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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

'All you said to him was hi?' asked Michael as he checked his hair in the mirror that Michelle let him borrow. Michelle sat down next to him with her lunch. Ugh! It was sloppy joes today and Elizabeth hated sloppy joes. She didn't like any kind of messy foods, and sloppy joes where the worst for her.

'What are we talking about?' asked Michelle as she bit into her sloppy joe, and pieces fell on to her plate.

'She ran in to Isaac, the new kid, and all she said was hi,' explained Michael in his famine voice. If you didn't get it by now, Michael likes boys, and he had been friends with Elizabeth and Michelle since kindergarten.

'What? You ran into Isaac? How'd this happen?' asked Michelle quickly and excitedly.

'It was when I was walking to second period and I was day dreaming, and I bumped into him,' explained Elizabeth as she ate her salad.

'And all you said was hi?' asked Michelle.

'That's what I asked,' said Michael quickly. He was also eating a sloppy joe.

'I was caught off guard. ..and he knew my name which was really weird,' said Elizabeth as she played with her food.

'I would be happy if a guy like that would know my name,' said Michael as he was staring at something.

'What are you staring at?' asked Elizabeth.

'At the new kid that just walked in,' replied Michael as he had to fan himself to get cooled down. Elizabeth quickly turned around to see Isaac getting his lunch. She also noticed that the other girls where looking at him as he walked by.

'Isaac reached Elizabeth's table as they stared at him and had their mouths opened. 'Is this seat taken?' asked Isaac as he smiled his gorgeous smile and had the prettiest green eyes.

'Umm…no, you can sit down,' Elizabeth managed to say. When Isaac sat down everything seemed to go back to normal. Everyone was eating their lunch and talking like nothing happened.

'So, Isaac is it?' asked Michael.

'Yup,' replied Isaac. 'I got the hamburger, because I don't like sloppy joes,' he explained before taking a bite and the three of them gasped. 'What?'

'Well, Elizabeth doesn't like sloppy joes either,' replied Michelle.

'Really?' Isaac smiled at her.

'Umm…yes, there too messy,' replied Elizabeth.

'Well; that's something we have in common,' said Isaac as he scarfed down the rest of the hamburger.

'Wow…you must be really hungry, because you ate that in like five minutes,' explained Michael.

'Yeah, flying always makes me hungry,' Isaac said as he wiped his mouth.

'Hey guys,' said John when he sat down beside Michelle. John was Michelle's boyfriend. They started dating when school was almost over last year. John was a year older than Michelle, had short blond hair and blue eyes. He was also on the football team, so he had muscles, but he was a nice kid for a jock. As Elizabeth played with her salad and looked at the both of them, she thought to herself that they would have very blond haired children, and she gave a little chuckle, followed by Isaac.

'What's funny?' Elizabeth asked Isaac confusedly. Had he heard what she was thinking?

'Nothing,' replied Isaac.

'So, are we still on for Friday?' asked John to Michelle.

'Oh yeah,' replied Michelle.

'What's Friday?' asked Elizabeth suspiciously.

'Oh, we're going on a date, and John has a friend for you,' replied Michelle. Elizabeth looked up from her plate and stepped playing with her salad. Isaac looked up as well.

'A friend?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yeah, he's on the football team,' replied John.

'Oh, I can't this weekend. It's my weekend to see my dad,' said Elizabeth.

'Well, may be some other time,' said Michelle a little disappointed.

'Yeah,' said Elizabeth. Every time she thought about her parents, it made her sad. It made her sad because she wanted them to be back together, so that way she would have a family again, and wouldn't have to save dates to see her dad. Elizabeth couldn't hold in the tears anymore, so she got up and rushed to the bathroom.

'What's the matter with her?' asked John.

'Her parents are divorced, so now she has to make plans to see her dad on the weekends, and they have to be supervised visits,' explained Michelle.

'Oh, I didn't know,' said John.

'It's alright,' said Michelle feeling good about Elizabeth.


Elizabeth had spent the whole lunch period in the bathroom crying. She was looking in the mirror with wet eyes, when the bell rang. She hurried, wiped her eyes with her hands, and rushed out. As she rushed out; she bumped into Isaac again. 'Hey, could you be more courteous next time,' smiled Isaac.

'Oh, sorry,' said Elizabeth as she still wiped her eyes off. Isaac noticed that she had been crying.

'Are you alright?' asked Isaac.

'Yeah, I'm fine, but late for gym,' replied Elizabeth.

'Yeah, me to,' said Isaac. 'Why don't we walk there together?' he asked. Elizabeth looked at him before speaking. She can't believe that this new kid was being so nice to her. But she wanted to be near him; she felt a connection with him and she wanted to know if he felt one with her to.

'Sure,' she smiled back.

'Okay,' said Isaac as they began to walk slowly.

'So, where are you from?' asked Elizabeth after five minutes of quiet.

'Oh…Nevaeh,' replied Isaac.

'Ne..Nevaeh,' Elizabeth tried to say, but couldn't. Isaac laughed at her trying to pronounce the name.

