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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

As Elizabeth woke up; everything was blurry at first. When she could finally see, she had seen that she was lying in her bed, with her mom and Isaac standing beside her. 'Ugh! What happened?' asked Elizabeth as she held her head and sat up.

'You had one of your dizzy spells again,' replied her mother looking concerned.

'What…dizzy spell?' asked Elizabeth a little confused. Elizabeth's mom took the wet cloth from Elizabeth's forehead, and dipped it in a bowl of warm water, that was sitting on the nightstand beside Elizabeth's bed. She then rang the towel out, and put it back on Elizabeth's forehead and made her hold it on.

'Yes, remember when you were little and you always had dizzy spells for no apparent reason; I though you grew out of them, but I guess I was wrong,' explained her mother.

'Oh,' Elizabeth said as she turned to look at Isaac. As Elizabeth looked at Isaac; she began to remember where she was before anything happened. She remembered being on her favorite rock, and thinking about Isaac and where he came from, but she was alone. She knew that she was alone, because Isaac didn't know where her favorite spot was. 'How did you find me?' she asked Isaac as she held the rag on her head.

'What do you mean?' asked Isaac.

'I mean; how did you find me? Before passing out; I remember being at the river and writing, but I know that I was alone, so how'd you find me?' Elizabeth asked again.

'Elizabeth, you must of hit your head pretty hard, because I met you at the rock,' smiled Isaac.

'No, you didn't!' Elizabeth replied.

'Honey, you must have really hit your head. Why don't you lie down and rest. And I'll call the school tomorrow and tell them what happened,' explained her mother as she laid Elizabeth down.

Isaac and her mom walked out and closed the door, leaving Elizabeth by herself. Why does Isaac not believe her? He knows that he wasn't at the rock when she was there. And dizzy spells? She only remembered having that one when she was little, but not anymore. Elizabeth stared at the ceiling till her thoughts stopped and she fell asleep, again.


'This is happening all too soon,' said the young kid as he paced around looking angry. As Elizabeth came to, she noticed that the young kid as Isaac. Isaac? Why does he seem to be everywhere that she was, lately? She thought to herself. Isaac seemed to be talking to another kid sitting on a bench. When Elizabeth looked at him; she noticed exactly who it was. Ryan? How does he know who Isaac is? As Elizabeth looked harder at Ryan, she noticed that something was sticking out of his back, but it was too bright to see what.

'Isaac, just calm down,' said Ryan as he motioned with his hands.

'Calm down! How can I calm down in a situation like this?' asked Isaac angrily.

'Isaac, what are you talking about?' asked Elizabeth, but Isaac didn't answer her. In fact, they didn't even here her or notice that she was standing there.

'Don't worry; we will stop them, before they can hurt her,' said Ryan.

'I don't know; I already had to lie to her mother and tell he that she had a dizzy spell, but what if it happens again? And how can I tell her that it wasn't a dizzy spell, that it was my brother and he shot her with a fire arrow,' Isaac explained angrily.

'Dude, calm down, you see that everything will work out, and you two will be together,' said Ryan.

Just then, everything went blurry, and Elizabeth work up. When she woke up, she sat up, and just thought about the dream that she had. How does Isaac know Ryan? Ryan moved here before Isaac did. And what does Isaac's brother have to do with my dizzy spells? And what the heck is a fire arrow? She had to ask Isaac these questions when she sees him again. She has to have answers.

Elizabeth heard pots and pans clanging together in the kitchen, so she quickly flung her purple cover off and walked out. When she entered the kitchen, she seen the blue round clock on the wall, and it read five-thirty p.m. Wow! She almost slept the whole day away. It would be getting dark soon. 'Where'd Isaac go?' asked Elizabeth still a little tired as she sat down at the table.

'Oh, he went home for the night. He wanted to stay until you woke up again, but I told him you would be fine,' explained her mom as she was making dinner.

'Alright, I'll just have to tell him thank you when I see him tomorrow,' said Elizabeth as she watched her mother.

'So, he seems like a really nice guy, and he's really into you,' smiled her mother when she sat down. She was letting the noodles cook for her spaghetti.

