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The FlipSide Slave.

Novel By: dclovesfd

Elizabeth Morgan is a Slave for Master Veron. She is treated horrably wrong. But when she has to leave to be a maid. She doesn't understand the pain in Verons eyes and her pain..She leaves because Veron already got paid by the rich family.Who is this rich family? You will see.. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 26, 2010    Reads: 237    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Elizabeths Point Of view.I was running. Running fast, if I may add. I knew Veron would soon be right behind me. When I had woke up this morning by a loud voice at only six am. I knew something was not right. As usual. I was completely right. -FLASHBACK- " Elizabeth! You are going to be sent as a maid, and living with a rich family. I will not take any Buts, or Nos from you" Veron's magical yet cold voice rang. "No! I can't!" I blurted out unthinkingly. "What did you say?' He asked me his voice full of distaste. "Nothing Master" I replyed keeping my eyes to the ground. " Good. Now go pack your things" He said coldly, turning around. -I can not do this. I am treated horrorably enough here as it is- I thought to my self. I bit my lip and watched him cross the room. I shook my head and bolted toward the door. I crashed into it before opening it. Rubbing my head feeling the bruise that would soon appear. I was bolting down the side walk. My raggs being toward by bushes and sticks. -END OF FLASHBACK- " Elizabeth! Get Back here!" I heard Veron yell. It only made me go faster. I knew he was not that far behind.
My breathing was getting heavyer as I started to run out of running force. I crashed into the ground, giving up, there was no use. The farther I ran,the longer it took him to find me, the more painfull my punishment would be. I heard doom walk over to me. Veron smiled down on me evily. I sobbed once. I picked me up and dragged me down the side walk. My knees. bleeding as he threw me into the house on the floor of the main room by the stairs. "Now, pack your thins you selfish girl!" He yelled walking out. I sobbed twice and pulled my self using my arms to force up, since my legs were bleeding and weak.I crawled to the attic. I felt numb as I kicked the door closed. I feared Veron greatly. Every move he would make, would me crashed into my brain as I watched, listened. For Veron, was unlike any of my other slave masters. When I had met him, I knew that he was unlike any horror I had faced before. With his skin cold and white as a winters night at midnight, eyes, blood red as my mother when I had been forced to look at her on the main room floor as he killed her. I fear him with the most horror that any one can ever have. I understand, why, I feel the way I do around him. But, for his victims, they don't understand what their sub-mind is screaming to them. Run, scream, be afraid. They are too over-kept by his distactions, his voice, his face, his smell. Until, they are face to face with their death, do they realise, what is happening. Not when he is eyeing them with his blood red eyes. Or when he is touching them with his cold stone hands. No. Until they are seconds away from their hell, do they realise, what they have done. I will not fall into his trap. I under stand. But they. They, until they are already dead! Do they realise, what they have done....alt Elizabeth.


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