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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 19

'You are foolish, Isaac,' said Raven as he walked through the livingroom wall and into the kitchen, where Isaac was sitting on the floor, barely moving and bleeding from the wounds on his face.

'Why am I foolish?' asked Isaac as he slowly sat up, with blood all over his face.

'Because, do you think Elizabeth really loves you? You ae an angel and she is a human, what if one day she gets jealous of you, because you have winds and she does not? Or what if one day you tell her that she will soon age, and get old, and die, but you will still live on and stay young, what are you going to do if she doesn't stay with you?' asked Raven with bruises all over his face.

'I'm not worried, because Elizabeth loves me, and we will always be together,' said Isaac as blood ran from his mouth.

'How are you sure? How are you sure that she won't fine someone else?' asked Raven as he knelt down beside Isaac.

'Raven, you will never have her. You already had her once, and you ruined that, because you are selfish,' said Isaac.

'Why am I selfish?' asked Raven.

'Because, you wanted to have two girls at once, and look what it got you. You are alone, kicked out of your home, and no friends, and look what I have,' smiled Isaac. Raven grew angry when Isaac told him this, and grabbed Isaac by the shirt with his hands.

'I did have everything, and now have nothing, because of you! If you wouldn't have ran after her that day in the park, and tell her that you loved her; I would be with her right now, so all of this is your fault. I have nothing because you and now her! When I'm done killing you; I'm going to kill her!' said Raven angrly. 'Better yet, since you love her so much, I'm going to kill her first and make you watch!' he yelled as he sat Isaac back down on his feet, but held on to him with one hand.

'You are not going to kill her! She has too many body guards looking over her!' yelled Isaac.

'Believe me, if I want her I will get her, because I always get what I want, sooner or later,' said Raven angrily, before dragging Isaac to the front perch of the cabin, and flying off with Isaac.


'It feels liek we've been walking forever,' said the white fairy tiredly.

'I know, I think we need to take a break for a while,' said Ryan as he sat down against the stone wall. The white fairy sat down against the wall in front of Ryan. 'So, why aren't you small like the other fairies?' he asked her.

'My mother was a fairy and my father was an angel. That's how I get my glow,' said the white fairy.

'Wait, your mother was a little fairy and your father was an angel, like me? How'd that happen?' asked Ryan as he gave a little chuckle, followed by the white fairy.

'It's not like you think. My mother and father loved each other, but they couldn't be intimate like humans do ro maybe angels, so they took a piece of themselves and mended them together, and I am a version of their love,' smiled the white fairy.

'Hmmm, so have you ever mended with anyone?' asked Ryan. The white fairy smiled and gave a little laugh. Ryan thought that her laugh was so heavenly.

'No, I have not mended with anyone, yet,' replied the white fairy. Ryan smiled at the thought of this.

'So, I take that you get your tallness from your father?' asked Ryan.

'Yes, I'm glad, because I couldn't handle being that small,' smiled the white fairy. Ryan gave a little chuckle.

'No, I wouldn't be able to either,' smiled Ryan as he yawned.

'Oh your sleepy, I will turn the light off so you can get some sleep,' said the white fairy.

'Okay,' said Ryan as he closed his eyes and fell asleep, and the white fairy turned her light off, so it was pitch black again.


'Stop! I cant go no more,' said Elizabeth when she found a tree trunk and sat down on it, trying to catch her breath, as tears ran from her eyes. John stopped, and seen the tears, and walked over to kneel down in front of her. 'I know that he would of wanted us to get out safe, but I feel guilty, because I should have helped him,' she cried.

'There was nothing you could have done,' said John reassuringly.

'This is all my fault! If I wouldn't have been with Raven and he wouldn't have cheated on me, and Isaac didn't follow me to the park, then we wouldn't be in this situation,' cried Elizabeth.

'Don't do that. Don't blame yourself,' said John.

'But what are we suppose to do? How are we suppose to get back to the cabin?' cried Elizabeth.

'We will find away. There is always a way out,' said John.

