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Love has Its own way

Novel By: dedeepya

Love has its own way:

That’s totally true.

Love has its own way to reach,

It searches for its own destiny,

Once the destination is found,

It follows its own path to blossom.

The destination being the person, the one person of your life but the path? - Well that’s what the destiny decides irrespective of the fact whether you are aware of your own destiny or not.

Rheanna Stevens was one such girl who’s totally unaware of what her destiny has planned for her. She is just young dreamer lost in her own little world and always hates the reality. She never does anything as per plan but just keeps accepting whatever comes her way. She lives in the dreams of her so called unknown soul mate. She believes in true love to come her way and sweep her off the feet. But she finds all her dreams being shattered in front of her when the selfish jerk turns up in her life.

Adam Johnson on the other hand is a young ambitious guy who has only one dream in his life, and that is being successful. He always had all of his tasks done according to plans and was called the perfectionist. He has his destiny all the time working for him all too well. And his one such plan included Rheanna Stevens to make Rheanna Johnson to reach his own destiny.

Little did he know that destiny has all planned it differently for him?
And little did Rheanna know that the same selfish jerk will make up for all the fun of her life that she has been missing.
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Love has its own way:


She was dressed in all velvety white with a long gown that hugged her petite figure all so well that she looked absolutely glorious showing off her perfect shapes. Her dress flowed on the floor as she walked down the aisle hooking her hand in the crook of her father's hand. All the people sitting along the aisle turned around to look at her and their eyes were glued to her as she walked along the way flashing that ever so lovely smile.

That lovely smile was added with a spark in her eyes when her large blue eyes met the ones of the person standing at the front of the aisle. She kept her eyes on him all the way making sure to observe each and every feature of his face that was brighter than the usual on this special occasion. He held out her hand smiling at her as she used it to get on the stage beside him.

"You may now kiss the bride" said the priest after all the vows had been taken and that's when her moment of life awaited her.

She suddenly got all nervous although it was not the first time they were kissing. Kissing him now, on this special occasion was something she always dreamt it to be perfect. Being completely aware of the fact that he loves her to the core and with same kind of deep emotion going inside her, she thought this was the perfect moment of her life. Kissing her love of life in front of all her near and dear making their relation permanent and official to the world made her feel inclined to him forever.

That's when he surprised her by drooping one of his hands around her waist and bending her over his hand. He then looked straight in her eyes while the crowd 'oh-ed' all together. He winked his eye looking at her and she blushed bright pink looking at him expectantly.

"Rheanna..." she heard his voice.



"Yeah? Common do it..."


"Uh-uh, what? What?" she woke up suddenly sitting straight on her bed, fury crossing all over her face as she looked at the person who woke her up.

"God!! Maggie?" she frowned burying her head in her hands.

"Are you alright Rheanna?"

"No, I am not!!" she explained showing her true exasperation which is nothing new to Maggie.

"Not again darling, don't start about the dream please!" Maggie rolled her eyes as she started setting up Rheanna's bed and sheets.

"Yes, again Maggie, you don't know what you have ruined! Why do you have to do it daily huh? One day you wake me up exactly the time when I'll be walking the aisle, yesterday, you didn't even allow me to say 'I do' in front of priest and today, Oh my god!! I don't believe this, you have ruined my first ever KISS!!! Gosh Maggie, have you planned to ruin all my romantic dreams forever?" she huffed with raising anger after she had breathlessly spilled all that out in a rather pissed tone.

Maggie kept listening to her with just one year as she continued her usual work of arranging the things in the room walking to and fro past Rheanna as what all she said just now happens almost every day and this daily routine is something which Maggie got used to and secretly enjoys Rheanna's cheesy stories.

"Maggie, I'm talking to you." Rheanna frowned standing on her heels and making her hands reach her hip as she observed Maggie making coffee for her. She narrowed her brows and turned her head away as Maggie approached her with a cup of coffee.

"see, it's a slow process Rheanna, day before you walked down the aisle, yesterday you have taken the vows and today you were about to kiss and tomorrow you will KISS" Maggie exclaimed the last part making her eyes wide and the reaction from Rheanna was exactly the same.

"You always say that, but why is that I never ever see his face clearly, the only reason I look out for that dream is with a hope if I get to know who is the person standing there for me" Rheanna frowned again pouting her lips as she took the coffee and walked over to her bed taking a sip of it.

"Do you think I'm sort of a nut crazy girl who is all the time obsessed with such sneaky dreams?" she asked Maggie as she gestured her to sit beside her. Maggie took a place beside her and grinned at the childishness of her best friend letting out a chuckle.

