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I'll be there always..

Novel By: dedeepya

This is a story of two people who are greatly in love with each other but always doesn't find time to confess their feelings .When he realizes that its high time for confessing,he also realizes that its too late..And he will be assumed guilt for something that took away all his happiness..find out what is it.? View table of contents...


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He looked around to find her staring at him. She was standing at a distance but he could still sense the pain in her eyes. The way she looked at him moved the floor down his feet. She was hurt and it was him again. She was hurt by him. She was holding back the tears and tried to fake a smile when he looked at her.

But he knew her much better than what she thinks. He started moving towards her taking those few slow steps to approach her while staring right into her eyes with deep emotion. She saw him coming to her. She saw the most amazing beautiful thick black eyes of him turning into red with sorrow and slight tears built in them. She knew what was coming. She knew what is he up to but she didn't want to face it. What she just witnessed is too much of a fact to digest in and she is not yet ready to even listen to him. She started moving back. She turned around at once and started running away from him out of that place.

This is not happening. She just cannot run away from him like that. He owes her an explanation. He needs to sort out things. He just cannot let her go like this. They are meant to be together. He has to do it now. It's too late for him to take that step.

"Ashy Wait..!" he yelled from behind following her.

She didn't stop. She kept running while he picked up the speed to catch up to her.
She was too fast. She reached the road immediately crying and sobbing. It was hard for him to see her this way. He desperately wanted to go, take her in his hands, hug her tight, wipe away the tears and give her the world's happiness. But damn her. She is not giving him that one fair chance.

"Ashy!! Please..!!" he ran faster but he was too late. She ran behind a cab, stopped it, got into it and left. He didn't give up yet. He ran behind the car as fast as he could calling out her name but all in vain.

She already left and he was standing in the middle of the road staring at the traffic where the cab vanished into the distance. It was around midnight in the heart of Mumbai city and here he was standing and regretting all that he had done. His eyes became pale and he was speechless. Tears started building in his eyes, which he tried to hold back. He ran a hand through his hair, sat on his knees down on the road buried his head in his hands still not being able to believe that she left him.

But he thought he wouldn't give up. He would get to her at any cost. He just cannot let her go like this. He stood up on his feet and started running back to his car. Within few moments he was on his way driving to her place.

"It's high time, I'll propose her today and she would be mine for ever. This in fact wipes away all her pain. I am sure about that.." he thought to himself.

This thought got back his smile on his face. He loved her a lot. He is god damn crazy about her. This is something she is yet to know. And everything will just be great for both of them. His thoughts shifted back to the sweet memories with her…

Rishi POV

I was standing in the balcony looking into the distance. I love music. I wanted to be a musician always but I've joined to study engineering in Mumbai as my father insisted me to do. I never gave up my dreams. I am not among those who easily give everything to the destiny. I struggle hard for every that thing that makes me happy. So I've joined in the college music choir group and the following day was my selections for the lead guitarist.

I was thinking all about it and then I heard..
"Whooooooo" she shouted right in my ear from behind. I was at once startled and shocked suddenly. She saw that and started laughing hilariously.

"Why do you always show up in the completely wrong time Ashy? Don't you have a better job than to irritate me.."
I yelled at her. She stopped laughing and looked offended. I actually was irritated and in a disturbed mood since then and took it all on her.
She was silent for a while and then started shedding tears. She is god damn sensitive. When I knew this very well why do I have to behave like that? God! At that moment I felt immensely guilty and sorry for her.

"I-I was just trying to make some fun…" she said with her voice breaking.

"I know --I am.." why doesn't that 'sorry' come out of me easily..??

"Its ok..Rish.." she wiped her tears immediately and came near to me.

"Why are you so disturbed.." she asked concerned.

"Ah..! Just thinking of tomorrow" I wrapped a hand round her shoulder and lead her to the living room.

"Any thing important? You came a little late." I asked her.

"Well, Just wanted to check on you. I guessed that you would be tensed. So thought of just being there. If you would need a friend.."

