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Black and White By Stacey Bell

Novel By: Dolphin198818

A tragic Love story. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

It was her parent's twentieth anniversary, so they decided to go to dinner. When they were on their way back from eating, they had stopped at a red light. When it was their turn to go, they started to go through the green light, when they were hit broad side by a Mac truck, running a red light. Her parents died instantly, and the driver of the truck was in a coma and may never come out.

Sarah was at home by herself. (She was now old enough to stay at home without a babysitter.) Sarah had just gotten out of the shower, when she heard a knock on her front door. She rushed to put on her robe that was hanging on the back of the door, and hurried to answer the knock.

When Sarah opened the door, she had seen that there were two police officers standing behind it. They had told Sarah the news about her parents, and she hadn't been the same since then.


Sarah had to pack immediately after the funeral. She was going to stay with her aunt and uncle that live in Alabama until she is old enough to get out on her own.

Sarah hated the fact that she had to move to a different place where she didn't know anyone and had to try and fit in and make new friends at a new school. She was that kind of person who did not do well in strange places.

After she was done packing, she said goodbye to all of her friends and her old house before leaving for the airport.

When Sarah's plane landed at the airport in Alabama, she saw her aunt and uncle waiting for her at the gate. Sarah's aunt Michelle, ran over and hugged Sarah as soon as she seen her. Sarah had not seen her aunt since a couple of years ago, when she married Jim and moved to Alabama, so Jim could be closer to his job. But her mom would call them every day to see how they were doing.

Sarah seen that Michelle had dyed her hair blonde and grew it out to the middle of her back. She also had seen that she had been tanning because she looked like she was from the islands. She also had lost a little weight and had to be down to a size six. The last time that Sarah seen Michelle, she had short dark hair, and was pale and had to be a size eleven.

"How was your flight?" asked Michelle as she grabbed Sarah's book bag. Sarah looked at Michelle, and seen that her aunt had been crying because Michelle wiped a tear from her face. Sarah thought that she must have had water proof mascara on because it wasn't smearing on her face when she cried.

"It was alright," replied Sarah depressed. Sarah thought how a funeral could go because it was all about death. It wasn't like it was a party or anything. Michelle flung Sarah's purple book bag over her shoulder, as she put her other arm around Sarah and walked over to her uncle Jim.

Jim was standing beside the gate, waiting for them to come over. He had already gotten Sarah's bags and put them in the car. Jim had put on a few pounds from what Sarah seen. The last time she seen him, he was skinny like a telephone pole. But she guesses, that's what married life does to you. Jim was a business man and always wore suits. She had not remembered any day when he did not wear anything else besides suites.

"Hey Sarah, sorry about your parents," said Jim sympathetically. Sarah thought, even know Jim had put on a few pounds, he looked like Kevin Costner. She then remembered going to the movie theatre with her parents to watch the Body Guard. She shook off the memory because she started to tear up thinking about her parents.

"Thank you," said Sarah as she tried to hold back the tears. Her aunt and uncle walked her to their car.

When they reached the car, Sarah was amazed. She figured since they where old, that they would have a older car, but not an Escalade.

"Nice car," gasped Sarah as she stared at it.

"Yeah, Jim got a raise a couple of weeks ago and we bought a new Escalade. I wanted white, but he got the black one instead," explained Michelle. She was standing there with Sarah as she looked at the car. Jim took Sarah's book bag from Michelle, and sat it on the back sit when he opened the door.

"I even have the chrome wheels and a sun roof and all of the latest technology," said Jim excitedly. He was holding the door open for Sarah to climb in the back seat.

"Yeah, Jim care's about his car better than me," laughed Michelle. Sarah chuckled a little bit because their southern accents where funny to her and she could barely understand when they talked.

"What's funny?" asked Jim as Sarah climbed in the back seat and sat down.

"Nothing, it's just your accent's are funny and I never heard a southern accent before, only on TV," replied Sarah as she smiled at them.

