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New Life ! But He ?

Novel By: dedeepya

*completed**This is a story of a girl who traveled all the way to New York City to fulfill her dreams. She is an Indian who comes to New York to persuade her masters in Film making course. Film making was her great passion and studying it in a university here is her biggest dream.So, she flew all the way from Mumbai-India to the new York city and becomes a guest to a very rich family here who happens to be her family friends. She meets this person called Martin in the family who is so called the rich dad’s spoilt son and ends up being hated by him for some entirely not-happening reasons. In process of seducing her he discovers true feelings for her while she always hated him for his 'the bad boy nature.' What happens to their story? Will she be able to like him or may be even love him? View table of contents...


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A/N: Hey guys I just wanted to say I've already posted this some where else, Posting it even here while editing it. Hope you like it, and dont forget to leave comments, they matter a lot...!! ;) thanks:]
Ila POV:

After a two days of flight I felt completely exhausted and tired but as soon as I walked through the airport, new enthusiasm filled in my mind. I was very much exited to venture my new life. I stood there searching for some one or some thing well I don't know what exactly I was searching for but my eyes started looking all over the airport while I took my luggage.
I caught something familiar finally, after about a 5mins of searching and yeah of course it's familiar to me because I was staring at my own name. "Ila dixit, yeah that's me", I thought to myself and made my way towards the person holding the boarding of my name.

"Hello miss, you must be Ila Dixit " said the middle aged man as I reach him little confused.

"Umm yes- And yo-"

"Oh great! I was sent here by Mr. Stevenson" I was interrupted by him. Before I could say anything he took my luggage and walked me out of the airport.

"Well I work for him" he finally said answering my confused face.

"Oh okay, umm thank you..." is all what I could say out of confusion, excitement well I don't know what... I was just wondering that I am already in a new world. This thought got me some excitement and some kind of nervousness also. Let's hope for the best I thought to myself as I got into the car and he leads me into the back seat opening the car door for me.

The ride was quite long. As I watched through the glass door I could see big buildings, well in fact very big a way ahead to those I see in India, beautiful carvings, big shopping malls, Multiplexes and a lot more that added to my wonder. I actually could say my jaw dropped seeing certain beautiful views around me.

I have this habit of talking to myself quite loud, so loud that people around me can think that I am some kind of a funny creature. But I couldn't help this. Every time I try to think within myself I end up talking aloud. So, I carry a voice recorder with me all the time. I talk to it all the time and record everything that I am talking to myself and later I listen to my own self when I don't have any other thing to do in particular. Well I do this only when I am alone or need some one to talk to. More like a dairy, I share my thoughts, experiences, well almost everything that happens in my daily life.

So now I take it out and record all that I felt through out the ride, all what I saw and how each thing appeals to me n so on.

The honking car horn in front of a the gate of a big mansion brought me back to reality and I guess the driver made it so loud only to stop myself talking to my recorder. I know I might have appeared to him as weird as I could but who cares?

"Ahh Ila good to see you..!! How are you doing?"

"I'm good Mrs.stevenson, how about you..?"I give her a warm hug as I also greet Mr.stevenson who joined by her side to welcome me.

"Look at you..!! ahh some ones grown young and beautiful..!!" She winked at me with amusement and I blushed immediately with a smile on my face unaware of how to react.

"Ok let's just get inside come, come on in" Mr.stevenson escorted me inside.

The house looked really big wait did I just say a house well not exactly it looked like no less than a mansion .The front door led to a big hall way that lead to a stair case upwards right from the middle of the hall way. The walls were rich and painted with emerald gold. There is a small cute fountain at the entrance before the stair case that caught my eyes and I stood there taking in cool breeze coming from it and little droplets of water sprouting on to my face and kept staring at if for what seemed like forever.

"You must be tired honey go get some shower" said Mrs. Stevenson putting an arm around my shoulder.
I smiled for her generosity while she beckoned me to the stair case "there is the guest room up above the stairs in the right; John will lead you there and your luggage is already up there "
"Oh thank u so much Mrs. Stevenson"
"Just call me Gene dear that's what your mother calls me.Ah I miss my friend a lot and I could see you resemble her a lot those eyes are just so familiar to me."
"Oh thank you so much Mrs.Ste- I mean Ge-nne" I always feel great of myself when some one compares me to my mother, yeah because she's really beautiful.

"Ok now go get some rest my dear n make yourself comfortable okay?"

I nodded as a response with a smile and follow the butler there waiting for me -John as Gene referred him or whatever...
I entered the room and after John left with my luggage being placed on the floor.
I stood there and took a glance the room. I took out my recorder and started saying to it...

"Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson are really good to me I felt really good at the way they received me. They are our old family friends, dad and mom used to stay here for a while when I was just born, they in fact studied here and worked here for some years and that's how they met the Stevenson's.

All the four had been classmates and friends. It is after dads have decided to settle in India in his mother-land that they had to be parted. They are always in contact and that's how I ended up staying here. Well talking about the room it's beautiful, big enough with a cute bed in center and a leading bathroom, Wow! There is a big window..."
I walked towards it and opened the door stepping on a couch at its Side. I sat at the big window,

"It's big enough that I could completely sit over it and have a good view of what seemed to be like a garden with a swimming pool in the center, it is looking awesome…!" I continued.

I felt my eye lids heavy and they are really against me to see much and before I could resist I slowly slid against the couch and lied on it, soon I was into deep sleep.