I was a way too much surprised with what she said. She is such a nice friend and I 'll always keep behaving kind of rude to her. Its not that I don't like her,,
Now I just love her the most but back then I was too much of a nut to realize that.

"Thanks so much dear. I am really sorry for shouting at you. I mean it."

She pouted her mouth and was still sad. I moved a little closer.
"Come here.."
I wrapped my hands around her and hugged her tight. I loved her embrace. She was such an adoring person.

"You take me for granted, don't you? Or is it that you hate me?" she asked at my chest.
Then we pulled away and she was looking at me waiting for an answer.
Why did I not answer her?
"No" was all I said at that time. Was that enough to convince her? Its not!

How I wish I could go back to that situation and tell her that I love you. Assure her about my love…

I was such an idiot back then. Couldn't even utter at least a few words of care and affection to her and make her feel better…??
********************end of Rishi POV**************
The sudden break that he used to stop the car at the parking of her place got him back to the reality. He then pulled the car into the parking and reached the elevator.

When he reached her floor he immediately ran out of the elevator and reached her door.
Knocked it once and waited. No response. Knocked it again. Still no response.

"Ashy..! Its me. Open please!" He shouted from out side through the window.

He continued calling out her name and banging the door again and again still there was no response.
He lost his patience. His brain was giving him dangerous thoughts as to what she was doing inside. He couldn't bear with them. He at once banged the door with his shoulders and did it hard until the lock was opened.

He stepped in and found everything distracted in the house. His breath was out of his control. All he wanted was to see her safe.
He moved from the living room and everything around him was completely shattered from its place.

The sofa and the pillows were lying down. TV-set was broken on the floor. All the glass items were all thrown here and there and then he stopped at the steps that lead outside to the top floor.

There he found bloodstains on the railing of the steps. His heart jumped out of his chest with the worry and pain inside and he was completely loosing his temper…

"ASHYYYY !!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??" he shouted on the top of his voice. It was filled with anger and urge to see her.
Right then he heard footsteps from the top. He immediately ran up the steps and reached the open terrace. He looked around…

"Ashy..!!!!!" he saw her approaching the edge of the terrace wall where there is a railing..
"What are you doing..?" he was furious.

"No! Don't come near me..." she said in that shivering voice. She turned around to face him and that's when he saw her completely.

She was in just a long t-shirt up to her knees, which was torn at her shoulder. Her hair was completely messy.
She had a bruise on her lateral hand. Her face was full of fingerprints as if some one bet her…
Blood was coming out of her mouth and she looked extremely miserable. His worry reached to peeks after taking a look at her.

"Wha-What happened? What are you trying to do.? Ashy come back. Please.." she was standing at the edge of the railing now. With one step ahead she's right down on the ground from a 20-storied building.

"Ashy..---" He moved a step closer.

"No!! I said don't come near to me nor try to stop me. Just go away Rishi…Go." She was sobbing.
He was standing still. He dint know what to do. He could think of going to her and grabbing her away from there, but he was at a distance and by the time he would reach her she would jump. He knew her. She was stubborn and crazy…

"What's the matter Ashy? Please don't do this. Please Ashy. Lets talk and sort it down…Ashy. Come here. Please…"
He stretched his hands and opened them wide apart calling her to give him a hug. He knew whenever he does that she would come and hg him. She wouldnt reject it any time.

"Uhh" she sighed. "Its too late Rishi.I don't deserve to be there in your arms. I don't deserve you Rishi…I am.." she cried like hell. She was sobbing continuously. Tears dint stop rolling from her eyes. Her both hands were not enough to wipe them away. He wants to give her his hand and wipe away all the pain. But damn it she is making it all worse.

"What the fucking hell are you speaking. Darn it..." he grunted his teeth with fluctuation.

"Just shut your bloody mouth and come back Ashy…"

"No!!!! I am already dead. I don't deserve you…I would never ever trouble you Rishi..This is my End…you could be really happy after this.."

With this she wiped her tears for one last time, took a deep breath, and stretched her hands wide in the air facing him.

"Ashitha NO..!!!!!" he moved a step.

"I am sorry Rishi for all the pain I gave you…..."


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