"You'll get use to them down here because everyone has them," said Jim as he laughed a little.

"Yeah, it only took me a week or two to pick up their accent when we moved down here," smiled Michelle.

"I hope I don't get one," said Sarah. She really didn't want one. She liked her old accent from the north and it didn't sound as funny as the southern one's.

Sarah put her seat belt on, and Jim closed the door. She watched her aunt and uncle climb in and put their seat belts on as well.

"Hopefully you like your room. We painted it purple because that's what your mom told us was your favorite color," said Michelle empathetically.

"Yeah, I love that color," said Sarah. She didn't have any enthusiasm in her voice because she was still depressed about her parents. Jim started the car and drove off. It took them forever to get out of the parking lot because there where people packing their cars with their luggage and people was rushing to catch their planes.

When they finally got on the highway, Michelle had turned on the radio, to the country station, so they would have some riding music.

"I hope you like country, because that's all we listen to. We never really gotten into that other kind of music," said Jim as he was passing a minivan.

"Yeah, that's fine," said Sarah.

Michelle finally found the country station that she liked and turned the sound up. Sarah listened and heard that the radio was playing Crazy Girl, by the Eli Young Band. Sarah had remembered the song, because her and her friends back home would listen to the song all the time.

About half way down the highway, Sarah decided to write in her journal. She had a purple journal, which her parents had given her for her sixteenth birthday. She had been writing in it ever since. After her parents had died, she had been writing in the journal like crazy. She had no one else to turn to, so this was the only relief source for her. She began writing:

Dear diary,

Jim and Michelle have been really nice to me. Their accents are funny though because you can barely understand them when they talk. I am really nervous about going to a new school. I don't know anyone and there seems to be a lot of black people down here. Hopefully all goes well.

P.s. I really miss my parents and wish they were here with me right now.


When Sarah was done writing, she closed her diary and put it in her book bag. She decided to sleep the rest of the way, because she was really tired from the plane ride. She used her bright yellow Aeropostale hoodie for a pillow and leaned up against the car window. Sarah didn't wear anything except for Aeropostale because that was her favorite brand of clothing. She must have had the whole store in her closet. Sarah watched the passing cars and trees before closing her eyes to sleep.


Before Sarah knew it, she was being awakened by her aunt. Michelle was gently nudging her shoulder when Sarah sleepily, opened her eyes.

"We're home," said Michelle when she seen that Sarah's eyes had opened.

"Oh," said Sarah tiredly. She got up and unhooked her seatbelt. Jim was already hauling Sarah's suitcases in the house and Michelle started to help him. Sarah must have had twenty bags full of clothes and her things. Sarah grabbed her things from beside her, and jumped out of the car. Before closing the door, Sarah looked up at their house. She thought that the house was gorgeous. If she didn't know that her aunt and uncle lived here, she would of thought some movie star did.

The outside of the house was covered with bricks. So was the two stall garage, which was in front of the car. Sarah thought that the house must have had two stories by the looks of the outside.

"Come on and I'll show you around!" yelled Michelle from the doorway. Sarah snapped out of it, and closed the car door. She walked up to the house so Michelle could show her around. When Sarah walked in, she didn't see her suitcases anywhere. "Oh, your uncle and I took the liberty of taking your things up stairs to your room."

"Ok, thanks," said Sarah. She didn't know what to do, so she just stood there till Michelle began to speak again.

"Ok, here's where the tour starts. I would ask you to take off your shoes please," said Michelle. Sarah took off her shoes on the welcome mat beside the door. She was wearing pink Aeropostale sandals, which matched her shirt. She noticed that Michelle had already taken her pair of Nike flip flops off. "Ok, this as you see is the hallway." She motioned her hand in front of her, so Sarah could see where the hallway was. "There is a full body mirror on the wall, behind me, so if you need to check yourself before going out." Michelle moved, so Sarah could see the mirror. As Sarah looked at the mirror, she thought that Michelle could be a good realtor or a tour guide, since she is doing so well of showing her around. "Ok, follow me and I'll take you into the kitchen."

