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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 13

'Okay Elizabeth, remember what we talked about?' asked Issac as he was holding both of her hands.

'Yes; I know what to do when we get there,' said Elizabeth.

'Alright guys, let's go,' Isaac ordered everyone before hugging Elizabeth and taking off into the sky, followed by everyone else.

When they arrived at Raven's "Layer", they seen that it wasn't being guarded, which was good for them because Elizabeth could walk right in. When Elizabeth finally got the chance to look around; she noticed that she was in the middle of some forest out in the middle of nowhere. She looked around some more and seen that the entrance to Raven's "Layer" was covered by a hillside so no one would recognize what the place was. As Elizabeth looked harder at the door, she had seen that it was made out of stone. 'Okay, that's the entrance way. When you walk in you will walk down a flight of stairs until you reach light and that's when you know that you're there,' explained Isaac quickly as he pointed to the door.

'Okay I got it,' said Elizabeth nervously. She was nervous because she had seen what was down there before, and she didn't really want to go back.

'The others are hiding amongst the trees, so whenever you and Raven walk out, they can capture him,' explained Isaac.

'Okay; Isaac I'm scared. I know what's down there with him and I know what happened the last time,' said Elizabeth as she remembered the last time when Raven's demon stuck both an arrow and a sword into her back, which made her cringe.

'Don't worry, if anything happen's to you, we'll be there in a flash,' said Isaac.

'Okay,' said Elizabeth still a little nervous. 'Well, if I don't see you again, tell everyone that I love them very much and ---,' begain Elizabeth but Isaac put a finger to her mouth to keep her quiet.

'Don't think like that. You are going to make it through all of this and we will live happily ever after,' said Isaac.

'Promise?' asked Elizabeth.

'Promise,' replied Isaac. Before Elizabeth opened the door, she kissed Isaac passionately. 'Go and we'll be right here,' he whispered to her. She smiled back, turned to the door, pulled it open, and walked into the darkness as the door closed behind her. As the door slammed closed with an echo, it made Elizabeth jump, making her heart pound really fast.

'Oh, just the door,' she said as she put her hand on her chest, and calmed down a little. 'Great, I can't see anything,' she said to herself when she walked slowly and felt her way through the darkness. 'How am I suppposed to see?' she asked herself, just as she remembered that she had her cellphone in her pocket that had a flash light on it.

So, when she took the cellphone out of her pocket, and turned on the flashlight, she didn't see nothing, but stairs for miles, which looked like they slanted down. Ugh! Why so many steps?' she asked herself as she walked.


Isaac was sitting beside the door looking up at the starry sky. It was a nice night, no clouds in sight, the moon was bright, and full, and the sky was filled with stars. 'Dad, please look after Elizabeth as she gets Raven,' he said to the sky.

'I prayed to him to,' said Ryan as he walked out from around the corner.

'I know she'll be okay, but you can't be too sure,' said Isaac as Ryan sat down beside him.

'You really love her, huh?' asked Ryan.

'Yes of course I do; you should know that,' replied Isaac.

'Yeah I know,' sighed Ryan as he looked up at the stars and Isaac looked over at him.

'Do you love her?' asked Isaac to Ryan. There was a short pause as Ryan still looked at the sky, before speaking.

'I'm afraid....I do, but I have never made a move on her, becuase I know that she loves you and I didn't want to make her chose,' explained Ryan.

'You're good man for not making the move, so I wouldn't have to beat you up,' said Isaac as he patted Ryan on the shoulder and gave a little chuckle.

'So, what are your plans for whenever this is over?' asked Ryan.

'I don't know yet. I would like to marry Elizabeth, but I'm afraid we are too young yet to make that move,' replied Isaac.

'Yes, I would say,' laughed Ryan.

'I'm just hoping we find the rest of the arrows soon, so we can get rid of Raven and everything will be normal,' said Isaac.

'I agree with that,' said Ryan.


As Elizabeth was walking, which to her felt like ever, she started hearing foot steps behind her. She quickly turned around to see who it was, but she couldn't see anyone with her flash light. 'Wh...Whose there?' she asked scaredly as she began to shake. She stopped and heard the footsteps again. 'Wh...Whose there!' she yelled again. 'Sh...Show yourself!' she yelled as she shook. There was silence, and Elizabeth began to get really scared. 'Wh...Who are you?' she asked.

'Ravensss expecting you,' hissed one of the little monsters.

'How did he know I was coming?' asked Elizabeth scaredly.

'Raven knowsss all,' hissed the little monster. Knows all, she thought to herself. If he knows everything, then does he know why she's actually there? She thought to herself.