'We could be stuck here together John,' said Elizabeth.

'We are not stuck here. We got out from Raven's cabin, and we can get out of this,' said John. Just then, a drop of blood fell onto Elizabeth's hand. From all the rushing around, she had forgotten about her head bleeding, and her leg. She touched her head, with her hand. When she lowered her hand, she seen blood on her hand.

'I forgot about my head and leg,' said Elizabeth little scaredly.

'Don't worry, we'll find you help, now come on,' said John as he helped Elizabeth up and put one of Elizabeth's arms around his neck, and held her with one of his arms, as they began to walk again.

They walked for a few minutes, until Elizabeth cried out, and John stopped, sitting her down on the ground. 'I'm sorry John, but I can't go anymore. My head and leg are burning,' said Elizabeth with tears in her eyes.

'Come on, we still can make it,' urged John.

'John your not listening to me,' cried Elizabeth. 'I want you to go, go and be with Michelle!' John sighed and looked down at the ground, before looking back up at her. 'What's the matter?'

'The reason why I came to the cabin, and kenw that you were there, is because Raven got to me. He frozen Michelle and told me that I had to make you try to love him in order to get MIchelle back. So like you, we are both on our own at the moment. Whether you like it or not, we are stuck with each other, until we find a way out of here,' explained John.

'Poor Michelle,' said Elizabeth.

'No, you say poor us, because since Michelle is frozne, she doesn't have to deal with all of this like we do,' said John.

'John, there is nowhere for us to go,' said Elizabeth.

'We just have to find a way,' said John.

'Okay, I will try and go as far as I can,' said Elizabeth as she grabbed her leg, because it was burning.

'Alright, we better get started again, before we lose daylight,' said John when he helped Elizabeth up.

'I'm going to need a big vacation when this is done,' said Elizabeth.

'You,' laughed John. They continued to walk to find a way out.


When Isaac and Raven landed; Isaac had seen that they where back in Raven's 'layer.' 'Not back here,' said Isaac. Raven drug Isaac by the arm and down to the bottom pits, where he flung Elizabeth and Ryan.

'Yes, back here. And you're going to stay here until I find Elizabeth,' said Raven.

'Your never going to find her,' said Isaac.

'Yes I am!' yelled Raven, before he stomped his foot on the cement floor, making a little square door slide open. 'You are going to stay down there until I find her!' he yelled as he threw Isaac down the hole. 'My litte monsters!' Isaac heard Raven yelling. 'Bring me Elizabeth, but I want her unharmed, and if any of you break that rule, I will have you killed!' Raven ordered. Isaac heard a lot of little mummbling and scurring off, before it was quiet. isaac sat in the corner, feeling defeated, and feeling like he let Elizabeth down.

'Elizabeth, I am so sorry for letting you down,' he said to the darkness.


When Ryan awoke; he was fully charged. After wiping his eyes, he seen the white fairy laying beside him with her head on his shoulder. She must have scooted over close to him some time in the night. He smiled down at her as she slept. In this moment, he never felt happier. The white fairy started to stretch and sat up, when she noticed Ryan was awake.

'Oh, I'm sorry, but I heard some noice in the tunnel, so I came over here,' she explained.

'No, tha's okay,' said Ryan. 'What kind of noise was it?'

'Sounded like a lot of feet scurring about. I thought they where coming closer to me, so I waited to see something, but nothing never came,' she replied.

'Okay, they must be gone by now. we should get a move on,' said Ryan when he stood up.

'But what if we see them?' asked the white fairy.

'Don't worry, I'm here and I won't let anything happen to you; all you need to do is trust me,' said Ryan as he held out his hand for her to take. The white fairy looked at Ryan's smiling face, then down at his hand, and slowly took his in hers. Ryan couldn't help but smile, and feel happy that she took his hand. 'You ready?' he asked.

The white fairy swallowed before answering,' yes,' she said.

'Okay, let's go,' said Ryan when he wrapped her arm around his and continued to walk.


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