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The Way The Sun Sets...

Novel By: dclovesfd

" Isnt it beautiful? The way the sunsets...."
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My stomach was turning even as I was on the 20 hour ride to Kansas. One of the reasons was because I had already spent 15 hours in the car with my dad. I LOVED my dad! It was the not getting any sleep that was bothering me.

I was staring blankly out the window at the dark elven oclock night sky. Hoping a rest time would come soon knowing we would most likely sleep parked there.

I brushed a spiral lock of sandy blonde hair behind my ear, my eyes and head hurt, and the bright head lights of passing cars did not help.

" Is there a rest stop soon?" I asked my words almost slurring together.

" Yeah" My dads own tired voice answered back.

I sighed hoping my soon, meant the same as his.

It was slightly chilly with the windows rolled down, and I was already in red highschool musical pajama pants (which I got a few years before) and a black tank top...

I sat straight up as we turned to pull into a res stop. As soon as we parked and shut the car off I grabbed my dads cell phone and was out the door. Barefoot running across the pavement, opening the doors, my dads voice a mumble behind me as I turned into the womens bathroom.

I put the phone up the my ear after dialing and going to the farthest corner of the bathroom. I was nervouse my heart beating vastly. My free right hand shaking...

I was very much, alert and awake when the low, soft, warm sound of Dylans voice rang threw the speaker. I sighed.

" Im really sorry Im calling so late!" I whispered.

" No, its fine its only nine here remember?"

I chuckled my toes curling against the cold tile floor, and I leaned my head up against the wall.


The most amazing, adorable, sweet, funny, crazy, loving Dylan....

Whom I met the summer before a few weeks before I was to be a freshman in Highschool. He was a sophomore in Highschool. About a year older then me at 15.

I was dead in love when we first say "Hey"

On facebook... OF COURSE!

You see, I orginally met him on booksie.com a place for writers to share their work with other writers all over the world.

But I never really spoke too him till we became facebook friends...

Some misunderstandings and rather foolish lies took place the first few weeks, but after they were resolved, I dont think I have ever been more happy then the moment I could hear him say he loved me, and thats all that matters.

The problem, he lives in Colorado, I, in Michigan.

Honestly, I never though, neither did he that we could go so long, only talking to each other on facebook chat, facetime and the phone once and a while.

Only being able to imagine hugging each other being warm and safe.

" I looooovveee you" He whispered in a childish mean to be cute way.

I giggled.

" I love you" Sighing wishing I had more time to talk but knowing my dad would soon be wondering.

" I hope I can see you soon..."

" I know..." I whispered feeling a saddness in my heart and something in the pit of my stomach.

It was only maybe a 6-7 hour trip to commerce city from where I was going in Kansas.

But I had not told my dad about Dylan, much less asked it I could go see him for three days!

I was worried about what he may think.

Plus, I could not make Dylan dirve the hours to come see me, even though he could drive then.

I couldnt do that to him.

No matter how much I KNEW he could do that for me because hes just as much in love with me as I am him.

But I just couldnt...

Could I?


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