all said. " If you want to know what their names are,I'll tell you" I said smiling at Aunt Rose. Aunt Rose wasn't to thrilled about them staying. " My father is Edward, my mother is Bella, my aunts are Alice and Rose, my uncles are Jasper and Emmet, my grand parents are Carlisle and Esme" I said pointing at each of them Candi starred at Carlisle and Esme. " Grandparents?" she asked. " Yup" I said smiling. " Whoa" She said shaking her head. Carlisle chuckled." Nice to meet you" my dad said. I was getting a head ache." OK, time to say good bye to them and say hello to upstairs" I said pulling Candi up the stairs wile the rest followed. " Dinners in two hours!" Esme called up to us. I could eat human food, but i knew they would have to choke it back out later. Oh well. I thought to my self. We walked into my room, it was red with black curtains and a huge black bed with red and blank sheets, covers, pillows, and my carpet the same , black and red. A flat screen TV, stereo, lots of CD's and other junk. Oh and bean bad chairs. Eight of them. " Whoa, totally frinking awesome!" Abbie screeched plopping down on a black bean bag chair, the others did also. " I know right" I said sitting down next to Candi, Waiting for what I knew was coming. " I love your house" . " This rooms awesome" . " Your mom seems cool!" they all talked at once,I didn't't know who was saying what. In the middle of all of it, shy little Elli said one thing, that I wished she didn't't say. " Your dads cute" She said blushing deep red. We all stop talking. " What?" We all said at once. This can't be happening. " Agreed" They all said. " Hes my dad!" I groaned, " So" They all said together. The never ending of babbling started , I did'nt know who was talking. I put my head in my hands. " His eyes are pretty" . " Hes hotter then Zach" ." I cant believe hes your dad" . " So cute!" they all said talking over each other, more and more comments came blasting into my head. " Ahh!" I groaned and walked out. They stopped for a second and then began again. I stomped down the stairs and ran to the couch and fell face first on it. " Whats the matter?" Aunt Alice asked a worried look on her face. " Curse you dad! God I hate you!" I screamed. " What did I do?" He asked just walking threw the door, he must not have heard what happened. " Thanks to you my friends have turned my room into the international lets talk about how hot Renesmee' s dad is till she dies room!" I screamed and turned over. " Well, I'm sorry I'm so cute" He said smiling. " Ahh!" I groaned. He laughed. " It will be ok" Aunt Alice said rubbing my head. " Sure it will be, when my father is thrown into the pit of fire I'm about to make" I said getting up and sighing. She laughed, " Well, get back up there before they leave" She said pushing my toward the stairs. " Thanks so much dad!" I yelled before running up to my horrible room of doom..


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