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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 11

'But you won't,' said Isaac.

'How do you know that I won't?' asked Raven angrily.

'Because, you would of already killed me by now,' replied Isaac.

'Maybe I'm letting you say your last words, before I kill you,' said Raven.

'Raven; I know you, you would of killed me already, but I am your brother and you will never kill me,' said Isaac.

'Alright, since you know me. What would happen if I let you go?' asked Raven easing up a little.

'You will keep on chasing us; if I get Elizabeth back. Instead of killing me, you will keep on hunting me, so I can't have Elizabeth and be happy with her,' replied Isaac. Raven backed off of him, letting him stand up.

'You might have been right earlier, but now you're wrong. I want Elizabeth and I will not stop until she is mine. And in order for her to be mine, you have to die,' explained Raven angrily.

'So?' asked Isaac.

'So what?' asked Raven.

'So how are you going to kill me? I don't like surprises,' said Isaac.

'Well, since you are "so called family" I'll let you have a fair fight. We will use our fists,' replied Raven.

'Fine by me,' said Isaac as he got ready to fight.


'Elizabeth! Elizabeth, come on we have to get out of here,' said Ryan quickly as he shook her to wake her up.

'Huh?' asked Elizabeth as she got up from lying on the floor slowly.

'Come on, we have to go,' said Ryan quickly, helping her up. When Elizabeth came to, she noticed that Ryan was all better, and there was no sign of him being beaten earlier.

'Hey, you're all better,' said Elizabeth quietly. Ryan smiled before talking to her.

'See, I told you that I would be better when you woke up,' said Ryan.

'How are we going to get out?' asked Elizabeth.

'I think I can fly hard enough into the door to bust it open, but when I bust the door open, and we land, you're going to have to be ready to fight,' said Ryan scooping Elizabeth off the floor.

'Alright, I will be,' said Elizabeth as she wrapped her arms around Ryan's neck.

'Okay, here we go,' said Ryan as he held Elizabeth tighter to him, before flying up and busting the door opened.

When Ryan and Elizabeth busted through the door, all the little monsters just stared and watched them as they landed. 'Okay, get ready,' whispered Ryan to Elizabeth. She nodded her head in agreement.

As the little monsters came to realize what had happened, they took up their weapons and began to charge at them. 'How are we suppose to kill them!' yelled Elizabeth quickly and nervously.

'Just stay behind me and I will get you out of here!' yelled Ryan as he quickly pushed Elizabeth behind him as one little monster slashed his arm with an axe, before Ryan took the axe from him and slashed the monster in half. 'Alright, follow me!' yelled Ryan as he sliced another monster in half. As Ryan was slicing and killing the little monsters, Elizabeth almost forgot the fire arrow that she had to have. So, as Ryan was fighting off the monsters, he didn't notice Elizabeth sneaking off to get the arrow.

When Elizabeth was out of sight from the monsters, she felt safe enough so she wouldn't have to sneak around. So, she began to walk normal again, and started to look around for the arrow. 'I just had seen a whole bunch of fire arrows. Where'd they all go?' she asked herself as she done a one-eighty, but did not see them anywhere.

Elizabeth wasn't paying attention when a little monster walked up behind her and stabbed her with the arrow making her fall on her stomach on the floor. As Elizabeth laid there, the little monster walked over to the wall, and grabbed a sword that was leaning against the wall. After grabbing the sword, he quickly walked over and stabbed Elizabeth in the back making her scream.


When Isaac went to punch Raven in the face, a sharp pain pierced his back, making him yell and fall onto his knees. 'What's the matter with you? Get up, we're not done yet,' said Raven as he was bleeding from his face.

'Something's wrong,' said Isaac as he held his back and tears began to fill his eyes, because it was hurting him so bad.

'What are you talking about?' asked Raven.

'I think Elizabeth's dyeing,' said Isaac sadly.

'What are you talking about? I locked her and Ryan in the dungeon before I left,' said Raven.

'But they got out and are fighting your monsters, and one of them stabbed her!' yelled Isaac as a tear slid down his face.

'What? They wouldn't do that; they know better!' yelled Raven.

'Raven, we have to get to her, and we have to hurry,' said Isaac angrily.

'Alright, I'll stop this war, but just to save Elizabeth, after that, you're mine, said Raven angrily. Raven and Isaac quickly took off, as Isaac followed Raven.


As Elizabeth screamed and Ryan killed the last little monster that was around him; he heard the blood shearing scream coming from Elizabeth. He hurried and ran towards the screaming. When he entered the torture chamber, he seen the little monster pushing the sword into Elizabeth's back. 'Ryan, please help me,' cried Elizabeth.

