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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 10

'I can't believe I fell for their trick!' yelled an angry Ryan as he paced the living room floor.

'We have to hurry and find her before Isaac comes back,' said Michelle panicky. Just then, the door busted open, and Isaac quickly walked in.

'Isaac?' asked Ryan.

'Yeah, what happened? Where is Elizabeth? I felt her pain and automatically came to see what was wrong,' said Isaac quickly.

'They took her,' said Ryan disappoint. Isaac's facial expression changed over to anger.

'You where suppose to protect her while I was gone! How could you let this happen?!' yelled Isaac angrily as he got in Ryan's face.

'Me?! You are the one who left her knowing that Raven was trying to get her!' yelled Ryan back.

'Boys! Boys!' yelled Michelle. 'You can kill each other later, but now we have to find Elizabeth and her father,' she told them. They both slowly backed up and calmed down.

'How are we suppose to find her? We don't even know where Raven is,' said Ryan angrily.

'We have to go up,' said Michelle.

'What?' asked John curiously.

'In order to fine Elizabeth and her father, we have to go up and ask our father,' said Michelle.

'But he won't help us,' said Ryan angrily.

'Ryan we have to try, what else do we have left?' Michelle asked him.

'Wait! You mean we're going to see what Heaven looks like?' asked John excitedly.

'No! You guys have to stay here; this war is between us and if you go to Heaven, you won't be allowed back here,' explained Michelle.

'Why?' asked Michael.

'Because you two are human, and you have to experience a full life before going to Heaven,' replied Michelle.

'Then what are we suppose to do in the mean time?' asked John.

'Search the house again….thee has to be something we missed,' ordered Michelle.

'Yes ma'am,' said John as he smiled at her. Before leaving, Michelle gave John a big long kiss.

'Be safe,' she whispered to him.

'Will do,' smiled John. They all let out their wings, walked outside, and flew up into the clouds.


'What did you do with the old man?' Elizabeth heard Raven ask.

'We took him back to his house,' said the one guy that had kidnapped Elizabeth.

'You where suppose to do away with him!' yelled Raven angrily.

'We did it a better way. Instead of us killing him, we erased his memory, and he doesn't remember anything that happened or Elizabeth,' explained the demon. Raven did not speak, but just tapped his fingers together, and thought about what the other had said.

'Hmmm, maybe that is better once she sees that her own dad doesn't want her, and she has no more family, she'll be one step closer to me,' explained Raven.

'But what about Isaac and them?' the other asked.

'You where suppose to do away with them!' yelled Raven.

'You didn't tell us to,' said the other.

'Ugh! Do I have to tell you to do everything!' yelled Raven.

'I'm sorry master,' said the other.

'Go and do your job and don't come back till it's done!' yelled Raven.

'Yes master,' said the other as he put his head down and walked away in shame.

When Elizabeth sat up and blinked her eyes a couple of times, she noticed that there was fire all around her. 'Where am I?' she asked herself as she came to and started to see all the clearer.

'This is what they call Hell,' said Raven as he was twirling something long in his hand.

'Hell?' asked Elizabeth when she started to get a little worried.

'Yes and your precious angels won't ever find you down here,' smiled Raven as he walked closer to Elizabeth, still holding the arrow. When Elizabeth looked around, she had noticed that she had been sitting on a rock platform. Ugh! No wonder her back hurt her. She also noticed that the others around her didn't look like her or Raven, but little bat creatures. They all had red eyes, long sharp nails, long wings, and sharp, straggly teeth. Elizabeth thought they looked really scary and she quickly looked away, but before looking away, she seen that they were pounding and making something. 'Scary little creature's aren't they?' Raven asked her as he watched them. Elizabeth shook her head in agreement.

'I didn't use to live down here. I use to have a good life…we used to have a good life,' Raven said sadly as he looked at Elizabeth.

'We?' asked Elizabeth.

'Oh don't play dumb with me; I'm sure that Isaac already told you the story of us,' replied Raven.

'Yes he did,' said Elizabeth.

'So you know that we loved each other before he came alone,' said Raven angrily.

'I know that you cheated on me and that's why I was in the garden that day crying when your brother came along and saved me,' replied Elizabeth.

'Saved you? You didn't need any saving from me. I loved you and always will love you,' said Raven.

'Then why did you cheat on me? If you loved me that much, then why did you cheat on me?' asked Elizabeth.

'It wasn't what you thought it was. The woman kissed me and I was trying to push her away, but couldn't,' explained Raven quickly.

'Sure sure,' said Elizabeth as she shook her head in denial. Raven picked up the arrow that he laid beside him and began to twirl it in his hands again. What's that?' she asked as her eyes got huge because she didn't know what he was going to do with the thing.

'This...,' Raven began as he looked down at the arrow. 'This is a fire arrow. What I'm going to kill my brother with,' he replied as he looked up at Elizabeth.

'What?! No, you can't kill Isaac…I love him,' yelled Elizabeth. She quickly got off the platform and ran over to Raven, and began punching him as hard as she could in the chest, but it didn't seem to faze him. Raven began laughing as Elizabeth was punching him in the chest, yelling at him.