'Where is he?' asked Elizabeth.

'Why he'sss sssetting up dinner for you two,' he hissed.

'Dinner? I don't have time for any dinner,' said Elizabeth.

'Ah, but I think you'll have time for thisss one...lotsss of time,' said the little monster.

'Please, just take me to Raven,' ordered Elizabeth.

'Fine, I will follow me,' said the little monster as Elizabeth showed the light on his hideous face.

Elizabeth followed the little monster about a mile before she finally seen some light. 'Finally, some light,' said Elizabeth a little tiredly.

'Actually, itsss fire,' said the little monster.

'Fire?' asked Elizabeth nervously.

'Yesss, thisss isss Hell you know,' said the little monster.

'Yes, I guess it is,' said Elizabeth as they approached the entrance. When Elizabeth walked into the room; she seen fire coming out of the ground on the sides of the walls. She also seen all of Raven's monster's making something, but she didn't know what they where pounding.

'Raven awaitsss for you in there,' said the little monster as he ushered her in to another little room. The little monster closed the door without saying anything to Elizabeth. When she turned back around, she seen a table that was set for three people, with gold china. Three people she thought to herself. As she looked on, she seen that the room was made out of bones, but she didn't want to know what kind of bones. There was also a fireplace lit in the middle of the room.

'I hope you're hungry,' said Raven as he was leaning up agains a door way, with his arms crossed and his wings out.

'No, not really; I just need you to come outside with me so we can talk,' said Elizabeth.

'We can talk here and eat as we do,' said Raven.

'Raven, can we please just go outside,' said Elizabeth.

'I figured that you wouldn't want to stay, so i brought a guest,' said Raven.

'A guest?' asked Elizabeth curiously.

'Yes,' replied Raven as he motioned for someone to come forward. As the guest walked forward, Elizabeth couldn't believe her eyes.

'Dad?' asked Elizabeth confusedly.

'Hey hunny,' smiled her father as he walked over and hugged her.

'But you didn't remember who I was earlier,' said Elizabeth.

'Raven explained everything that happened to me and you,' said her father.

'But how did he fix you?' asked Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth, I am made from God..I can pretty much do what I want,' replied Raven.

'But you can't mess around with other people's lives!' yelled Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth, please, let's sit down and eat,' said her father.

'No dad! We have to get out of here!' yelled Elizabeth.

'Why don't you like it here? This is our new home,' said her father.

'What? Dad what has he told you?' asked Elizabeth.

'Well, he told me that you and him are boyfriend and girlfriend, and that we are going to stay here from now on,' replied her father.

'What? That's not who I love!' yelled Elizabeth.

'What do you see in him anyway?' Raven finally yelled.

'Isaac is genuine, he's nice to me, and he treats me good! And he loves me and I love him and I know that he will never cheat on me!' yelled Elizabeth.

'I never cheated on you,' said Raven as he moved closer to Elizabeth.

'I'm not falling for this,' said Elizabeth. She went to turn, but Raven gently grabbed her by the hand and turned her back towards him. They where inches closer to each other and Raven was looking at her dead in the eyes.

'Elizabeth, I honestly and truly love you,' he said to her. 'And I know that you love me to. Just one kiss and we can be together forever, and you can have your life back.' Elizabeth didn't know what she was doing, but she felt like she was in a daze, like she wasn't herself.

'Raven, I can't do this. I have Isaac and he loves me,' said Elizabeth.

'But what is love anyway?' asked Raven. 'It's when two people really like each other and can't live without them right?' he asked her.

'I guess so,' said Elizabeth.

'Well, that's what we are. We are two people who really like each other, and can't live without each other,' explained Raven.

'Raven, I can't,' said Elizabeth as she moved in closer to him.

'Yes you can...just one little kiss,' said Raven. They where a couple inches from each other, until Isaac came in.

'Stop Elizabeth!' yelled Isaac. Elizabeth quickly shook off Raven's spell and turned to look at Isaac.

'Isaac?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, come here!' he yelled over to her. Elizabeth went to run to him, but Raven grabbed her by the arm instead.

'No! She will be mine!' yelled Raven as he held her by the arms so she couldn't get freed.

'Let her go!' yelled both Ryan and Isaac.

'No! If you want her you're going to have to come and get her! And before you can get her, you have to fight off my monsters!' yelled Raven as a bunch of little monsters busted through the door when Isaac and Ryan got ready to fight. 'Kill them!' he ordered the litte monsters, as Elizabeth cried out for help.

The little monsters swarmed Isaac and Ryan, and they began to fight as Raven flew away with Elizabeth, leaving everyone to fight for their lives.


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