"Crazy? That you are." She teased which was returned by yet another childish frown from Rheanna. The frown that reflected her innocence each time she blinks her eyes. "But I'm sure these crazy dreams would surely mean something some day, don't worry okay? And don't trouble your brain so much over something so stupid like this, because it might absolutely not mean anything either who knows? I mean common, you are just twenty and you get these random dreams about marriage now? God! Don't you think it's too early to have such plans?"

"Excuse me? Who is talking about marriage plans now? No way in hell I'm getting married any sooner. It's just that I'm eager if I could make out who is this person if that is even possible, then I would know who would be my kiss of love, you know?" she smirked smiling more to herself with all the pleasure showing on her face as her eyes rolled around the ceiling above her getting her vague vision back to the sweet scene of the dream when she was about to be kissed.

"And what would you do? Go find that person similar to your dream boy and then what? directly kiss him? I mean do you really believe in this so called kiss of love?" Maggie looked at her as if she had sprouted with two heads all of a sudden. Rheanna just shrugged "You are unbelievable" said Maggie with the best disgusting expression she could give which Rheanna just shrugged it off again and turned on her heels towards the bathroom right when Maggie's cell boozed in their years with an alerting ring tone. Both of them exactly know who is calling since that ringtone was unique to that person. Maggie picked up immediately before cursing something under her breath and answered it in a shivering tone.

"He-hello, Mr. Stevens, good morning." she said weekly knowing exactly what is coming next.

"Morning Maggie. I dint know you had a memory loss disease" the voice on the other end sounded cold and thick with the slightest hint of sarcasm in it.

"I'm sorry Mr. Stevens, Rheanna is getting ready, and we will be there in just ten minutes" she said as she gestured Rheanna with her hands asking her to get ready fast giving her the hint while talking in the phone. Taking the hint Rheanna rushed into the bathroom and hurried with her usual morning routines.

"You better be Maggie, you know I'm getting late and I need to have a word with my daughter before I leave" he said bluntly and hanged up without bothering to hear her answer.

Maggie was a servant maid in the Stevens' Villa. She had been working there ever since she was 16. She first joined as her summer job after her school as a maid who is supposed to look after Rheanna at whatever she does. Maggie use to live with her elder brother after death of her parents in a fire accident and she joined the Stevens' villa only to earn her pocket money. Soon she realized she is being a burden to her brother and decided to work full time after she's done with her high school. She is right now promoted as the personal assistant to Mrs. Andrea Stevens who owns a beauty salon, her clients being the richest in the city. Maggie's only dream right now is to earn enough money to join UNI and afford her expenditures there. She has already done with almost half of the budget savings.

Rheanna is the only child of Steven's family. Henry Steven's is known as the one of the richest business men is the California's business society. He is the proud owner of the The Stevens' Organization that has great business dealings and clients all over the world. His wife Andrea Stevens being successful beautician herself went on to open multiple branches expanding her own business recreating the magic of their empire all over successfully. Rheanna being the only child was the most pampered and adorable kid to them. They hardly have enough time for her but whenever she gets to spend with both of them together she had the loveliest of moments even though she can count them in number. There is no doubt that they loved her to the core but somehow she always felt that they love much more than she thinks she needed.

For her, their love has always been problematic specially her dad's. He is always this serious and authoritative towards her that she has nothing else to do except to nod her head to whatever he says. She has always been giving up on her little little happiness just to make them happy and her biggest regret was that she has been home schooled all her life which she hates it completely.

When Rheanna was about five she was being kidnapped by gangsters seeking money from her father. It was so said that she had been into a trauma after that incident as she was extremely scared by all that happened to her in that tender age. After that incident Henry was so worried about her and he never wanted her little princess to be at risk again. Also because of her little trauma and fear towards strangers after that incident he have decided to home school her. He just wanted her to be always safe and secured. This is also because of the fear that Henry has with his political rivals and the repeated blackmail calls that he gets. He never wanted to risk his little daughter's life ever again. Having nothing else to do with that decision of Henry, Andrea couldn't help but obey him as she very well knew the risk of letting her little princess out alone all to herself.

Rheanna being the very humble daughter had never protested against her parents since she knew they care about her more than anything else in this world and she wanted them to be happy. So, when Maggie was appointed as her personal maid, Andrea made sure that she found a young girl close to her daughter's age so that she could have at least one friend to bond with. Rheanna grew very fond of Maggie within no time and she has become her world.

Maggie was also very fond of the sweet Rheanna. They had a great bonding together. Maggie use to narrate stories of her school each day and Rheanna use to listen to them so keenly and wonder how different a life existed there and thought she missed it all. Rheanna spends almost all her time in reading lot of books, and it is these books that made her so dramatic and dreamy, that's what Maggie thinks each time she ends up listening to one of her weird dreams.