'You think your punches are going to stop me,' laughed Raven as he grabbed Elizabeth by the wrists. 'All you need to do is kiss me, and all of this will go away, and we will be back together at home!'

'You think I'm going to kiss you? I will never kiss you,' hissed Elizabeth through her teeth. Just then, some noise came from beside them, and one of the monsters was sliding a body closer to them.

'Master! Master, we got him,' hissed the little monster as he let go at the person's ankles as they fell to the rocky floor. When Elizabeth looked over, she seen that it wasn't Isaac, but it was Ryan. She ripped herself away from Raven and ran over to Ryan.

'Ryan?' asked Elizabeth as she shook him to get up. Ryan slowly opened his eyes and seen Elizabeth; her eyes began to tear up.

'I promised I wouldn't leave you,' Ryan said slowly. When Elizabeth looked at Ryan's body; she had seen that he was badly beaten and had blood running down his face.

'Yes you did,' smiled Elizabeth as she held Ryan's hand and tears rolled down her cheeks. Raven walked over to see who they had gotten.

'You fools…this is the wrong person!' yelled Raven angrily. As Raven yelled; the monsters cringed and backed up. Elizabeth even cringed a little as Raven yelled.

'You said to bring you Isaac..he said his name was Isaac,' said one of the monsters.

'He lied to all of you! This isn't my brother!' yelled Raven.

'Do you want us to go again?' asked one of the monsters.

'No! I will go myself this time…you stay down here until I figure out what your punishment is!' yelled Raven as the monsters slowly walked away. 'In the mean time..you two are going to the dungeon, until I get back with my brother,' he said angrily.

Raven rushed over to Elizabeth and Ryan picked them up with each hand, and drug them to a square hole in a separate room. 'Please, Ryan needs help,' said Elizabeth as Raven held the both of them.

'He's fine!' yelled Raven before throwing the both of them down the black tunnel, as he walked to the door, ripped off his shirt to show his wings, opened the door, and flew out into the sky.


'I'm so sorry this happened to you,' said Elizabeth with tears in her eyes.

'Elizabeth, I'm going to be fine. My wounds will heal soon,' said Ryan as he slowly sat up.

'But they could of killed you,' said Elizabeth.

'But they didn't,' said Ryan.

'Where is Isaac…why didn't he come to protect me?' asked Elizabeth.

'He wanted to come, but I wouldn't let him. He needs to be on the outside when Raven reaches him,' explained Ryan.

'When? You mean you planned all of this?' asked Elizabeth.

'Well, we did. We had to get Raven out of his domain so he wouldn't be in control. At least on Earth, they can fight fair,' replied Ryan.

'But how did they find you guys?' asked Elizabeth.

'We were still at the house looking for clues to were you where,' replied Ryan.

'So, now what do we do?' asked Elizabeth.

'Well, it's going to be a while before Raven comes back, so you can sleep and when you wake up, I'll be as good as new,' replied Ryan. Elizabeth cuddled up close to Ryan before lying her head on his shoulder.

'Raven had one of the arrows in his hands. We need to find one before we try to get out of here,' said Elizabeth tiredly.

'Yes. We will find one when we wake up,' said Ryan.

'What will happen when this war is over?' asked Elizabeth.

'Well, hopefully Raven will be dead, and you and Isaac can be with each other,' replied Ryan.

'But what about you?' asked Elizabeth.

'I will still be around; we're friends, I never leave my friends,' replied Ryan.

'I just don't want anything to happen to no one. I know that I love Isaac, but I love you guys as well,' explained Elizabeth.

'We love you to,' said Ryan. Elizabeth cuddled closer as she closed her eyes until she fell asleep.


Isaac was pacing the woods, getting angrier and angrier knowing Raven has Elizabeth. 'Come on Raven! You know where I am!' yelled Isaac up at the midnight sky. He began to pace again, until he ran right into his brother.

'Why did Ryan tell my demons that he was you?' asked Raven. Isaac backed up before answering.

'Because we had to get you out of hiding somehow, and now that you're up here, we can fight fairly,' said Isaac angrily.

'Fight? All I have to do is use one of my arrows and your dead!' yelled Raven.

'Raven, why do you want Elizabeth anyway? You even said that you didn't love her?' asked Isaac angrily.

'I loved her..I still love her!' She was the best thing that ever happened to me!' yelled Raven.

'Then why did you cheat on her?' asked Isaac.

'I didn't cheat on her! That girl kissed me first!' yelled Raven.

'But you could of stopped her,' said Isaac.

'I tried, but she wouldn't budge!' yelled Raven.

'Oh that's a load of bull!' yelled Isaac. Before Isaac knew it, Raven punched him, knocking him to the ground, making the ground shake. Raven then, pulled out a fire arrow that was on his back, and ran over to Isaac that was lying on the ground. He pointed the arrow inches away from Isaac's face.

'I could end this all right now,' hissed Raven through his teeth.


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