The kitchen was a couple of feet down the hallway. There was no door to it, just an arched doorway that they walked through. When Sarah walked in behind Michelle, she stopped at the counter to look around.

"This is the kitchen. We just had the counter tops re-done, so if you make a mess, please clean it up," explained Michelle. Their kitchen was like any other kitchen. It had a sink, stove, refrigerator and freezer, an island in the middle, and marble counters. It also had a table where eight people can sit and eat.

"Ok," said Sarah. She did not want to be here. She wanted to be with her mom and dad back home in her old kitchen, and her old bedroom. After a few minutes of walking around, Michelle ushered Sarah back into the hallway.

"If we walk back out of the kitchen, we can go and see the living room," Michelle began. When they were in the hallway, Michelle showed Sarah to the living room. When Sarah walked into the living room, she noticed that it had the same arch way as the kitchen. In fact; Sarah noticed that all the rooms had the same entrance way.

From what Sarah could see; the living room had white carpet, a big sectional couch in the corner, and recliner chair in the other corner of the room. "Since the living room has white carpet, we ask that you wear no shoes on it and no eating or drinking." Michelle walked over the big screen television set before talking. "As you can see, we also have a sixty-two inch television, along with an Xbox Kinect, which you are welcome to play anytime. Oh, we also have Netflix, if you want to watch movies, and all of the furniture is leather."

"Ok," said Sarah. She was distracted by a picture that she seen hanging on the wall above the couch. It was a picture of her mom and dad holding her when she was a couple of months old. Michelle noticed Sarah looking at the picture and walked over behind her.

"I remember when that picture was taken," began Michelle. She put her hands on Sarah's shoulders to comfort her. "It was a couple of months after you were born. They were so excited and loved you very much. They were trying for the longest time to have a baby and when you finally came a long, they were filled with so much love for you and wanted to give you everything." As Sarah heard Michelle tell the story, and staring at the picture, tears began to run down her face. She wiped them off on her sleeve, when Jim walked in.

"Her room is ready," he said standing in the doorway. Michelle shook off the tears when she spoke.

"Ok, can you show her?" asked Michelle. After telling Sarah the story about her parents, she couldn't begin the tour again because she would start crying.

"Yeah, are you alright?" asked Jim. He could tell that she had started to cry.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Sarah, go with Jim and he'll show you to your new room," explained Michelle as she sat down on the couch.

"Sure," said Sarah. She wiped the tears off, and went with Jim.

"Your aunt's taking this pretty hard," said Jim sadly as they walked up the wooden staircase to Sarah's room.

"Yeah, I feel bad," said Sarah depressed.

"Don't worry, everything will turn around," said Jim sympathetically.

"I hope so," said Sarah.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Jim turned to his left and walked a couple of feet to Sarah's room.

"Ok, this is your room," said Jim, when Sarah reached the room. Her room was at the end of the hall and there was only one other door beside her room. Jim pushed open the wooden door, and let Sarah walk in first. When Sarah walked in, she loved the room, immediately. She loved the purple walls, the purple bed sheets, and she also liked the medium sized, flat screen TV. She also had a stand up dresser, a vanity, and a walk-in closet. She couldn't believe how big her room was. All she knew is that, it was bigger than her old room.

When Sarah lived with her parents; they lived in a two bedroom trailer. Her room was only big enough for one small dresser and a single bed. It was kind of like a jail cell, but she really loved her parents. And she knew that they were doing the best they could for her.

"Do you like your room?" asked Jim, when he walked in.

"I love the room, thank you," said Sarah. She laid her book bag on the bed.

"Ok, well, you have your own bathroom right next to your room. We just ask that you keep it clean," explained Jim.

"My own bathroom?" asked Sarah. She was shocked with excitement, because she had never had her own bathroom before. She had to share one with her parents.

