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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 15

'I just want out! How do I get out!' cried Elizabeth as she looked around for a way out. She wiped her eyes when she got up and walked towards the door. She quickly tried the door knob, but no use, it wouldn't budge. She then, began to pound on the door. As she pounded on the door; she started to cry again, and gave up the pounding as she fell to the floor in tears.

As she sat there and cried; she thought about Isaac and Raven and who'd she loved more. But why couldn't she choose? All she knew, was that she wanted to get out of there, and go home. She wanted to be normal again, and she wanted her nother back. 'I can't do this no more! I can't choose and I'm not going to choose!' cried Elizabeth. If she wasn't going to choose, then what would she do? She had to get out, and wanted to get out, but how? She sat there and cried as she thought.


'This sucks!' yelled Michelle when Isaac and Ryan told her what went on. They where all standing on the deck, as they paced angrily back and forth.

'I know, but what are we going to do? We have no idea where Elizabeth is,' said Isaac as he leanded on the railing and watched the water.

'But she knows that she loves Isaac so what is taking her so long?' asked Michelle.

'She doesn't know who she loves,' said Isaac disappointly.

'She couldn't possibly love Raven?' asked Michelle angrily.

'We don't know,' said Ryan.

'But what would happen if she would pick Raven?' asked Michael.

'If Elizabeth would pick Raven and kiss him, then we would disappear. We would seize to exist,' said Ryan.

'Like, we wouldn't be on Earth anymore?' asked John.

'Yes,' replied Ryan.

'What if she doesn't choose anyone and wants a normal life?' asked Michael.

'Then, you two would be back in school, but John you would have never met Michelle, and you guys wouldn't be friends with Elizabeth, because her mind would be erased and she wouldn't remember anything about us or anything that has happened,' explained Ryan.

'Woah, this does suck,' said John.

'Yes it does,' said Isaac.

'So what? We wait and see if we disappear?' asked Michael as they all looked at him.

'Well we can do that or we can help Elizabeth find the rest of the arrows,' replied Ryan.

'What's the sense in that if we are just going to disappear,' said John disappointly.

'We don't know that...that's why we can start looking for the arrows, just in case,' said Michelle as she put her arms around John's waiste.

'But where do we start looking?' asked Michael. He was standing with his arms crossed.

'That's what we don't know,' said Isaac sadly. He didn't care about the arrows right now; he just wanted Elizabeth back so he could hold her and tell her that he loved her.

'There has to be a way to find the rest of the arrows,' said John.

'Yes, but we have the slightest clue,' said Michelle. Isaac didn't say a word, but just walked passed everyone and itno the house.

'Where's he going?' asked Michael.

'He just needs sometime to think. He's pretty upset, because he let Raven get Elizabeth,' said Ryan.

'But we need his help,' said John.

'Believe us; Elizabeth's not going anywhere, because Raven likes her too much to hurt her,' said Michelle.


As Elizabeth got up; she seen the sun coming through the windows. 'It's morning already?' she asked herself, as she went to get up and her stomach growled. 'Ugh! I'm hungry,' she said as she held her stomach and walked into the kitchen, hoping to find food. When she reached the white refridgerator; she opened the door, and looked inside. To her surprise, the fridge was full. So, Elizabeth closed the door and looked into the freezer. The freezer was also packed full, which scared her a little bit. How long was she suppose to stay here? She thought to herself. As Elizabeth thought about this, her stomach growled again, and she pulled out a pack of sausage and eggs from the fridge, and began to cook breakfast.

After Elizabeth was done eating; she cleaned up, and wanted to shower, but no clothes. 'This sucks!' she yelled as she sat down on the couch. 'There has to be a way out of here,' she said to herself as she looked around. When she sat up on the couch; she noticed the notebook with Raven and Isaac's name on it with question marks. Elizabeth then thought about Isaac and what he was doing and if he was thinking about her, like she was thinking about him. She had missed him, since they haven't been able to really spend time with each other that much. 'I have to find a way out of here,' said Elizabeth as she stood up quickly. She ran to the front of the wooden door, hoping that the door was unlocked, but there was nothing. She tried the doorknob till she was red in the face, but nothing. She tried pushing the door as she turned the doorknob, but nothing. it was like she was never going to get out of there.

