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Always Loved You

Novel By: Dizzy Dreamer

Taylor had always been in love with his bestfriend, but when his enemy figures out he easily captures young Cabryn's Heart. How will Taylor fix all of this? Will he be able to mend his heart? Or if Jason breaks hers, can he mend Cabryns? View table of contents...



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****Cabryn is pronounced Cabe-Rin****

Chapter 1 ~*~

Taylor looked down at his best friend, "Cabryn, I need to tell you something.

"What TayTay?" Cabryn looked up at him with those hug gorgeous hazel eyes. His heart melted as he watched Cabryn's eyelashes brush against her cheek bones. Her chocolate brown scene-cut hair fell into her eyes.

"I- uh," he couldn't tell her. He couldn't tell her how he really felt. Stop being a girl and just tell her you idiot!!! This is your last chance Stupid! "I-"

"JASON!!" Cabryn threw herself into her boyfriend's arms, "What were you saying TayTay?" Jason smirked at him, holding Cabryn even closer to his body.\

"I just wanted to say that I'm going to miss you over the summer," I threw on a fake smiled for her.

She moved into my arms, "Awh, TayTay! It's only over the summer! We're going to see each other every day and next year we're going to be Seniors together!" she giggled into his hard chest.

"Yeah," I laughed, sticking my tongue out at Jason, hugging her even closer to his muscled body. Jason glared at him.

"We're still on for tomorrow? The mall right?" Taylor asked her.

"Yes of course Stupid!" she pulled back to look at him. She was quite childish for a seventeen year old girl. He laughed at her.

"Okay Boo," he smiled. She pressed her face to his pecks again.

"Come on Cabryn," Jason tugged on her hoodie sleeve, "Dinner with my parents. Remember?"

"Oh yeah!!!" She shimmied out of Taylor's arms and into his, he watched as the man he hated walked away with the girl he loved. But what she didn't even realize was that she was just a game to him. He was only with a small girl like her because Taylor wanted her. And everyone knows that Jason always got what Taylor wanted. Taylor balled his fists at his sides, holding back his anger. Jason was just going to hurt her like every other guy, and then Taylor would have to pick up the pieces, kick a few asses, and still be nothing more than a friend.

"BYE TAYTAY!!!!" she called back to him. That voice. He loved it. His heart broke as they walked out of the door.

"I love you," he whispered after her.


Cabryn clung to his arm as they walked into Hot Topic™ together. The man behind the desk saw them, and just like every other day they had been there after the first 5 times, came from around the desk, gave them both hugs like they had always been friends, and told them that if they needed anything, they could just come ask him for help.

Cabryn pulled him straight back to the Body Jewelry, "I need a new Auricle, and a new belly-button ring," she said, poking her belly childishly, "And you need a new set of Plugs," she giggled, poked my 1/2 gauges.

"Okay. You can pick 'em out this time," he laughed at her. How could someone so odd be so fucking adorable? He guessed no one would ever know.

"Yay!" she let go of him and ran ahead. He walked slowly after her. I need to tell her. I have to tell her about how I feel… And about Jason.

"Cabryn, can I tell you something?" he said quietly when he caught up to her.

"Yeah, but wait one second," she giggled, "JEREMY!!!" she called the guy behind the desk who immediately came running to see what she needed, "I need that Angel Wing Auricle. And I need that Play Boy belly-button ring…. Oh and I need those plugs," she giggled, throwing small glances over at Taylor.

Jeremy collected everything she had asked for and walked away, "What was it that you needed TayTay?" she asked him with that heart-melting voice.

"I -uh," I need to suck it up, that's what I need to do. He took a deep breath and quickly he spat out, "I love you Cabryn," he looked down to his Vans, trying to avoid all eye-contact with her.

A small hand pressed under his chin, lifting it the small bit so that he could see her, "How long?" she asked him, "How long have you loved me Taylor?" It had been years since Cabryn had been so serious, since she had called him by his full first name.

"Since I met you," he looked into those hazel eyes. She was everything that he had every wanted, had ever dreamed of.

"I felt the same," she laughed quietly; she pulled his head down to her and kissed him. She pushed her lips gently to his, "You're everything I've ever wanted TayTay," she smiled into his lips, "Jason's going to be angry with me though," she giggled.

"Jason's going to hate me even more for stealing his beautiful girlfriend," he laughed, pulling her even harder to him.

"Ehemm," Jeremy cleared his throat up at the front desk, "You're stuff is ready."

Cabryn giggled and clung to his arm once again, pulling him towards the front. She handed Jeremy thirty dollars, "Bye Sweetness," she laughed and pulled Taylor out into the hall of the mall, she sat him down on the couches, "This is how I was going to tell you," she pulled out the plugs she had bought him. "I Love You" was printed on the front in pink glitter with a black base. She pushed his plugs out, and easily put the new ones into place, "I love you Taylor," she kissed him again.

"I love you too Cabryn," he held her closer to him, pulling her into his embrace, into his kiss. Into his now unbroken beating heart. He smiled. He now had everything he had ever wanted.


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