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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 14

'Please, leave me go!' yelled Elizabeth when her and Raven finally landed at some old cabin in the woods.

'No! If I let you go; you will run back to him and I can't have that,' said Raven as he drug Elizabeth to the door of the old riggidy cabin.

'Raven, if you love me that much...you will let me go,' pleaded Elizabeth.

'Only if you kiss me,' said Raven.

'I can't,' said Elizabeth.

'Then you will stay in the cabin until you finally want to kiss me and forget all about Isaac! And don't try to get out, because I have a special lock, that only I know how to unlock,' said Raven as he opened the door and flung Elizabeth inside, making her fall to the floor. 'And Isaac will never find you here!!' she heard Raven yell before slamming and locking the door, leaving Elizabeth alone in the dark crying.


'We have to find Elizabeth!' said Isaac panicky.

'Yes, but where to look?' asked Ryan as he killed the last of Raven's little monsters, again.

'I think we might need dad's help again,' said Michelle.

'But he already heled us once. I don't think he'll help us again,' said Isaac.

'We can only try,' said Ryan.

'Okay, you guys go, John, Michael, and I will help clean up the mess,' said Michelle as she looked around at all the dead little monsters lying around.

'Alright, you sure you'll be fine?' asked Isaac.

'Yes, I have John and Michael here,' replied Michelle.

'Okay, let's get going. The faster we get there, the faster we can find Elizabeth,' said Ryan.

'Alright,' said Isaac. They rushed outside, and flew up into the sky.


Elizabeth was pounding on the door screaming for help, but no one would come. 'Isaac, please save me,' she whispered when she fell to the floor crying. 'Okay, I need to suck this up,' she tol herself as she took in a deep breath and let it out. 'First, I need to find a light.' Elizabeth got up and searched for a light switch, and found one by the door.

When Elizabeth turned on the light; she turned around and seen that the cabin she was in, was a log cabin. It was one floor, and she was standing in the living room. When she looked around the living room, Elizabeth seen no television, just a couch, chair, and a fireplace. When she finished looking around the living room, she entered what must of been the bedroom because when she opened the door, all she seen was a bed big enough for her.

Elizabeth walked out and passed the bathroom, which was your original bathroom. The kitchen was also an original kitchen. When she walked out into the living room, to think about how she could get out, she heard a noise. She quickly looked around, but didn't see anything. When she turned back, she seen a fairy floating in front of her.

Elizabeth had to blink her eyes a couple times, and wiped her eyes a couple times, but the fairy was still there. As she looked at the fairy, she noticed that it had black wings and black hair, and was a girl. 'What are you here?' asked Elizabeth confusedly. She was a liitle shocked, because she didn't see a fairy before, and didn't believe in fairies neither. But lately with everything going on, she'd believe anything was possible.

'I am here to help you,' said the little fairy.

'Help me? Help me get out of here?' asked Elizabeth.

'No, help you figure out if you really love Isaac and if Isaac really loves you,' said the fairy.

'I already know that I love Isaac and he loves me,' said Elizabeth.

'Awe, but where is he? If he really loved you, you wouldn't be here alone, now would you?' asked the fairy.

'Isaac tried to save me, but Raven was too fast for him, and had his little monsters attack them,' replied Elizabeth.

'But why did he leave you go in alone to get Raven? He could of went with you,' said the fairy.

'I was the only one who could lead Raven out, because Raven loved me,' said Elizabeth.

'Yes and look where you are. Every time isaac gets near you, you end up captured by Raven. Maybe you two were meant to be apart,' said the fairy.

'No, why would you say that? It's Raven's fault that I'm in here! It's Raven's fault, because he wont let me and Isaac be!!!!' yelled Elizabeth.

'That's becuase Raven loves you, and Isaac doesn't,' said the fairy.

'Stop saying that! Isaac loves me!' Elizabeth yelled.

'Then why isn't he heere trying to save you!? Why are you still stuck here trying to save yourself and talking to me!' yelled the fairy. Elizabeth didn't say anything, but thought to herself. What if the fairy was right? What if Isaac didn't love her, because he wasn't here trying to get out. 'Awe, I see that I have you thinking now.'

'If Isaac doesn't love me and we're not suppose to be together, then who am I suppose to be with?' asked Elizabeth confusedly.

'Your suppose to be with Raven. Just think about it, Elizabeth. Raven has been trying to get to you for a while. Isaac always tries to leave you, because that week when you stayed in their cabin with Ryan. Isaac left you and didn't even bother coming to see how you where,' explained the fairy.

'That is true,' said Elizabeth.

