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Unexpected things

Novel By: DinaDino

Tags: Love, Romance, Book, Teen

Kacey Gregory is a highschool girl who's always known what she wanted in a boy. But when the most popular boy in school comes along, she might make an acception. Or he might just change so he can win her heart View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 6, 2014    Reads: 38    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

It is a cold October morning, and the browning grass is covered in fallen leaves. I crunch my way across the school lawn, looking up at the trees and past them to the sky. It's gray and looks promising for a rain shower. I fold up the jacket in my arms that I've brought just as a precaution.

The bell startles me, letting off one high pitched ring. Classes begin in five minutes. Great. My feet scuffle faster through the loud brush untilt they hit the pavement of the sidewalk, then stairs, then the marble floors of the main entrance. It's a sea of people rushing past me. I run down the crowded hallways to my locker, where I exchange my bag for some books and hang up my jacket.

"Kacey!" I hear behind my locker. The voice is high pitched and makes me wince momentarily.

"Oh, Liah," I smile. Liah grabs the door of my locker and pushes it towards me, revealing the bright morning face of a bright morning person. Unfortunately, I am the opposite. Even though Liah is my best friend, I find it hard to muster up a smile since it is only seven-twentysix in the morning.

Liah runs her fingers through her long blonde hair and presses her glossy pink lips into another smile. "So, guess who texted me last night!"

I fake think for a moment. "Hm...the whole football team or the whole lacrosse team?" It came out much meaner. I probably sound jealous. Maybe because I am slightly. Liah is pretty, like wayy pretty. Blonde hair, blue eyes, small, skinny, tan, cheerleader. I can't help but wish I looked anything like her. I have brown hair, pale skin, freckles on my nose (ick) and green eyes. She's more of the barbie type, i'm more of the raggedy anne.

"No, silly!" She finally says. "And besides, the whole football team would never text me. The quarter back is gay!"

That was so matter-of-factly that it makes me smile a bit. And laugh a bit. "Alright, alright. Who texted you?"

"Benjamin Rhyner!" She squeaks excitedly. I see her little legs go up on her tiptoes as she nearly sings with joy.

Benjamin Rhyner is a douche. An attractive douche who uses his looks to get everything he wants. He's on the varcity soccer team, and he pretty much gets with every single girl he can. Like, every girl. Every. And, he's also just the most manipulative person I've ever met. The only person I could think of that's equal is his friend Jason, but Jason's not trying to bone my best friend.

"Are you serious? What did he say?" I ask, closing my locker. I stare at her almost in disbeleif. She always talks bad about him for treating everyone badly.

She links her arm with mine and drags me down the hallway with her. Her face is red and practically glowing. "He said he thinks I'm really cute and he's going to sit with us at lunch today!"

"He didn't even ask..? Just said he was..?"

"Yep!" She giggles, very pleased. "Is...Is that okay? Like do you mind?" Her eyes begin to plead me.

I stare at her for a moment, then sigh. "It's fine."

Then she drags me into home room, talking my ear off about how 'cute' he is.


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