After trying to open the door for half hour, she finally gave up. 'There's no use, it's like he barricaded me in,' she said to herself as she caught her breath. When she turned to face the living room, and leaned against the door; she decided to check the whole house. There had to be another way out of there, other than the front door. So, after Elizabeth caught her breath, she began to walk to the back of the house. She decided to work from the back and make her way to the front. When she finished checking the bedroom, she went into the library. It wasn't a very big library, but it had just enough books to keep Elizabeth occupied. The room had three bookshelfs along the back of the room, and a desk sitting in front of them, with no computer.

Elizabeth also noticed some pictures hanging on the walls. The pictures where of her and Raven, as they where holding hands and walking in the park, and Elizabeth was smiling and it looked like Raven was to. When Elizabeth looked at these pictures, she just laughed to herself, thinking that this couldn't be true. She then turned around and seen a window and peered out. She didn't see nothing but woods for miles. 'Of course...out in the middle of nowhere,' said Elizabeth as she walked over to the nice shiny brown chair, and sat behind the desk. She sat there and tapped her fingers on the desk, thinking about what to do next.

When she couldn't think of what to do next, Elizabeth turned around to check out the books, maybe there was an idea there. As she lifted the books out to read the titles, nothing really interested her until she went to pull the last book from the shelf, but it only tilted. 'This one must be stuck,' said Elizabeth wehn she tugged on the book some more and heard a click, and all a sudden the bookshelfs opened up, and showed a dark passage way. Elizabeth's mouth dropped open in surprise, as she stood up to peek through, but couldn't see nothing, because the tunnel was too dark. So Elizabeth grabbed her cellphone. turned on the flash light, and began to slowly walk down the steps.


Isaac was in his study pacing back and forth, thinking about waht to do to get Elizabeth back. He just couldn't believe that Raven had taken her and hidden her again. But where has he hidden her this time? He thought to himself. As Isaac thought, he just got madder and madder. So, he walked over to the recliner chair, picked it up, and threw the chair across the room and the chair slammed into the wall, knocking some of the wall to the floor as the chair fell with a big thud. 'Now that won't work,' said Ryan as he was leaning up against the door way with his arms crossed.

'What do you want?' asked Isaac angrily as he went and plopped down in the chair behind his desk.

'I just want to come and talk to you to see what you where thinking,' said Ryan when he walked into the room.

'I'm thinking about how I let Elizabeth down, twice,' said Isaac disappointly when he put his hand to his forehean and scratched it.

'You didn't let her down,' said Ryan.

'How do you figure?' asked Isaac.

'Well, is she hurt?' asked Ryan.

'No, not that I'm aware of,' said Isaac. Everytime that Elizabeth gets hurt, Isaac feels her pain, and knows exactly where she is.

'Is she dead?' asked Ryan.

'No,' said Isaac.

'Well then, you didn't let her down,' said Ryan.

'I just don't know what to do. I don't know where she is or how to get to her,' said Isaac.

'Don't worry, we'll find her like the last time,' said Ryan.

'But dad helped us the last time, and he can't help us this time,' said Isaac angrily.

'We'll do it on our own. We can show everyone that we can this ourselvs,' explained Ryan.

'Ryan, I don't know where to start. I don't even know where Raven is,' said Isaac. Ryan leaned on the desk before speaking as his wings fluttered.

'Who knows more about Raven than dad?' asked Ryan. Isaac just looked at him confused. 'Who did dad say that Elizabeth came in contact with to make her think that she doesn't love you?' asked Ryan. Isaac thought for a couple of minutes till it hit him.

'Raven's fairy,' replied Isaac.

'And where do fairies live?' asked Ryan.

'In the woods, underground, in hills, or in the mounds of rock,' replied Isaac.

'That's who we need to look for and that's where we need to start looking,' said Ryan.

'I don't know, this might take forever,' said Isaac.

'Isaac, if you want Elizabeth back, then this is what we have to do! We can't be afraid!' yelled Isaac as he slammed his fist down on the desk as he broke it, and stood up when his wings began to flutter.

'Then help us get Elizabeth back! Help us get the one person that you said you couldn't live without back!' yelled Ryan.

'Alright, I'll go,' said Isaac. 'We'll have to search every woods, and every inch of the globe!'

'It doesn't matter to me, I'm in,' said Ryan.

'But what about the others? Fairies don't like too many people around,' said Isaac.

'We'll just tell them what's going on. Michelle should understand,' said Ryan.

'Alright, let's go and tell them,' said Isaac. He quickly walked out of the room, followed by Ryan.


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