"Yeah, did you have your own bathroom before?" asked Jim curiously.

"No, we always had to share," replied Sarah happily.

"Well, then, hope you enjoy your own space," said Jim happily.

"I will," said Sarah.

"On that note, I'll go and make supper. It should be ready in a couple of hours, which should give you enough of time to unpack," explained Jim.

"Yeah, that should be plenty of time," said Sarah. Jim walked out and closed the door behind him, leaving Sarah to unpack. She was excited about her room and bathroom, but it would be better if her parents where here with her to enjoy them to.

Before unpacking; Sarah took her journal from her book bag and began to write.

Dear Diary,

It's been going good so far. I really like my room. It was bigger than my other one. I still miss my parents, though. I wish I was back home and with my parents. Hopefully everything will turn out good, like Jim said it would.



Sarah had put her picture of her mom and dad on the night stand beside her bed, when she heard Michelle calling her for supper. She was so hungry because she hadn't ate all day, so she dropped what she was doing, and rushed down stairs and into the kitchen.

When she walked into the kitchen; Jim had already made a plate for her sitting on the table. Sarah rushed over, sat down, and began to scarf down the pizza.

"I took the liberty of getting your notebooks, pens, and folders for your classes," said Michelle as she handed Sarah a Wal-Mart's bag full of her supplies. After wiping her mouth, Sarah took the bag and began to look through the supplies.

"Thanks," she said when she was finished looking.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" asked Jim when he sat down at the end of the table with his plate.

"Yeah," replied Sarah. She was so nervous, that she wanted to hide in her room and never come out.

"Don't be nervous. Everyone has been really nice to us, so far," explained Michelle. Sarah seen that she wasn't eating any pizza, but just a salad.

"You should do fine tomorrow," said Jim as he ate.

"Oh, one more thing; I already had them make out your schedule. You just have to go to the office tomorrow and pick it up. Is English still your favorite subject?" asked Michelle.

"Yeah," replied Sarah. She had always liked English, especially when they read poetry, her favorite was Romeo and Juliet. She liked the book except for the end, when she would always cry her eyes out because they both died.

"Ok, because I scheduled that for your first class," replied Michelle.

"Yeah, that's fine," said Sarah.

After she had eaten all of her food and then some, she went to take a shower, and climbed into bed. It was only nine o'clock, but she had to get up at five-thirty in the morning, so she could get ready.

She laid on her side and stared at the alarm clock before dosing off.

Chapter 2

Sarah was dreaming about being with her mom and dad before the alarm went off. She didn't sleep very well because she was nervous about her first day of school. She rolled over and turned off the annoying alarm sound and woke up, sleepily, rubbed her eyes and slowly got out of bed.

Sarah seen last night on the news that it was suppose to be hot out today, so she wore a pair of jean shorts, a blue Aeropostale shirt, with her blue Aeropostale sandals. (Sarah must have had every color of sandals for all of her outfits.) She put on her makeup, straightened her hair, and gathered her school things before rushing downstairs.

"You ready?" asked Michelle. She was already dressed and waiting on Sarah by the door. Sarah took one look at herself in the full bodied mirror, before answering.

"Yeah, I'm ready," said Sarah, when she turned and faced Michelle.

Sarah had always cared about the way she looked. Every time she would leave the house to go somewhere, she would always have to check her hair and makeup.

As soon as Michelle and Sarah walked out of the house, the hot sun hit Sarah. She liked the summer, but she also liked the other seasons, because she liked the change. They got in the car, and Michelle turned on the air conditioner, before driving off.

"It's supposed to be ninety degrees before you get out of school," said Michelle when they stopped at an intersection.

"Oh God; I don't think I'll ever get use to this heat," said Sarah. She leaned forward so she could feel the cold air.

"I kind of like it; it's better than the cold and snow," said Michelle as she began to drive again.

