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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

It was the first day of school. The summer had just ended and Elizabeth was starting sophomore year of high school. She lived in a small town outside of New York City. The town was so small that it wasn't on the map, and most people didn't even know it was there, unless they drove through it. The town was called: Brownsville.

Elizabeth had lived in Brownsville all of her life with her parents. Her parents where married till the age of five, when they had gotten a divorce. She now lives with her mom in a two bedroom house, since her father was a drunk, and wasn't capable of watching her. She would see her father on weekends, with supervised visits. Which reminds her that this weekend was her time to see her dad.

Elizabeth always hated going to see her dad. Not because he was a drunk and she hated him, in fact, she loved her father in spite of the addiction. She hated to and see her father, because she never had enough time, and she wasn't allowed to spend a weekend with him. 'Don't forget what this weekend is,' said Elizabeth's mom as she pulled up in front of the school and parked.

'I know…I get to see dad this weekend,' said Elizabeth, as she opened the door of her mother's black Escalade.

'Yes, so don't make any plans, and I want to talk about your birthday that's coming up soon,' smiled her mother. Elizabeth's mom had the prettiest smile and white teeth. She also had long brown hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, and was skinny.

'Ok mom, but it's not for a while yet,' said Elizabeth. The kids where getting out of their cars and buses, and walking into the school.

'I know, but I have a big party planned since your turning sixteen this year,' explained her mother.

'Yeah, ok,' said Elizabeth before telling her mom goodbye, and getting out of the car, and walking into the school.

The school was two stories high, and brown and white. The school was called Peace. Yeah, Elizabeth thought that it was kind of a weird name for a school, but that's what it was called. As she walked up the stairs to the second floor, because she is a sophomore and tenth through twelfth are on the top floor, while seventh through ninth are on the bottom.

As Elizabeth walked up the stairs to find her locker; she thought about what her mother had said about her birthday. She would be sixteen this year, but she wasn't as excited as most girls where. Maybe it was because she always felt alone all of her life, and didn't have everything that she was hoping she had, like a boyfriend.

All summer as she heard her friends talk about their boyfriends, and what they were going to do, she felt alone. She didn't have a boyfriend that she could go on dates with or hold hands or cuddle. She finally reached her locker, which was at the end of hall, and was number sixteen, how ironic. She thought as Michelle approached her locker. Elizabeth flung her purple book bag over her shoulder, as she leaned up against her locker. 'Did you hear the news?' asked Michelle with a smile and perkiness in her voice. Elizabeth hated how perky she was in the mornings.

'No, what?' asked Elizabeth tiredly.

'We got a new kid today, and I heard that he was gorgeous,' said Michelle happily as she twirled her curly blond hair.

'Oh year; where's he from?' asked Elizabeth not caring, because she was too tired. She did not what to get used to getting up early.

'From the states, but I heard that he was a bad boy,' said Michelle quietly, so Elizabeth could just hear. Great…a new kid who's going to cause trouble, she thought to herself. 'Anyway, what's your schedule? I have reading first period,' she said as she was looking down at her schedule as she held it with both hands. Elizabeth pulled her schedule that she had folded up, out of her jeans shorts. She heard that it was going to be hot today, so she decided to wear shorts, a white tank top, and sandals. She unfolded the paper to read her schedule.

'Yes, I have reading to,' said Elizabeth. She smiled, because she knew that one of her friends where in her class.

'Oh goody,' said Michelle excitedly as she smiled. 'Oooh, maybe the new kid will be in our first class.' Elizabeth didn't get a chance to talk, because of the bell ringing and they didn't want to be late on the first day.


As they entered the first period class; all the kids had already picked their seats all but three, which there in the back. Before sitting down, the teacher handed them their books that they where starting with. As Elizabeth took her book, she noticed that her teacher was a little old with grey hair, wore glasses, and had on tan pants, and a nice dress shirt with black dress shoes. 'Hi, I'm Mr. Knight, and I'm going to be your teacher for this year,' he explained to the both of them. 'This is the book that we are reading first.' Elizabeth and Michelle looked down at the book which was called 'Angels.' Elizabeth smiled as she looked at the title, because she was very interested in angels, and she thought this would be an easy read. In fact, all her life she had been fascinated by angels and where they came from, and what they were meant to do.

Mr. Knight showed them to the back of the roommate their seats, and they sat down. Elizabeth looked to her right, and noticed the empty seat. She then felt Michelle poke her on the shoulder and she turned to her. 'Maybe it's the new kid,' she whispered hopefully.