Ryan was so angry that he didn't remember running over and killing the monster. Before turning Elizabeth over, he slowly removed the sword and the arrow from her back and throwing them to the floor, before rolling Elizabeth over on her back. She held her wounds and seen the blood on her hands that was coming from the wounds. 'Why did you leave me?' asked Ryan as he held her head in his lap.

'Because I wanted to get the arrow before we left,' said Elizabeth slowly.

'You should of told me and we could of went together,' said Ryan sadly.

'I'm sorry,' said Elizabeth as he began to cry.

'It's alright; I'm not mad at you,' said Ryan as he held her wounds.

'Ryan, I don't want to die,' cried Elizabeth.

'Listen to me; you're not going to die, do you hear me? You're not going to leave us,' said Ryan quickly.

'Okay,' said Elizabeth slowly.

'Ryan, how is she!' Elizabeth heard Isaac's voice as her eyes slowly opened and closed.

'She's coming and going, but we have to get her out of here, and get her somewhere where Michelle can work on her,' said Ryan quickly.

'Alright, I'll take her,' said Isaac as he scooped her up.

'I'm going with you guys,' said Raven.

'What? You're on our side now?' asked Ryan angrily.

'No, but I care about her to,' said Raven.

'You are the reason why she is almost dying! So you don't get to see if she survives or not!' yelled Ryan.

'This wasn't my fault!' yelled Raven as he moved closer to Ryan.

'Isaac just go and take her…I have Raven handled!' yelled Ryan as he was getting ready to fight.

'Are you sure?' asked Isaac.

'Yes, I'm sure,' replied Ryan angrily. Isaac took hold of Elizabeth a little tighter, before taking off.


When Elizabeth finally came to; she seen that she was all bandaged up, but still feels a little tired. 'Ugh!' moaned Elizabeth as she tried to sit up, but was just tired.

'Don't move,' said Isaac as he gently laid her back down and gave her some water.

'It's about time we get some alone time,' smiled Elizabeth as she talked slowly.

'Yeah, I know I haven't been around in a while, like I'm suppose to, but I just want to keep you safe, and what happened to your mother; I just couldn't forgive myself,' said Isaac as he put his head down in shame.

'Isaac, look at me,' ordered Elizabeth. Isaac slowly lifted his head. 'You did not do anything wrong. You couldn't of stopped Raven because you didn't know what he was going to do,' explained Elizabeth.

'So, you're not mad at me?' asked Isaac.

'No of course not,' smiled Elizabeth. 'I love you.' Isaac smiled and leaned down and kissed her.

'When you get better, I promise that we will spend more time together,' said Isaac.

'I would love that,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac smiled back at her.

'Oh, what about the arrow? Did you guys get it before you left?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, I believe Ryan got it after fighting with Raven again,' said Isaac.

'Good, now we only have three more left,' said Elizabeth.

'Yep, if only we knew where they are,' said Isaac.

'Don't worry, we'll find them,' said Elizabeth.


A couple of weeks went by, and Elizabeth was feeling a whole lot better and she could walk again on her own with no support. 'I think you're all better to go out with Isaac,' said Michelle as she checked Elizabeth's wounds.

'Good, I'm tired of being bed ridden,' said Elizabeth as she sat up. As Michelle left the room, Isaac walked in and closed the door.

'So?' asked Isaac.

'It's official; I'm allowed to go out,' said Elizabeth excitedly.

'Oh good,' said Isaac as he quickly walked over, stood Elizabeth up, and hugged her.

'I missed hugging you,' said Elizabeth.

'Same here,' said Isaac. 'Oh, and tonight is your sixteenth birthday, so whatever you want to do; I want it to be special for you,' he smiled.

'I just want to be with you and I just want to kiss you, since it's been a while,' smiled Elizabeth.

'I think we can do that,' smiled Isaac as he leaned down and kissed her passionately. 'Are you ready to go and see the others?'

'Yes,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac took Elizabeth by the hand gently, and walked her out to see everyone.

Ryan was the first person that she hugged. 'Thank you for protecting me when Isaac wasn't here,' said Elizabeth as she let him go.

'You're welcome, and happy birthday,' said Ryan as he handed her the fire arrow. As Elizabeth took the arrow, and twirled it in her hands; she felt that it was warm to the touch.

'It's warm,' said Elizabeth.

'That's because of the fire inside of it,' said Isaac. She handed the arrow to Isaac, as she hugged the rest of her friends. 'So, what do you want to do?' he asked her.

'I just want to cuddle up next to you in bed,' replied Elizabeth.

'Okay,' smiled Isaac. He took her by the hand and walked her to the bedroom and closed the door, so they could be alone.


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