"I like the snow," said Sarah. The rest of the car ride, Sarah leaned in front of the air conditioner so she would be cooler. When she got cooled off, she leaned back in the seat, stared out the window, and just thought about her parents.


"Ok, have a good day and don't forget to stop at the office to get your schedule," explained Michelle when she pulled up beside the school to let Sarah off on the side walk.

"Alright, I won't forget," said Sarah nervously. She was getting butterflies in her stomach and feeling like she was going to throw up, because she was so nervous, watching all of the teenagers and kids walking into the school and talking to everyone that they met.

"Ok, I'll be here to pick you up," said Michelle. She was sounding more like a mother, then her aunt.

Sarah told her goodbye, and climbed out of the car and closed the door. Michelle drove off as Sarah watched her leave.

Sarah was standing on the sidewalk as she looked up at the school. The school was bigger than her old one. It had two stories and a huge parking lot, which was full of cars and kids standing around talking and waiting for the bell to ring. The outside of the school was painted blue and white for the school colors. It also had a big Blue Jay painted in the middle of the school, and below it, it said, Home of the Blue Jays. Sarah took a deep breath before walking into the school.

When she walked into the school; Sarah noticed kids hanging out at their lockers and talking to their friends. She looked to her right, and noticed another group of kids passing around answers to the tests that they were taking. She did not want to know where they got them or how they got them. Sarah also noticed that she was the only white person standing there in the hall.

As she looked around for the office, she saw that the lockers were painted white and blue for the school colors. She looked to her left and seen the sign that read Office. So, she pushed her way through the crowded hallway, and into the office.

When Sarah walked into the office, and closed the door, she closed her eyes and took in the quietness. Sarah opened her eyes and seen a short, heavy set woman behind the counter, that was in the middle of the room. As Sarah walked over, she had seen that the woman was older and wore glasses to read.

"May I help you?" asked the lady, nicely. As she turned to Sarah and laid down a copy of her book that she was reading, on her desk.

"Yeah, I'm Sarah and my aunt had already called ahead of time for my schedule. I'm new here," explained Sarah.

"Ok, last name?" the woman asked as she put her hands on the keyboard, ready to type.

"Oh, it's Clayton," replied Sarah. The woman typed in Sarah's name and found her schedule. She pushed a few buttons, and her schedule began to print. When the printer was done printing the paper, the lady grabbed the paper and handed it to Sarah. The woman took off her glasses before explaining everything to her.

"I'll show you to your locker and then you have to find you classes," said the woman, nicely.

"Ok," said Sarah nervously. She was nervous about finding all of her classes, since she was new and didn't know where anything was.

Sarah heard the bell ring, and seen everyone rushing to their classes. Before leaving, the woman made Sarah wait until everyone was in their classes. When the woman peeked her head out, and seen that the halls were empty, she motioned Sarah to follow behind her as the woman walked out.

When Sarah walked out into the hall, she had seen that the woman had a funny accent like her aunt and uncle. She also had seen that her dark hair was rolled up in a bun like a librarian. The woman wasn't white, but she didn't seem to care if Sarah was white or black.

"Ok, seventh grade through ninth grade are on this floor, and tenth through twelfth are on the top floor." The woman paused and looked at the schedule that Sarah was holding, to see what grade she was in. "Since your schedule says that you're a senior this year, you will be on the top floor and your locker will be up there as well," explained the woman as they walked up the stairs.

"Ok," said Sarah as she followed behind the woman. She wasn't used to the school being two floors. Her old school, was only one floor and seventh through twelfth was all combined.

When they reached the top floor; the woman turned to her left and began to walk down the hall, as Sarah followed.

After what seemed like forever, the woman stopped at the end of the hall. She put her hand on the last blue locker.

"This will be your locker. This is your lock so you can keep it locked," explained the woman as she handed Sarah her lock.

"Here is your number to open the lock." She handed Sarah a small piece of paper with three two digit numbers. The woman waited for Sarah to open the lock, so she could get practice. It didn't take long for Sarah to open the lock, because she had the same lock at her old school.

