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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 18

'Raven I have to talk to you!' yelled Elizabeth as she screamed at the top of her lungs. There was no answer back, until there was a pounding on the door. The pounding echoed the room, scaring Elizabeth making her jump. 'Uh..who is there?' she asked.

'Elizabeth, it's me John,' he replied.

'John?' Elizabeth asked feeling a little confused. 'How'd you find me?'

'Don't worry about that, can I come in?' asked John. There was silence as Elizabeth thought about how John could have found her. No one was suppose to find her here, and why wasn't Isaac or anyone else with him?

'No, where are the others?' asked Elizabeth.

'There looking for you,' replied John.

'What about Michelle? Why isn't she with you?'

'Because, she was oredered to stay at the house, just in case you where to show up,' replied John.

'No, this sounds too sketchy,' said Elizabeth.

Just then, the door busted open, with Raven holding John by the neck. 'Raven no, please let him down!' yelled Elizabeth.

'You should have listened to him,' said Raven when he walked in to the livingroom.

'Raven, if you love me and want to hear my answer, then you have to let John go,' begged Elizabeth quickly.

'No, your answer is no good! You are going to have to show me! If you want to save John, then you must show me,' said Raven, still holding John by the neck. Elizabeth took one look at John and seen the scared look on his face. She didn't love Raven, but she didn't want to see John die, and be the one to hurt Michelle. She also didn't want to lose one of her best friends, neither. But what to do? What if she kisses Raven, what happens then? Even though she didn't love him. She would have to try it, so she could save John.

'Alright, I'll show you, but you have to let John go first,' ordered Elizabeth.

'You come here first, then I'll let him go,' said Raven.

'Fine,' said Elizabeth. She took one last look at John's scared face, then began to walk slowly towards them.


'Why did I have to tell him that I loved Elizabeth,' said Ryan angrily as he paced back and forth, not knowing what to do. 'Ugh!' he yelled as he punched a tree, smashing half of the tree, making it fall to the ground. When the tree fell to the ground, Ryan noticed something odd about the tree. As he looked at the tree lying down on the ground, he seen that the middle of the tree was hollow. 'That's odd,' Ryan said to himself when he knelt down and looked at the tree. 'I wonder why this tree is hollow?' he asked himself when he stood up.

When Ryan stood up; he happened to look in the trunk of the tree. Like the other half of the tree, this part was hollow to. But as Ryan looked down the trunk, he noticed that it seemed to be leading to somewhere. But where? Should he go in or should he stay? 'Why not? I have nothing else to lose,' he said to himself before jumping into the tree stump and falling down the tunnel.


'Why would he tell me that! Why would he risk our friendship!' yelled Isaac when he landed in the forests of Ireland. 'He knows how much I love her!' he yelled.

Just then, Isaac fell to the ground, holding his head and screaming. 'Elizabeth, I can feel you,' said Isaac, still on the ground. He then felt a sharp pain in his back, as he fell on his stomach, yelling. 'Nooo! Elizabeth!' he yelled. he was holding on to the ground in pain. If he was in pain, that means that Elizabeth was in pain, but he couldn't see where she was yet. Isaac then, grabbed hold of his leg and yelled again. 'Come on, tell me where you are!' he yelled.

As he said this; Isaac had a vision of a cabin in the forest, not far from where he was. He then, got a gimpse at the inside of the cabin, and seen Elizabeth lying on the floor with a bloody head and leg. Isaac was so furious, that he managed to get up, and fly to where Elizabeth was.


'Isaac, please help me,' cried Elizabeth as she lay there bleeding from her head and leg.

'Isaac can't help you now, because he doesn't know where you are!' yelled Raven. John was lying on the floor unconscious, because Raven hit him up against the wall, knocking him out. Raven went pver and knelt beside Elizabeth.

'Raven, you love me,' said Elizabeth.

'That was before you betrayed me! Before you tried to trick me and tried to make me believe that you loved me,' said Raven angrily.

'Raven I'm sorry, but you where going to try and kill one of my best friends,' said Elizabeth. Blood was running from her head down her cheek, and dripping on the floor.

'He was getting in the way of us and our relationship,' said Raven.

'We don't have a relationship. I have seen what happened, and you where the one who cheated on me,' said Elizabeth.

'I told you that that was the servants fault,' said Raven.

'No Raven,' Elizabeth begged as she had to take a breath. 'I seen you two and it was you that started everything, and you where going to tell me that night in the park anyway,' she explained. Raven closed his eyes, because he knew what Elizabeth was right, but if he couldn't have her, then no one would have her.

'Your right, but I can't bear to see you with anyone else, especially my brother, Isaac,' said Raven. Elizabeth seen Raven's eye expression change from happy to angry.