'So, who do you think loves you more?' asked the fairy. Elizabeth didn't say anything. This was a question that she would like to discuss with her mother or bestfriend, but they wheren't here. Her mother wasn't here because she was killed and her bestfriends wasn't here because they where somewhere else. Maybe she was meant to be alone forever, since everyone in the end seems to leave anyway. 'Well?' asked the fairy.

'I'm going to need some time ti decide,' said Elizabeth. The fairy smiled at her before disappearing into thin air. Elizabeth walked over and sat down on the couch, wondering what the heck just happened. Was she really talking to a fairy? On another note, she didn't know who she loved, if she loved anyone. 'Ugh! Why does this have to be so hard!!!!' she asked herself angrily as she slammed her fist down on the red pillow next to her.

As she layed there thinking about everything, she seen a notebook and a pen laying on the coffee table. She quickly picked them up, opened the notebook and pen and wrote Isaac's name with a question mark beside it, and Raven's with a question mark beside his name. She sat there as she tapped the pen on the notebook as she thought.


'Dad, we need help!' yelled Isaac as Ryan and him paced back and forth. The room that they where in was all white.

'Yes,' said a voice from overhead. When the voice talked, it was very stron and echoed the room.

'Elizabeth is gone again, and Raven has taen her,' said Isaac.

'I'm sorry, but I can't help you this time,' said their dad.

'Why not?' asked Ryan. Both Ryan's and Isaac's wings where fluttering behind them. They shined the brightest when they where at home.

'Because she doesn't know who she loves and I can not make anyone love anyone,' said the voice.

'Well, she loves me,' said Isaac.

'No, she has ran into Raven's fairy and now the fairy has her thinking about who she loves,' explained the voice.

'What?' asked Ryan confusedly. There was silence for a little while, till a screen came down and showed Elizabeth thinking about who she loved.

'Why does she have to think? She loves me and I love her,' said Isaac angrily.

'But she has to figure that out on her own,' said the voice.

'What are we suppose to do in the mean time?' asked Ryan.

'You guys can search for the arrows,' replied the voice.

'Is it going to take her that long to decide?' asked Isaac concerndly as he watched Elizabeth.

'I don't know how long it's going to take,' said the voice.

'Isaac, don't worry, because Elizabeth knows that she loves you and only you, so it won't take her that long,' said Ryan reassuringly when he put his hand on Isaac's shoulder.

'I hope not, because I can't live without her,' said Isaac as he watched her.

'Well, why don't we start looking for the other three arrows, since Elizabeth already found the fire arrow,' said Ryan.

'Alright,' said Isaac. They said goodbye to their father, and flew back down.


'Why is this so hard? I should know that I love Isaac, but why can't I stop thinking about Raven?' Elizabeth asked herself as she stared at the paper with Raven's and Isaac's name on it. 'Ugh! I wish I could talk to someone about this.'

Elizabeth was frustrated after a few minutes, so she threw down the pen on the coffee table, and laid down on the couch. She was also feeling tired from the days events, so she wanted to go to sleep. Hopefully the answer would come to her. She laid there and stared at the ceiling, until she finally fell asleep.

'Elizabeth hunny,' said her mother excitedly with a big smile and her hands held out in front of her.

'Mom? But you died,' said Elizabeth confusedly.

'This is a dream; I am in your dream,' said her mom. Elizabeth didn't say anything, but ran into her mother's arms and hugged her tightly, she didn't want to let go.

'Mom, I have so much to talk to you about,' said Elizabeth as they sat down on a bench.

'You can tell me anything, sweety,' said her mom. Elizabeth explained everything that happened with her dad and everything with Raven and Isaac. 'Wow, a lot has happened since I left.'

'Yes, and not I have to chose between Raven or Isaac,' said Elizabeth.

'Well, who do you love more?' asked her mother.

'That's the thing. I don't know who I love more...I thought I loved Isaac, but then I keep thinking about Raven. Why does this have to be so hard? I want to go back to normal, when you where here with me and I didn't have to worry about Raven getting me,' said Elizabeth as tears ran down her face. Her mom gave her a hug.

'Don't worry hunny, everything will be okay, and you will be happy again,' said her mom.

'I'm starting to think that won't ever happen,' said Elizabeth.

'Believe me, it will happen,' smiled her mother.

'Promise?' asked Elizabeth.

'Promise,' replied her mother. When Elizabeth looked up to her mother, she had seen that her mom was starting to fade away, along with everything else. Elizabeth screamed for her mother, but everything went black and Elizabeth woke up, in tears.


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