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In the Field and Faraway

Novel By: DelicatePetals

The fields were always the most comfortable place for Gemma Doyle, a place where she could find peace; perhaps to read and a chance to write about fairycastles and goblins and anything that popped into her head. After the tragic death of her parents, she was shipped off from India and into London, England. With only her brother who is neither strong nor capable of handling Gemma and his jealous wife who despises Gemma's beauty Gemma has to get married. And when falling in-love with Mathew, Gemma and Mathew decide to get married, but when they have to post-pone the wedding so that Mathew can save up for the wedding dress that Gemma loves, something terrible strikes.

She is raped by four men, high classed, rich and deadly and when they try to cover up the story Gemma has to fight her own battle, with only one standing with her, the one who showed up when no-one did, the one who started it all. View table of contents...


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Chapter One

The Trainway Station




It was mother, she always spoke so daintly and delicate. Mother was so different to Gemma, she was much more etiquette, but Gemma never cared about looking posh or wearing her corset under her dress or even wearing her silk tights -no, Gemma was different; more adventuristic, messy... playful?

''Yes Mother,'' Gemma answered.

''I need to be off now, I and father are going to a party...'' Mother was cut off once again it was like a habit of Gemma's, a habit that she liked.

''Don't tell me it's Auntie Grettie's parties, they're long and boring,'' Gemma replied not thinking of what she was saying.

''Yes Gemma, it is Auntie Grettie's parties,'' Mother said, putting the emphasis on the 'is.'

''But, Mother,'' Gemma whined, she sounded like a six year old whining for a bag of chocolates.

''Gemma, that's enough,'' Mother said sternly, ''Off to bed, I'll be back at midnight.''

Gemma kissed her mother and walked up the stairs, she checked the time: 8:32pm and peered out the window to her mother who waved a kiss at her, she waved goodbye along with her father and that was the last time she saw them.


Dear diary,

We're in the train, on the way to England. My brother is looking and pointing at the scenery, he's like a little child. I see the beautiful scenery, but I don't care, I hate England. Minutes and hours pass by and it seems to get colder, the sky is a pale blue almost grey, there's no sun and it feels like a dead country. I miss India, the smell of it, the colour of it, India was bright and happy and the air was always humid and sticky, it smelt like fresh chillies and curries, but England is dry and cold- no place for me.

I step out of the train cautiously, making sure that my black dress doesn't touch the dirt. My ears are filled with noise, many fair ladies waving to their husbands, greeting them, it's all happy for the most part of it. Me and my brother Daniel just stand quietly, not saying a word and then he breaks it.

''It's a lovely place, lovely place,'' he smiles, but I'm not fooled.

We carry our duffle-bags and suitcases to platform eight, my brother struggling to keep along because I walk faster as if I'm being chased. Daniel arranged a marriage just after mother and father died, it was the only way to find a place to live. I see Daniel's wife, her hair is tied in a plait, the colour is a dark brown, her eyes are a pale grey. Her dress is a cream colour, not black which makes me annoyed, she knew what happened with us and with wearing what she wanted showed that she didn't care. Her face held an annoyingly huge smile and I peer down disappointedly. I glance down, noticing her belly, a bump protruding, I think to myself is she pregnant or not, fiddling with the question in my mind, but then I find the answer; it's just her weight.

''Hello, wow Daniel your sister is very beautiful,'' Daniel's wife smiles and pinches my cheek as if I were only two, ''My name is Linda, but you can call me Lin.''

Great. I think to myself as I fake a smile, Daniel's married that 'type' of woman.


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