"Now that we got that done, I can show you to your first class, since the halls are cleared," the woman explained. She let Sarah get her notebook, and a pen, before putting her book bag in her locker and locking it. "Can I see your schedule, again?" Sarah handed her the schedule.

"Ok, your first class is English with Mrs. Brighton, room 101," the woman explained. "The class should be at the end of the hall." The woman handed the schedule back to Sarah, before walking her to her class.

They walked for what it seemed like a couple of minutes. The woman found the room, which was only a couple of feet from Sarah's locker.

"She's been expecting you. Do you have any questions?" asked the woman.

"Nope," replied Sarah. Mrs. Brighton had just finished handing out books, when she heard the woman knocking on the door and the teacher rushed over to answer it.

"Yes?" asked Mrs. Brighton when she opened the door. Sarah seen that the teacher was an older woman. She had short grey hair, and she also wore glasses, but she had a fancy chain to go around her neck so they would not fall off. She was wearing a long black skirt, with a white long sleeve dress shirt and black dress shoes.

"This is Sarah. She is your new student," explained the woman to the teacher.

"Oh yes; I've been expecting you," said Mrs. Brighton as she ushered Sarah in. Sarah walked in, slowly, as Mrs. Brighton talked with the woman. When they were done talking, the woman closed the door and walked away. Mrs. Brighton walked over to hand Sarah the book that they were reading. The teacher handed the book to Sarah, and introduced her to the class. "Ok, class! This is Sarah; she's new here, so please make her feel welcome!"

Sarah looked around the room to take in her surroundings. She saw that she was the only white person in the room. She was feeling really nervous at this fact. All the kids looked at her, like why was she here because she didn't belong.

"Sarah, the book that I gave you is the book that we are reading. We are on chapter five, so I hope that you don't have too much trouble catching up," explained Mrs. Brighton. Sarah looked down at the book and the title read Romeo and Juliet. She was excited because this was her favorite book, and they had been reading it in her other school, so she knew exactly what was going on. Mrs. Brighton noticed the smile on Sarah's face. "Have you read the book?"

"Yes, we were reading it in my other school," replied Sarah happily.

"Oh good, then you know what's going on with it," said Mrs. Brighton excitedly. Before showing Sarah to her seat, the teacher leaned over on her desk and found a packet of paper, and handed it to Sarah. Sarah looked at it, and seen that it was a study guide for the book, so that they would follow along. "This is the study guide that we are using. You can go ahead and do the chapters that you have missed."

"Ok," said Sarah.

"Your seat is in the back corner," said Mrs. Brighton as she pointed to the back corner of the room, to Sarah's seat. Sarah held her stuff in her arm as she walked back to her seat.

As Sarah walked back and sat down, everyone was giving her mean looks. She felt very scared and alone, because she thought that everyone hated her. Mrs. Brighton began reading the book, and everyone turned to listen to her. Sarah sunk down in her seat, as she followed along, and tried not to be noticed.


When the bell rang to leave class, Sarah rushed to gather her things, and hurried out of the room to her locker. She didn't want to go to the rest of her classes, because she felt scared, unwanted, and completely alone. Not wanting to, she grabbed another notebook for her next class, put her book in her locker from her last class, and closed the door of her locker and locked it.

Sarah looked at her schedule, and seen that her next class was math, and started to walk toward her class. She pushed through the crowd, but people kept on pushing her and running into her. She couldn't keep up with the pace and everyone running into her, so she began to cry. She seen that the bathrooms where at the end of the hall, so she pushed her way toward the bathrooms as she cried.

Before reaching the bathroom, she pushed beside this one kid who was with a group of his friends. Sarah didn't notice him, because she had been crying and too busy trying to get to the bathroom. But the kid noticed her, and couldn't stop staring at her as she ran to the bathroom.

"Did she just run into you?" asked one of the guy's friends.