Martin POV

"Ah..! You look sexy in this dress baby"

She blushes immediately, well not knowing I was serious enough.Woah!! Poor girls. I wonder how girls fall for rich handsome guys so easily, why wouldn't they?
After all that is all they wanted to do evrytime- hang around rich boyfriends.

Well so what do I want? Umm a girl a day. Alright its little bit of difficult to see a girl, hang around, make out and end it, dump her; all this process in a single day, so I make it to a girl a week. Yea that's what I am. I hate dating girls for more than that or sometimes I find the call girls more better to u know hangout with. They at least give you exactly what you need right away.

My thoughts were distracted by her sexy, yeah really sexy legs and this time I am serious,
Then I gave a real sexy look and she said "U r drunk"

"Ah tell me when I'm not babe." I stop the car with a sudden break at my parking lot ,get out of the car, went to her side, took her in my arms by putting my one hand under her legs and another under waist and started moving inside. I kiss her passionately all over her face. Making patterns on her neck, then reaching her lips, kissing passionately again and again I walked along the corridor into the room which was dark.

I made her stand on the floor but immediately got up to her lips again kissing as if I couldn't resist the urge to keep away from her lips. I moved on to her pushing her back to the wall while still kissing desperately, removing the straps of top, I slowly slid my hands into her top pushing my pressure over her making her almost fall on the couch beside the wall but then..

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh.!!!!!" Some strange girl's voice screaming and she was followed by Angelia oh yeah the girl with me. I was startled by the sudden screams and got off Angelia while walking back I could see some vague shadow of a girl getting up from the couch still screaming along with Angelia. I walked back asking them to shut up but my voice couldn't reach up their screams. I gave up saying and shouted at once getting pissed off by their screams.

"Shhhhh stop it..!!!!!!!!" I tried to scream over their voices as I reach to switch on the light.
Then I saw Angelia with her half dress and beside her a complete strange looking girl who was staring at us with a certain look of shock and confusion…

Ila POV:

What just happened?? I mean some one entering my room just like that trying to make out on the couch? Who are they?? Who is this girl I mean look at her she is almost top less.Oh gosh why did they come here?
Before my mind pops up with more and more questions the some what weird looking guy along with this girl almost scared me to death by broking into a sudden shout at m
"Who the hell are you??"

"Excuse me."

"What the fuck are doing here in my room"

"Your ro-"

"How dare you to enter my house and sleep on my couch in my room you shameless bitch??"

What!! Did he just call me a bitch? How dare he?? I was just about to slap on his face right away but resisted by anger and before I could react I heard Genne suddenly yelling at him entering the room.

"Don't you dare speak to her like that Mart?"

"Mom. Who is she?" Mom..? Ohh so he is Mr.stevensons son..?

"She is a guest here Mart and who the hell is the girl with you and what are you doing here?" She yelled at him.

"Mom she is MY guest" he was drunken and he sounds disgusting in that drunken tone.
"And yeah what would I do with a girl so late mom, have some common sense" he said while holding the girl's waist and she hesitated.

"You should Not speak to your mom like that Mart" Mr. Stevenson interrupted him. "And how many times should I tell you not to get a girl here, shame on you Mart cant you see how much you are hurting your mom with your behavior."
"Oh shut up Greg, It's none of your business. It's my house, my room and my empire, I can do what ever I want" he said in his drunken voice looking flirtatiously at the girl and I could see she was embarrassed completely.

He started walking out of the room along with the girl giving his 'I care a damn' kind of look at Mr. Stevenson. "Apologize to her before you leave..." Genne stopped him.

"Mom you kidding me right? I am the boss of my own self alright; I don't APOLOGIZE to any one. Never. And to this weird looking girl here not at all, it was her mistake to be in my room" he was interrupted by Gene. "It's the guest room Mart and your room is beside this, now get out of your stupid drunken ass and just say a sorry to our guest if not you will have to leave the house right now, do u get that.?"

"Was that supposed to be a blackmail mom?" He reasoned with her.

"Yes and you have embarrassed me enough Mart If you not going to do it right now I-"
her voice broke and I could say she was completely annoyed by him.
"ALRIGHT..!!!" he yelled at once and turned to me. I was horrified with his cold look. He headed towards me and I became uncomfortable all of a sudden.

His gaze met mine and he was staring into my eyes ferociously I couldn't resist those eyes and looked away and when I looked back to him he was like just a step away from me. I held my breath hard wondering what would he do while he bent forward to my face to meet my height. Yes. He was tall taller than me and he said
"I...Am...So -rr-y" right in front of my face such that his breath rushed on to my face that made me intake his disgusting drunken smell. I narrowed my nose unable to intake it and turned my head away. I know I shouldn't have reacted that way having Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson right in front of me watching everything but I couldn't withstand that smell of him any longer than that.

"Huh? She hates my smell mom" he said sarcastically .He was dragging his words showing his drunken state.

"But I-I like it." He said looking at me from the corner of his eye with a wild look on his face. God! He's so annoying.
Then he left the room with the girl while Gene walked to me.

"I am so sorry Ila he is just like this I -I don't know how to explain-"

"Its fine Gene.Dont worry about anything I am fine" I lied but I knew it was necessary at the moment. Unable to say anything, she left along with her husband.

I took a deep breath and as usual talked to my recorder everything as I couldn't get any sleep after what happened.


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