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Black and White By Stacey Bell (Epilogue)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!! View table of contents...



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Nine months later

Michelle was lying in the hospital bed holding a new baby. About a couple of weeks after the incident had happened; Michelle learned that she was pregnant. Jim was all excited and Michelle was excited that she was finally pregnant and could have her own little bundle of joy.

"I'm going to call her Sarah," said Michelle as she smiled down at the new baby girl that she was holding in her hands.

"I think Sarah soot's her fine," smiled Jim as he put his finger in the baby's hand so she could hold it. When Michelle said Sarah's name, he went back to her funeral and Michael's funeral. They had buried them on the same day and beside each other a week after everything happened at the hospital.

Jim had told the police officers everything that happened and they let him go, since he had to plan a funeral.

Michelle eventually stopped crying and got ready for the new baby to come. They turned Sarah's old room into the nursery.

"Oh Jim she looks just like Sarah," smiled Michelle.

"Yeah she does," Jim smiled back.


After the funeral, they had a little memorial service for Michael, Devin, Crystal, and Sarah at the school in the gym. They had retired Michael and Devin's football jerseys and numbers and hung them up in the gymnasium, so everyone could remember them. They also dedicated a bench outside of the school with all of their names on it, that way the kids could see it as they walked into the school.


It was a couple of days later and Jim and Michelle got to take their new baby girl home with them.

When they arrived at home; Michelle immediately took the baby up to show her her new room.

"This is your new room," said Michelle as she walked in. "Oh, and this is your cousin, who use to stay in this room. When you get a little bit older I will tell you her story." Michelle walked over beside the baby's crib, and on the wall hung a picture of Sarah, that she had found when going through Sarah's things. Michelle laid Sarah in her crib as Jim walked in.

"Does she like the room?" asked Jim as he leaned on the crib to take a look at the new bundle.

"Yeah, I think so," replied Michelle as she looked down at Sarah.

"I hope she likes the color," said Jim as he looked around the room. They had not changed the color of Sarah's room. They had kept it purple when they knew that they were going to have a girl.

"I think she likes it just fine," said Michelle as she scooted closer to Jim. Jim then, put his arm around her.

"Well, are you ready to go and have some lunch? I ordered some pizza while we were at the hospital and it's in the kitchen," said Jim.

"Sure," said Michelle taking one last look before walking towards the door. She stopped at the door and turned when she realized that Jim wasn't following her. "You coming?"

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute, just get the plates and things ready," replied Jim gently.

"Ok," said Michelle and walked downstairs to get everything ready. Jim leaned over the crib and picked Sarah up.

"I'm going to do everything right by you this time. I'm going to make sure that nothing bad happens," said Jim quietly to Sarah before kissing her cheek and laying her back in the crib. He took one look at Sarah's picture hanging on the wall above the baby's crib. "Isn't that right? We're going to make sure nothing happens to her because I think this one is going to be special." He smiled at Sarah's picture, then down at his new baby before walking out and closing the door.

As the baby lay there looking up; she saw her Cousin Sarah leaning over looking at her. Sarah began to tickle the baby and she began to laugh and smile.

"Yes you are special because you can see me," smiled Sarah before disappearing.

The End

N/A: What did you guys think of the epilogue? Don't be afraid to comment and hit the i like it button!!!! Oh one more questio lol: Do you think that Michelle and Jim and their baby will be in another book? again...thank you for reading and for those that followed thank you for reading as well...I didnt think that anyone would read...lol!!!!



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