"Yeah, but she's so cute," replied the guy.

"But she's white," said his friend.

"So," said the kid. The kid was wearing a Blue Jay's letter jacket, and was the star quarterback of the football team. He was muscular and was obsessed with working out. He was also about six foot tall, and had the nicest smile ever. The bell rang to go to class, but the kid didn't move. His friends tried to get him to move, but he didn't want to. Instead, he just told them to go to class, and that he'll be there. His friends hurried to their class as he went to the bathrooms to wait for the girl to come out.

Sarah was too busy crying in the bathroom stall to hear the bell ring. She was sitting on the toilet, with the door closed, wiping the tears with toilet paper, that was in the dispenser hanging beside her on the wall.

"I can't take this. Everyone hates me, and I just want my mom and dad back," she cried to herself. She cried for a good ten minutes, before deciding to get up, and fix her makeup and hair, and rushing out. Sarah took another look at her schedule, as she walked out, and didn't notice the kid leaning up against the wall. He almost missed her, because he was checking his phone, when he looked up and seen Sarah walking to her next class. He quickly put his phone away, and rushed over to her.

The kid tapped her on the shoulder before speaking. "Hey," he said. Sarah jumped a little, because she was startled. She looked up at the kid, and couldn't help but smile.

"Hi," said Sarah happily. She was happy that someone was finally talking to her, but she didn't think that it would be him. Sarah couldn't take her eyes off of him, and she didn't know why. She seen his jacket, and seen that he played for the football team, so he must have had a girlfriend. She also had seen that he was pretty muscular, and had a very nice smile, and was tall.

"I'm Michael, what's your name?" asked Michael curiously. He didn't know why he couldn't keep his eyes off of her, and he was feeling all giddy.

"Oh, it's Sarah. Why are you talking to me? No offense or anything, but I'm white and your black," she replied confusedly.

"So, skin color doesn't really apply to me. Along as your nice enough to talk to me, then that's all that matters," explained Michael. They had stopped in the middle of the hall, so Sarah could look at him. "Anyways, you're new here right, because I would remember a beautiful woman like you." Michael smiled down at her, as she smiled back up at him. Sarah couldn't help, but feel happy. Ever since her parent's had died, she had not been this happy.

"Yes, I am and I'm already late for my second class," explained Sarah as she smiled at him. Sarah also felt giddy.

"What's your second class? Maybe I can show you where it is," suggested Michael. Sarah looked down at her schedule.

"It's Algebra with Mr. Blue, room 120," replied Sarah as she looked down at her schedule.

"Yup, I have the same class. I can walk you there?" asked Michael.

"Sure," said Sarah happily. Michael walked Sarah to her second period class.


When it was lunch; Michael walked with Sarah to her other class. They had mostly all their classes together, but two. Sarah had Chemistry and gym class, eighth and ninth period. Michael had Biology and Spanish, the last two periods.

As Michael walked into the lunchroom with Sarah, everyone stared. They didn't know why the star quarterback of their football team was hanging out with a white girl. Sarah stopped at the doorway, and didn't want to go any further. She looked and seen all of the kids talking about her.

"Don't worry about them. They are just jealous," whispered Michael trying to be convincing.

"Yeah, fine," said Sarah as she watched the other kids whisper about her. Before walking in, Michael took her hand, and walked with her. As they walked, Sarah looked around the room. She seen that the tables where rectangle shaped, and sat eight students to the table, but all of the tables where crowded because everyone wanted to sit with their friends.

When they finally reached the back tables, she seen that the football team where all sitting with each other at one table, and the cheerleaders where sitting at the other table beside them. Everyone was talking and dancing and having a good time, until they seen Michael with Sarah. They looked at them and began to whisper to each other about her. She wanted to go back home with her mom and dad, and wanted things back to normal.

