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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

'I don't think this tunnel is ever going to end,' said Ryan. The white fairy heard a noise from the distance and it was the same noise that she heard last night. Ryan went to speak again, but the white fairy shhh'd him. 'What?' he asked.

'I hear that scurrying noise again,' said the white fairy. Ryan listened for a few minutes, but didn't hear anything.

'I don't hear anything,' said Ryan.

'Just be quiet,' ordered the white fairy. They both were silent, and Ryan finally heard the noise that she was talking about. As they listened, Ryan heard them coming closer to them. 'I think they're coming this way,' said the white fairy scaredly, as she clinged to Ryan's arm.

They where too petrified to move, as the nosie came closer. Ryan looked closer and started to see little red eyes. 'Wh...what are they?' asked the white fairy scaredly.

'I think they are Raven's little monsters, and we better get out of here,' said Ryan quickly, as he grabbed the white fairy by the arm, and began to run back towards the opening.

'How are we going to get away from them?' asked the white fairy as they ran.

'I don't know, but there are too many for me to take on at once,' said Ryan. When they reached the opening to head out, one of Raven's little monsters jumped on Ryan's back. The little monster showed his long, sharp, scary teeth, and bit into Ryan, making him scream, which made the white fary scream. Ryan took the little monster, and threw him, knocking the monster to the wall, making some of the stone break and fall to the floor with him. Ryan couldn't get away quick enough, and the rest of the monsters jumped on Ryan, making him fall to the floor, as they bit him, and Ryan screaming.

'Stop it!' yelled the white fairy. She ran over to the little monsters, and began picking them up, and throwing them off one by one. When she flung the last little monster off of Ryan; she quickly knelt down and laid over top of him, to protect him, but the monster's where coming closer to her. 'Go away!' she yelled. The monsters where still coming closer.

'Light,' Ryan said quietly.

'What?' asked the white fairy.

'Use your light to blind them,' Ryan said sloly. The white fairy looked over, and the little monsters were approaching them. So; the white fairy laid over top of Ryan and shown her light the brightest she could. The light was so bright, that it scared the little monsters, and they scurried away. The white fairy dimmed her light when all the monsters where gone.

'I think they're gone for now,' said the white fairy when her light dimmed. Ryan still had the marks all over his body, from the little monsters biting him.

'The wounds should be healing by now,' said Ryan slowly as he laid there, barely breathing.

'What? you can heal yourself?' asked the white fairy.

'Yes, all angels can,' he said slowly. Just then, Ryan let out a painful scream.

'Wh...what's the matter?' asked the fairy not knowing what to do.

'Their burning!' yelled Ryan when he screamed again. The tears began to fall from the fairy's eyes, and falling on Ryan. Ryan felt her tears and looked up. 'Don't be sad; I'll be alright,' he told her.

'I just met you, and I don't want to lose you,' she said sadly.

'Don't worry, everything will be okay,' said Ryan slowly.

'Why are you not sad because you might die,' she said.

'Because, I already know that there is a heaven, and that's where I'm going to go,' said Ryan.

'But I dont want you to go. I really like you,' she cried, as she put her head down. Ryan slowly reached his hand up and touched her cheek.

'I really like you to. Don't be sad because everything will work out in the end,' smiled Ryan. The white fairy's tears fell on Ryan. She touched his hand that was on her cheek, as Ryan took his last breath. the white fairy had noticed, and began to cry hysterically.

'No! No, no, no!' she cried as she lifted Ryan up to hold him in her lap.

'I love you, please don't leave me,' she cried. Her tears streamed down her cheeks, and on to Ryan's wounds.


When John and Elizabeth where walking through the woods; the sun was setting and it was getting dark. Elizabeth had to sit down, because her leg was hurting her too bad to walk anymore. 'John, I just can't go anymore,' said Elizabeth in pain.

'Okay, we'll stop here for the night,' said John, sitting down beside her.

'I hope this ends soon; I really missed my normal life,' said John watching the sun set through the trees.

'I don't know what a normal life feels like anymore,' said Elizabeth as she held her leg. 'I just hope that Isaac is alright.'

'Don't worry, nothing can hurt him,' said John. There was silence for a few minutes, as they watched the sun set. Elizabeth yawned, and leaned on John's shoulder to fall asleep.

When Elizabeth went to doze off; she heard some rustling from in the woods beside them. She jumped up, and looked through the woods. 'What?' asked John, watching her eagerly.