'Yeah, it's hard for some people to pronounce,' he smiled.

'Where is that, anyway?' asked Elizabeth.

'I'll show you when the time is right,' replied Isaac when they reached the gymnasium, and Michelle seen them. She ran over and drug Elizabeth by the arm.

'Come on; the gym teacher is already upset with you,' said Michelle as she drug Elizabeth into the gymnasium.

Elizabeth didn't care about nothing else, but just thought about what Isaac just told her. 'I'll show you when the time is right,' what is that suppose to mean she thought. And Nevaeh, where was that anyways? She never heard of that before; she would have to Google it after school.

'Ms. Elizabeth Porter…may I ask why you where late?' the gym teacher asked. As Elizabeth looked up at the gym teacher, she noticed that he was bald, had some muscle and must have been in his early forties. She didn't think he was that cute.

'Umm..I…I got lost,' Elizabeth managed to say. Michelle let out a little chuckle before Elizabeth gave her a slap on the shoulder to get her to stop.

'Okay, this is going to be a lazy day, since it's the first day of school. And Ms. Elizabeth and Isaac; I'll let you slide today being late, but tomorrow it counts against you,' explained the gym teacher. Both Isaac and Elizabeth shook their head, showing that they understood him. Isaac was sitting next to Elizabeth.

After the gym teacher did his role call, he left everyone talk. 'So, you and Isaac are getting pretty close,' whispered Michelle.

'No; we were just talking,' said Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth, that's how it starts,' smiled Michelle.

As Elizabeth looked over at Isaac, she had seen him writing something. She couldn't see what he was writing, and Michelle nudged her in the arm. 'Ouch! Would you quit it,' said Elizabeth as she held her arm.

'Your staring again,' whispered Michelle.

'So, what if I was staring; Michelle, I'm going to be sixteen soon, and I have yet to have a boyfriend,' explained Elizabeth.

'But, what about that kid that you where hanging out with this summer? What's his name?' Michelle asked.

'Who…Ryan? He was just a friend, nothing serious,' said Elizabeth. Ryan and Elizabeth had been friends since he moved here in the middle of summer. And she was telling nothing serious, just friends, because it seemed like every time she turned around, he had a new girl on his arm.

'Well; I just hope it works out for you and Isaac, because he seems like a nice guy,' said Michelle as she sat Indian style on the floor.

'So, where is John taking you Friday?' asked Elizabeth trying to change the subject.

'Oh, no where special, just a movie and probably dinner afterwards,' replied Michelle.

'I see that it's getting kind of serious,' said Elizabeth.

'Serious, come on Elizabeth, we're only in tenth grade. I think I'm a little too young for serious,' chuckled Michelle.

'Yeah, I guess so,' said Elizabeth.

Just then, the bell rang for them to go to their last period classes. Everyone filed out, leaving Isaac and Elizabeth to be the last ones. 'So, what's your last class?' asked Isaac.

'Oh..um, writing,' replied Elizabeth.

'Aww,' said Isaac sounding a little disappointed. 'I was hoping to have all classes with you, but I have Chemistry this period.'

'Oh well; I'll see you tomorrow then?' Elizabeth asked with a little bit of hope in her voice.

'Most definitely,' smiled Isaac.

After saying their goodbyes, they went their separate ways. Elizabeth couldn't wait until tomorrow so she could see Isaac again. So she just walked to her writing class, and thought about Isaac the whole time there.


When Elizabeth's mom picked her up from school, all she could think about what Isaac. All she could think about was his nice smile, nice body, nice hair, and the fact that he was being nice to her. 'How was school?' Elizabeth's mom as she drove down the road.

'It was good,' smiled Elizabeth.

'That's good,' said her mom. The rest of the car ride was quiet.

'Hey mom, I'm going to go for a walk before doing homework,' said Elizabeth as she climbed out of the car.

'That's fine, just be home in time to do your homework,' said Elizabeth's mother when she got out of the car, and locked it.

'Okay,' said Elizabeth. She handed her purpled book bag to her mom, but not before pulling her notebook and a pen from it. Elizabeth had to think about Isaac and more importantly, think about the place where he said that he was from.

About tem minutes from her house, there was a little river that she found to sit at. It was back in the woods, and away from everyone, so she could have some quiet to write. Elizabeth loved to write stories. Whenever she had to think or calm down from a fight, she would write and it would calm her down. When she found her big flat rock that she sat at; Elizabeth sat down, opened her notebook and began to write. She would write whenever came to her mind, so she started to write about Isaac. She wrote about how great he was and how cute he looked. Then, she wrote down the place that he was from. 'Nevaeh' she wrote down.

After writing the word down, she tapped her notebook with her pen, as she looked out towards the river. 'Naveah,' she said out loud to the river. 'It has to mean something, but what?' she asked herself as she looked back down at the word.

As she sat there staring at the word and what it could mean, suddenly, everything went black and she passed out. When Elizabeth awoke after passing out, she remembered opening her eyes and seeing Isaac's face as he helped her up. 'Isaac,' she said before she passed out again.


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