Once Rheanna had a little dream when she was about eight in which she met a fairy in her dreams. She shared this with Maggie referring her to be her fairy friend and Maggie almost melted for Rheanna's cockiness. This incident bonded them more. Maggie always thinks that it's because of those books that she read and her over analyzing of things that she gets dreams, but Rheanna is more of an imaginator. She just believes that each and every dream of her has something to do with reality. Right now she is getting all romantic dreams which Maggie thinks is only because of the love stories that she's been reading for quite some time now, while Rheanna has all different views about her soul mate and all.

"What are you thinking so seriously?" asked Rheanna after observing her being lost somewhere.

"About your dreams" she answered snapping herself back out of her thoughts.

"What about them? Now, you do believe there is a soul mate awaiting me right?"

"Right. I believe you should stop reading those love stories already. That's what making you like this idiotic."


"Just stop reading them and see Rhea I swear you won't get one such dream again." Maggie advised her.

"Why is that both of them are at home this late Maggie?" asked Rheanna changing the subject immediately as both of them know that's not gonno work. Sitting in home Rheanna has got nothing else to do except read all the while. She just cannot quit that how much ever she tried.

They walked down the corridor of the big mansion. If Stevens' business was one big thing to be talked about then this mansion called the Steven's Villa is another such wonder which just describes richness and classiness in every interior of it.

"I've no idea, but I was just asked to wake you up as usual and get you in here, and yeah I've gotto rush immediately after this meeting, there are clients waiting for your mom and I've got go look after them, you know?"

"Even you have become quite busy Mag" Rheanna muttered slowly.

"I'm never busy for you darling, remember just give a call any time and your mother is more than willing to give me a leave for you, right?" she smirked as they wrapped their hands together in a girly way and walked the marble floor towards the end of hall.

"Yeah ofcoure" they both sighed and finally made it into the living room of the first floor.

Henry grinned wide when he saw his daughter after about two complete weeks. "Hello darling, look at you" he ginned even wider as he noticed how beautiful his daughter is growing with each day.

"Dad" she smirked at the loving look in his eyes and jumped into his arms. He lifted her up so easily and turned her around kissing her head before putting her back on the ground.

He noticed her ever so lovely features thinking this lovely thing is made of his own blood.

She has a small petite figure with his big ocean blue eyes and her mother's milky skin. Her hair was neither curly like Henry's nor straight like Andrea's. It's in middle and much more soft and silky with light brown layers falling down her shoulders. She wore a simple yellow summer dress and wore absolutely no makeup. But that's where her actual beauty lies, natural, simple yet so attracting and captivating.

She then turned to her mom and hugged her as tight as she can, smiling widely from ear to ear. It is moments like this when she realizes how much she misses them and at the same time she also realizes how much they adore her.

As all the three of them along with Maggie made themselves settled across the small breakfast table arranged for them in the back yard of the balcony, they involved themselves into the usual communication about random things.

Rheanna took a bread slice in her hands as she applied butter to it; she looked down at the swimming pool and kept staring for rather too long. She then shifted her gaze to her mom and immediately identified some kind of distinct discomfort in her eyes.

"Mom, everything alright?" she asked concerned.

Andrea snapped out of her thoughts and an immediate worry crossed her face thinking of her daughter's reaction when she gets to know what her father is about to talk to her.

"Mom?" her sweet angelic voice called out again and this time she directly looked at her husband feeling guilty all of a sudden. He blinked his eyes and looked at a confused Rheanna.

"What is it dad?" she asked.

"Rheanna sweetie, um, we actually you know had a very big business loss due to a small mistake made by me" he accepted putting his head down while Rheanna placed her hand on her father's urging him to continue.

"We lost all the money invested by the clients, and they are so much willing to file a case on me" his voice trailed off.

"Oh no! How could they do that? Is there no other way?"

"Mr.Johnson is ready to repay all the loss to the clients" she then recalled that Mr.Johnson is her dad's old business friend but she dint actually understand why is her dad talking all these to her. He never did that.

"Oh, that-that's great pop-"


"But?" she enquired feeling sick at the pit of her stomach all of a sudden.

"Only if you would, you know" he struggled.

"Me? What do I have to do in this? What is it dad?" she lost her patience.

"Only if you would agree to marry his son" he spilled that out as fast as he can and looked up at his shocked daughter.

"What??" she exclaimed feeling all the blood drained away from her face. Maggie herself was heart stuck with what she just heard and looked at Rheanna only to find her struck in her position staring at her dad with an unreadable expression and Maggie could say there was not a single nerve moving in her body.

Rheanna have to get married?


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