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Winter Rose

Novel By: diamondz28x2

It all started in college......
An IR fic
Sorry, I suck at summaries so you'll just have to read and find out :)

Note: Yes I am aware that the main character comes off extremely insecure, I did that on purpose, please don't let it turn you off from the story View table of contents...



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The first time I saw him, I thought that one of the many fantasy men floating around in my head had magically come to life.

My cheeks heated, my eyes continuously strayed over to his person, and an endless array of fantasies surrounding him and I, ran like credits through my mind.

Before I knew it I had developed yet another mindless crush on a guy that was out of reach.

He was way out of my league, this I knew. For one he was white. No it was not his actual race that was the issue. It was more like I knew he would never, ever look at me twice. No white guy ever had and I didn't expect them to start now.

Next he was insanely gorgeous, with the face of an angel and the body of a sex-god. I just knew his toned and defined body next to my thick waist-ed figure simply would not work. End of story.

Lastly, the type of girls he seemed to be around were always the same, girls with petit bodies, delicate features, and lily white skin. They were everything that I was not and simply another reason I would remain unnoticed.

These notions however did not stop the daydreams, that were brief moments but potent enough for a lick of heat to curl in my lower regions, as images so vividly bright and detailed flashed in my mind.

Speaking of fantasies, there was currently a delightfully pleasant one dancing around in my head, one that involved my hands being tied above my head and a hot mouth attached to one of many sensitized body parts.

Unconsciously my lust darkened brown eyes zeroed in on the object of these wickedly delicious fantasies I keep having.

Casimir Romanov. A darkly handsome, hard looking man from Russia with a rough but incredibly sexy accent that I'd heard only a few faint times when passing him on the way somewhere. He was every girl's naughty-dream guy at the small college I attended and of course they never hesitated to make that fact known.

Then my eyes shifted and landed on the platinum blonde that was practically draped across his lap, and the heat that had begun to unfurl in my belly was quickly doused and the fantasy came to an abrupt halt much to my discontent.

I struggled not to pull a face as jealousy began to nip at my toes, not that it was anything new.

Charlene Smalls.

The golden girl-next-door that happened to look like a playboy bunny and who everyone adored. Girls wanted to be her while the guys just wanted to fuck her.

Of course she would be familiar with Casimir, hell it'd only been a matter of time before they hooked up, school had only been in session for a month and a half. And of course they made such a handsome couple, her with her long waterfall of blonde hair and him with his dark haunting black eyes, both had the look of angels.

I continued to glance inconspicuously out the corner of my eye watching as she leaned down and gave him a kiss on his neck.

I mentally gagged before glancing up at his face to gauge his reaction like a creep, looking for signs of like or dislike. But at that moment he chose to glance over and catch me staring awkwardly.

His eyes met mine in a clash of brown and black, his intense gaze penetrating through my being. My lips parted on a barely audible gasp and my eyes widened as I had been caught.

Look away! Look away! Everything in me was screaming. But I couldn't. Instead I continued to boldly stare back as the leech on his neck kept sucking away, though she soon faded to the back of my mind.

Every last fantasy came rushing back, causing my blood to heat once more. To accompany the fantasies an onslaught of sexual thoughts ran through my mind.

Look at those eyes. Would he look so intense when making love? How about those lips they look soft and plump, would they feel that way against mine? Ohh would he be a rough lover, taking what he wanted without asking? Or would he be soft and gentle taking his time and stoking the fire ever so careful?

As our gazes held I decided that he would most definitely be rough and dominating.

Just how I liked it.

Not that I knew or would never know. At least not with Casimir the Russian international stud, who was, as mentioned before miles out of my league.

My breath started coming in shortened desperate gasps of air, as my tongue darted out to lick my bottom lip. Everything in his dark eyes spoke of mystery and sex, a deadly combination.

No that can't be right, he's not watching me a thick black girl who on a good day was a size twelve, with so much interest in his eyes. Uh uh, he wasn't watching me lick my lips again, guys just don't look at me that way.

Convinced that he was not looking at me I inconspicuously looked over my shoulder to see if there was some hot girl sitting next to me. Sure enough there was. She was tan, brunette, and insanely pretty with light blue eyes, also looking at Casimir but turned to sneer at me when I glanced at her.

I felt all of my joy deflate.


I should've known he'd never look at me that way. Things like that just did not happen to me.

Even with those words in my head I couldn't stop myself from turning back, this time facing him fully. And when I did everything in me literally stopped. There was no mistaking who he was looking at. Once more his gaze penetrated straight through me. A shiver raced up my spin and I had to bite my lip to stop from visibly shaking. His eyes zeroed in on my lips before snapping back up to my gaze. I opened my mouth as if to say something but no sound came out.

As I thought of what to do next the professor chose that moment to enter the classroom.

The first words out of his mouth were, "Ms. Smalls. If you would be so kind as to detach yourself from Mr. Romanov so that class may begin."

My eyes snapped to the blonde confusion swirling through me. In all honesty I had forgotten she was there trying to leave her mark on him.

While Charlene gracefully rose up off of his lap, Casimir did not break his stare with me. Charlene noticed and followed his stare to me. She scowled for a moment screwing up her 'pretty' face before leaning down and whispering something into his ear.

Whatever was said, caused an ironic grin to twist his beautiful mouth, but he still did not break his hold on me. As soon as Charlene looked back up at me and smirked, I tore my gaze away in embarrassment not even having to guess what the smile was about. My ears burned, but my skin was still hot and my pupils still dilated.

What the hell just happened? I asked myself as I tried hard to focus on whatever it was that the professor was saying.

I sighed, obviously not knowing the answer. Who knows, I thought, hopefully it just doesn't happen again.


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