'I heard something in the woods,' said Elizabeth looking from left to right.

'What do you think it is?' asked John.

'Don't know,' said Elizabeth, still looking. Just then, one of Raven's little black monsters jumped out of the woods, with red eyes, and very ugly, sharp, teeth, smiling back at them. John quickly jumped up, and tried to help Elizabeth up, but it was too late.

Raven's little monster, was so fast, that he ws a blur to Elizabeth and John. The little monster already had John on the ground on top of him. 'Get off of him!' screamed Elizabeth trying to get up, but couldn't.

'What ever happens to me,' he turned to Elizabeth. 'Tell Michelle that I love her, and always will love her,' he finished before turning back to the little monster. 'You will never keep her, and Raven will never have her,' he told the little monster before the monster bit John in the neck, ripping a piece off and making blood squirt from John's neck, killing him. Elizabeth screamed at the sight of this.

'Nooooo!' she squealed. The little monster turned to Elizabeth,with blood on his teeth. The monster threw John down, leaving his lifeless body living there. Elizabeth tried to crawl away from the monster, but the monster was too fast. He flew in front of her, so Elizabeth could see him. 'Please leave me alone,' she begged.

'My bosss wantsss you,' hissed the little monster, before grabbing Elizabeth by her hair and dragging her threw the woods, as she yelled.


'Bosss I got her,' said the monster as he walked through the wooden door, and Raven getting up from his chair. The monster flung Elizabeth on the floor.

'Good, what about the other one?' asked Raven as he stood in front of Elizabeth.

'He is dead,' said the little monster.

'Good, you can go now,' said Raven when he walked over to Elizabeth and knelt down in front of her. 'I see that you made it back to me.'

'You killed John! You are a murderer!' cried Elizabeth, as she laid on the floor, looking up at Raven.

'Awe, but I didn't kill anyone. My servants killed John, which makes them the murderers,' explained Raven.

'Please, just leave me alone,' pleaded Elizabeth.

'No, not to you are dead,' said Raven.

'You wouldn't kill me,' said Elizabeth.

'Oh yes; you have betrayed me, and I can't have that,' said Raven.

'What did you do with Isaac?' asked Elizabeth. Raven snapped his fingers, and one of his monster's walked over.

'Yesss,' he hissed.

'Bring me Isaac,' Raven ordered. The little monster didn't say anything just walked away. 'I haven't killed him yet; I was waiting for you.'

'Why?' asked Elizabeth sadly.

'Oh you'll see, I don't want to give away the surprise,' said Raven when the little monster arrived with Isaac.

'Elizabeth!' said Isaac trying to get free, but couldn't.

'Um no, you can't get to her,' said Raven walking over to Isaac. 'I have a special plan, planned for you two.'

'And what is that?' asked Isaac. Raven snapped his fingers again, and another little monster walked over.

'Yesss,' hissed the little monster.

'Could you take Elizabeth to the table and starp her down,' said Raven.

'Yess,' hissed the little monster. He walked over to Elizabeth, grabbed her by the hair, and drug her to the table. The table was metal and only a couple of feet away. Isaac watched as the little monsters strapped Elizabeth down. She ws trying to get free, but couldn't. The little monsters might be little, but they where strong.

After the monsters where done; Raven walked Isaac over to Elizabeth's table. Raven leaned over and picked up a sword that was leaning on the table. He held up the sword, and looked at it. 'This is going to end it all. This weapon that I have in my hand, is going to end this whole thing,' said Raven, as he handed the sword to Isaac to take.

'What am I suppose to do with that?' asked Isaac.

'You are going to take this weapon, and kill Elizabeth. You kill Elizabeth tongiht, and I will leave you go,' explained Raven.

'No, I'm not going to do that,' said Isaac angrily. Raven shoved the sword into Isaac's hand, making him take the weapon.

'Yes, you are going to do this,' said Raven.

'And, if I don't?' asked Isaac, looking at Raven.

'Then I will kill her and then you, so either way; someone is going to die tonight,' said Raven angrily. 'What's it going to be?'

Isaac looked at the sword. The room was quiet, and you could hear a pin drop. He looked around the room, then finally to Elizabeth laying on the table, staring back at him. The look in her eyes where a look of scaredness and not wanting to die. How could he kill the person that he loves for his freedom? She was only sixteen and her life hasn't even started yet, but what was he going to do? So, he looked at the sword one more time, and back up at Elizabeth, and moving in towards her.


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