'Maybe,' said Elizabeth on turning as she turned to face the front, as Mr. Knight wrote on the chalk board. As she waited for the teacher to begin; her mind went back to the new kid. If in fact he was in her class and where a bad boy; she would get nothing done, with the distractions. Mr. Knight finally began with the lecture.

'So, the first month or so, we are going to be learning about angels…'he pointed to the board'…and where they come from,' he began as there was a knock on the door.

He walked over and answered the door. Everyone watched as he nodded his head and mumbled. After five minutes; Mr. Knight ushered, in the new guy. Just Elizabeth's luck! 'Everyone, I want you to meet Isaac,' said Mr. Knight. Everyone just stared at this strange new kid. All except for Elizabeth. She was leering at the new kid. For some reason, as she looked at him, she didn't feel alone. She felt whole, and she felt home. As Elizabeth looked at him; she noticed his gorgeous short brown hair, blue eyes, and he also had muscles that she could see through his shirt. She also seen that he was wearing blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He also had a heavenly glow about him, and Elizabeth couldn't take her eyes off of him. 'Isaac, here's your book that we're starting, and your seats back in the corner,' explained Mr. Knight as he pointed to the back corner.

'Okay,' said Isaac as he took the book and walked to his seat and sat down. Elizabeth followed his every move, and Mr. Knight had to call her name for her attention. She quickly turned to face the front, and Isaac smiled at her.

'Sorry,' said Elizabeth.

'Now, back to the story, where were we? Aww..yes, where do Angels come from?' asked Mr. Knight. No one raised their hands, so Elizabeth raised hers. 'Yes, Elizabeth.'

'They come from heaven, and they do God's work,' explained Elizabeth.

'Yes, something like that,' said Mr. Knight, as he sat down and opened his book. 'Alright, with that question in mind; let's open to chapter one to begin to read.'

Everyone opened their books as Elizabeth stared at Isaac. Why couldn't she keep her mind off of him? And why when he looked at him, that she felt sate and whole, and at home. She would definitely have to talk to him and get to know him. Michelle nudged Elizabeth, and she turned towards her.

'What?' asked Elizabeth.

'Stop staring,' replied Michelle as she smiled and whispered.

'I'm not staring,' replied Elizabeth as Mr. Knight called on a chubby looking kid that sat in front to read.

'Yes you are,' whispered Michelle, before she turned back to her book to follow along. Elizabeth looked at her book, but she just couldn't keep her eye's off of the new kid, and before she knew it, the bell had rung and everyone got up to leave.

Michelle walked over and nudged Elizabeth. 'Are you done staring now..because he left,' chuckled Michelle.

'Shut up,' said Elizabeth as she gathered her things and stood up.

'You want the new kid,' said Michelle as they walked out into the hall.

'I do not,' said Elizabeth thinking about Isaac.

'Yes you are…you kept staring at him all through class,' said Michelle as they reached Elizabeth's locker, so she could put her book in.

'I'm telling you…I do not like him, and I don't care about him,' said Elizabeth as she slammed her locker and leaned against it.

'Fine…look 'as Michelle pointed' there's Isaac,' said Michelle.

'Where?' asked Elizabeth as she quickly turned her head to see if he was there.

'Ha! Gotcha!' smiled and laughed Michelle.

'Shut up!' said Elizabeth. Just then the bell rang, and they rushed to their math class, which they had together.


Elizabeth could not keep her mind off of Isaac. She wanted to know more about him, and where he was from. She also wanted to be where he was all the time. Woah, she had never felt this way about anyone before. All she wanted was Isaac and to be with him. Before Elizabeth knew it; the bell had rung and everyone rushed out. Elizabeth was day dreaming when she bumped into someone. She looked up, and seen that it was Isaac. She was speechless, and didn't know what to say. 'Hi,' Isaac smiled at her. He had the nicest smile that Elizabeth loved.

'Umm..h..hi,' she finally gotten out.

'Elizabeth right?' asked Isaac.

'Y..yes,' she replied.

'Well, hopefully we get to see much of each other,' smiled Isaac before walking to his next door.

Elizabeth just stood there as he walked away. She didn't move or anything; she just stood there and thought about Isaac. The bell rang to go to next class, so she snapped out of it, and rushed to tell Michelle what just happened.


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