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Life, Love and Us..

Novel By: dedeepya

In life love is the most important phase. For some its lasts as a sweet short love story, while for some other, it takes a life time for a story to be told. It is very truly said by some one that “Love happens only once in life and the rest is just life”.

Life always gives us limited chances to discover what you want, but what if you have always been all the way along with your love and have never actually discovered it?

Simmi and Jai are two such persons who have known each other the whole of their lives yet have never been able to get through into the deepest of their hearts or so they assume. They were never the best of the friends, yet no strangers.

They have had the best ever teenage love story possible which then ended in the worst break up ever.

Once moved on totally from everything they had together, they were never apart from each other’s daily life in a strangest way possible. Being closely related, and utterly non-related at the same time, they just learned to get through each other maintaining silence.

As two grown-ups, when life brings them to situations in which they had to give in; Does love has to blossom again? or will it not.

When they have to stand up and be there for each other, will the concealed emotions take over?

This is the story of these two souls, who are just meant to be together and somehow aren’t, even if everything turns out all too easy for them.

You will discover more about the complications as the story unfolds right from the very beginning.
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It was just like every other evening, as lazy as it gets and Jay seemed impatient waiting for Simmi by his bike at the college backyard gate. He was impatient, not because of the wait because of the conversation they are going to have. He knew she would be late though she said she would make it before the last hour, he somehow knew she wouldn't be able to. He was prepared for the long one hour wait, 'at least I will make up my mind' he thought to himself.

After what happened the night before, he was sure of the decision he was considering for some time now, at least he thought he was. But for some weird reason the mere thought of sharing his decision with her made him all nervous. 'We are so different from each other, it's hardly working' he thought in an attempt to support his own decision.

He lazily hit a small stone on the muddy ground and made it fly as he took out his cigarette-a habit which he recently developed. As he lit the edge of the cigarette, he could see her through the smoke that occupied in front of his eyes. She was walking her usual fast self, with her bag hanging across her shoulders, as she held the bag with both of her hands. She wore casual jeans and a long top, her usual attire which he always admired. He thought it was just effortlessly beautiful.

He immediately dropped the cigarette and waved the smoke from his mouth using his hands as she approached him. He could already see the annoyed expression on her face but she was expert in hiding it.

"Hi-" she spoke as they stood awkwardly beside his bike facing each other.

"Hi-umm I'm sorry, I just was bored waiting and--"

"Shall we go somewhere and talk, it's not so good here" she cut him off.

"Sure" he assured and dropped a mouth freshener in his mouth as he went around hopping the bike expecting her to follow him. She first looked hesitant, however, followed him and hopped behind his back.

He noticed her making an effort to maintain a distance at the back and glanced at him through the rare mirror every now and then giving him hesitant looks. Somehow this all seemed familiar to both of them.

Although they have shared a lovely relation in the recent past, they can still remember the bitter hate relation they have shared almost all through their lives. It was like back to the beginning all over again.

Neither of them have communicated or suggested where they want to go, however, both of them knew where they were going. Without second thought or an enquiry, he just drove her towards the national highway that lead to the outskirts of the city and she knew immediately where they were going. It is a place in the external part of the city, a farm house with a café which they technically owned, as in a combined property of their families. They usually come to this place for family outings and to get away from the busy life and somehow both of them are very much fond of this place.

It was a long drive, they knew and they both had enough time to drift through their past.


Simmi and Jay have been family friends and have known each other right from their kindergarten days. Yet this isn't one of those childhood buddies' love stories which ends up happily, however, their life story is no exception when it comes to falling in love or at least they thought they did.

As kids, they always ended up in little quarrels and couldn't stand each other. They were always expected to be in good terms like their families did, however, it was not the same in their case. They hardly enjoy each other's presence and mostly end up arguing, still spending the most time alone together.

Simmi was closer to Jay's younger brother Abhay , who was two years younger than both of them, for the obvious reason that Abhay was fond of Simmi and would communicate well. However, their rapport only made Jay to be distanced from Simmi more.

Three of them went to the same school all through and as they grew along with the years passing by, Simmi and Jay have only become more like strangers. Their communication with each other was only limited to the family outings and greetings. As they went ahead they happened to live in separate communities though belonging to the same class.

The same continued until their freshman year, when they just entered their teens. It was an age of having attractions, a time when you start feeling you need someone special, a time to get into infatuation and a time to make mistakes, a lot and lot of mistakes and learn through them; make wrong decisions and realize from them.

Simmi and Jay are no exception when it had come to falling for each other.

The young Simmi had become an attractive and beautiful girl, while Jay on the other hand is the charming guy of their school. He found himself attracted to her surprisingly and more or less gradually liking her for her impressive personality.

She was the heart of the class. Though she has always been a bit low in academics, she always managed to steal the show in extracurricular activities. It was this quality which made her standout. She walked across the corridor as normal as she can, still managing to steal the lime light with her irresistible smile and easy going attitude.

Jay on the other hand, is the heartthrob among the girls. He was not only good in academics but also the captain of the school's Cricket team which in itself adds to the famous category. He has this natural charm on the playground and he is very well aware of his popularity.

Their popularity and the fact that they are somehow related to each other resulted in rumors and the usual link ups. Strangely Jay enjoyed this new kind of attention; he liked his name taken along with Simmi and he literally enjoyed the mere thought of it. The fact that she was exceptionally beautiful and happening added to the already existing attraction.

However, the attraction was mutual. It started with little flirting movements and then eventually led into small simple conversations. With the new found positivity towards each other they were actually able get over the silly quarrels and dislike they previously had for one another.

It all started with small simple gestures and slowly drifted into the sweetest teenage love story which they shared.

To be continued….


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