'What are you saying?' asked Elizabeth in pain.

Raven went to speak, but the door busted open, showing Isaac. 'Get away from her!' yelled Isaac. Raven smiled evily at Elizabeth.

'I'm glad that you are here,' began Raven as he slowly stood up. 'But I have to ask; how did you know that we where here, and she was here?' he asked when he turned to Issac.

'That's are little secret,' said Isaac, still standing in the door way.

'Well, since we're telling secrets now,' began Raven. 'I'm going to tell you what happened here. Your lovely girlfriend, tried to trick me in to loving her, so I would leave John alone, but I seen right through her,' he said when he pointed to where John was lying and Isaac looked over and seen John unconscious.

'I'm glad taht she tricked you into loving her, because she doesn't. She loves me,' said Isaac.

'I know that now, and that's why I declare a war,' said Raven.

'What?' asked Isaac.

'You heard me, a war! And I'm not going to stop until you, her, and everyone is dead! Because if I can't have her than no one will!' yelled Raven.

'Raven, if you do this, then you can hurt not only us, but all the humans living on Earth,' Isaac tried to explain to him. Raven just shook his head from side to side, because he didn't want to hear any of this.

'I don't care! The only thing I cared about in this world and Heaven, is Elizabeth,' he began when he pointed to her lying on the floorin a puddle of blood from her head. 'And she doesn't love me, or care about me, so I don't care about you or anyone else!' yelled Raven.

'Then why don't you try to end it here and right now? Why do you need to bring everyone else in to this, while we're right here?' asked Raven angrily.

'Alright, if that's what you want,' said Raven. He slowly began to walk over towards Elizabeth. Her eyes where half closed, but she could still see Raven walking towards her. Raven bent down and picked Elizabeth up by the back of her dress. Isaac went to run to her, but Raven stopped him. 'No! You stay there!' yelled Raven.

'Raven please, take me and leave her alone!' begged Isaac.

'No! This is war and I'm starting with her!' yelled Raven.

'Please Raven, I will do whatever you want,' cried and begged Elizabeth.

'I have fallin for this before, and I'm not falling for it again,' said Raven angrily. He went to break Elizabeth's neck, but thankfully, Isaac slammed into Raven, knocking them to the floor, giving Elizabeth a chance to crawl away, and see if John was okay.


Ryan had entered the tree trunk and fell about a foot into blackness. 'Ouch!' he said when he got up off the ground. He tried to adjust his eyes in the darkness, but he still couldn't see. 'How am I suppose to see?' he asked himself as he felt around.

'I will help you,' said a female voice from behind him. The voice scared Ryan and he jumped as he turned around to see a bright light. Ryan had to shield his eyes to see, because she was so bright. 'Oh, I'm sorry. Am I too bright? I will dim the light down for you,' said the woman. When the woman dimmed the light, Ryan could see her, and she was the prettiest woman that he ever seen. She was about five for five, had short brown hair, and wore a white dress with white high heels.

'Who are you?' asked Ryan in awe.

'I am the fairy of light,' smiled the woman.

'Huh? The green fairy didn't mention anything about you,' said Ryan confusedly.

'Well, I am the only one like this, and I don't get out much,' she replied. Ryan looked more closely, and he seen her white wings fluttering behind her.

'How did you find me?' asked Ryan.

'Well, I actually heard you knocking down this tree, and I came to see what you where doing,' replied the fairy.

'I am an angel, and I just fought with my brother, Isaac, because I told him that I loved his girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is a human and our other brother Raven, is after her to, because he loves her,' explained Ryan.

'Wow, so much drama for one little girl,' said the white fairy.

'Yeah,' smiled Ryan. 'So, do you know where this tunnel leads?'

'Nope, I am as lost as you,' said the white fairy.

'Well, do you want to come with me and see what happens?' asked Ryan.

'Sure,' smiled the white fairy.

Ryan and the white fairy had been walking for a few miles, before the fairy talked. 'So, since you and your are angels, what are you doing here?' she asked.

Oh it's a long story,' said Ryan.


'John!John, come on wake up,' said Elizabeth as she quickly shook John. John slowly woke up, in pain.

'Ugh, my back,' he said.

'Come on, we need to get out of here quickly!' said Elizabeth as she helped John sit up.

'What's going on?' John asked.

'Isaac's come to save us, and we need to leave right now,' said Elizabeth quickly as she pulled John slowly to his feet. They heard a big thud, and looked over. Raven had threw Isaac through a wooden pole that was keeping the house up, and flund him threw another wall, as Isaac landed in the kitchen. Elizabeth had tears in her eyes as she watched this happen, but they had to get out of there. Isaac would of wanted them to get out. She quickly grabbed John by the arm, and drug him to the door, and outside, when they both began to run through the woods.


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