Michael just ignored all the staring and whispering, and walked to the table with Sarah, and introduced her to his players. After Michael began to introduce her to everyone, they began to loosen up and be really nice. Michael introduced Sarah to the girls, but they didn't want anything to do with her. They were all snobby and had on expensive clothing, so they thought that they were better than her. So instead of sitting with the girls, Sarah sat with Michael and his friends.

"What's Michael doing with her?" asked one of the preppy girls as they stared at Sarah and Michael.

"I don't know, but I'll make sure that whatever is going on, isn't going to last," said the head cheerleader. Sarah looked over and seen that the cheerleaders where still giving her dirty looks. She also had seen that they all had their hair up in a ponytail, and wore short shorts with different colored tank tops. They all had sandals on.

"Don't worry about them. They always have their panties in a bunch," whispered Michael to Sarah. She was startled when Michael spoke.

"Oh, they don't bother me," Sarah lied. In fact, they terrified her because they were popular, and could have anything done to her if they wanted to. Sarah thought that lunch went fine, all but the stares that came from the girls table.


When Sarah was at her locker getting her books, because it was time to go, the posse of girls walked over.

"What are you doing with Michael?" asked the head cheerleader angrily. Sarah jumped and almost dropped her Chemistry book, when she turned around.

"What?" asked Sarah confusedly.

"We want you to stay away from Michael. Michael and I are an item and I don't want white trash like you trying to break us up," said the girl angrily.

"I wasn't trying to break anyone up," said Sarah sacredly and nervous. She was holding her Chemistry book and leaning against her locker.

The girl went to say something else, when Michael walked up behind the girls, and cleared his throat. The girls jumped and turned around.

"What are you doing, Crystal?" asked Michael angrily.

"Oh, hi Michael; I was just telling Sarah about you and me," replied Crystal. Sarah noticed that the girl's tone wasn't as tough as it was a couple minutes ago. In fact, she sounded like she was getting yelled at by her father.

"What are you talking about?! There is no me and you anymore!" said Michael angrily.

"Oh come on, that's not what you said a couple of days ago," said Crystal as she touched his chest and sounded seductively. Michael took her hand and threw it aside.

"Crystal, we've been done a couple of weeks now. Now, I want you to go and leave Sarah alone, because she has nothing to do with you," said Michael through his teeth. Crystal stared at Michael for the longest time, before stomping away angrily, followed by her group of girls. Sarah thanked Michael, and continued to put her books in her book bag. Michael leaned up against the lockers beside Sarah before speaking. "Sure, no problem; don't worry about those girls, they won't hurt you."

"They didn't scare me; I had everything all under control," said Sarah as she put the last of her books in her bag, and closed and locked her locker. She crossed her arms as she leaned up against the locker to look at Michael. Her book bag was sitting on the floor leaning up against the locker in between them.

"So, I want to see you tonight," said Michael. Sarah wasn't sure if that was a question or a comment. "I mean, do you want to hang out tonight? I can show you around since you are new."

"Ummm…sure," replied Sarah as she smiled at him.

"Ok, good. Do you want to give me your phone number, and I'll call you later?" asked Michael nervously. Sarah thought about what Crystal said to her and didn't want to give him her number.

"I don't know, clearly no one wants us to hang out," said Sarah.

"What? Oh, you mean Crystal? Listen, we are over. Crystal and I haven't been an item for a couple of weeks now," explained Michael. Sarah thought about it before giving him an answer.

"Alright," said Sarah. She got a pen from her book bag, and wrote her name and number down on Michael's hand.

"Ok, so I'll call you tonight," said Michael happily.

Yeah, that's fine," said Sarah. Michael gave Sarah a hug before leaving. Sarah grabbed her book bag, and walked to her aunt's car.

"How was your day?" asked Michelle, when Sarah climbed in and closed the door.

"It was fine," said Sarah. She didn't tell her aunt about the staring or about Michael. Sarah didn't tell her aunt about Michael, because she didn't know how she would react about a guy of color talking to her.

"That's good," said Michelle. She started the car and drove off.


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