'Yeah, he's really nice,' replied Elizabeth without an expression. All she could think about was the dream that she had. Elizabeth's mom was going to say something, but the noodles where starting to boil over, and she had to stop them.

Then Elizabeth thought she would ask him tomorrow about the dream she had and the questions that she wanted answered. The truth is, she really liked Isaac to, but there was just too much that she knew he wasn't telling, and she didn't wasn't no secrets from him. Elizabeth' mother served the dinner and they ate in silence.


As Elizabeth was lying in bed thinking about everything that happened that day, her phone went off. She picked it up from the night stand and seen a text message from Ryan. 'Are you okay? I heard about your dizzy spell today,' Ryan wrote to her.

'Wait! How'd you hear about it already?' Elizabeth wrote back to him. It took a couple of minutes for Ryan to write back.

'Isaac told me about it,' Ryan replied back.

'And how do you know Isaac?' she asked him.

'We are friends, because he moved into my neighborhood beside me,' Ryan replied back.

'Oh, okay, yeah I guess I had a dizzy spell, but the thing is that I was by myself, and no one knew where I was, so how did he find me?' Elizabeth wrote him back.

'Hmm…don't know, maybe he was walking by,' said Ryan.

'Idk..it seems weird, I'll ask him tomorrow, because I have a couple of questions to ask him anyways,' replied Elizabeth.

'Okay, but Elizabeth, I have a very important question to ask you tomorrow to. Could you meet me after school, at the rock?' asked Ryan.

Elizabeth got very nervous when he asked her this question. And why would he have an important question to ask her? 'Sure,' she replied back, not knowing why she cared.

'Okay, good…meet me about four o'clock? On the rock?' asked Ryan.

'Okay, sounds good,' replied Elizabeth.

'Alright, sweet dreams, and see you tomorrow J,' said Ryan.

'Alright,' said Elizabeth. She laid her cell phone back down, and turned on her side. What was the important question that he wanted to ask her? She thought as her eyes blinked a couple of times, before she fell asleep.


The next morning when she woke up, and turned her alarm off, she had all the questions that she wanted to ask Isaac floating around in her head. So she flung her covers off and rushed to get dressed.

Elizabeth's mom was going to call in sick for her, but Elizabeth didn't want to stay home. Not with what was going on with Isaac. It was going to be another hot day, so she put on a pair of jean shorts, sandals, and a tank top. She put her hair up in a ponytail today, and did her make-up, before getting her things, and rushing down stairs. 'Are you sure that you are feeling alright? I can still call the school,' said her mom as she opened the door.

'Don't worry, I'll be fine,' said Elizabeth.

'Okay,' said her mother as they both walked out, so her mom could take Elizabeth to school.

As they arrived at the school; Elizabeth noticed Ryan standing by the school door talking to some of his friends. Ryan wasn't on the football team, but he looked like he should be. 'Okay, I'll pick you up later,' smiled her mom as Elizabeth crawled out of the car. When Elizabeth closed the door, she had seen Ryan walking towards her.

'Hey,' said Elizabeth.

'Are we still on for tonight?' asked Ryan with a little smile. Elizabeth remembered the conversation that they had last night.

'Yeah, but what's it about?' asked Elizabeth curiously and sounding a little nervous.

'Oh, you'll have to wait and see,' smiled Ryan. Just then, the bell rang, and they had to hurry to get their things for first period.

When Elizabeth sat down in her seat, she waited to see if Isaac would come in, but the last warning bell rang, and no Isaac. Elizabeth than began to get worried; since she didn't see Isaac show up. Michelle nudged Elizabeth on the shoulder before the teacher began. 'No Isaac,' said Michelle. Elizabeth just shook her head no. Why wouldn't he be in school today, since she seen him yesterday, and he was fine.

'Okay, let's continue with our Angels book. We're half way through the first chapter called 'Where Do Angels Come From.' What have we learned so far?' asked the teacher as he scanned the room for volunteers. Elizabeth was too busy to pay attention, because she was staring at Isaacs's desk, and wondering why he wasn't there. 'Elizabeth? Elizabeth?' asked Mr. Knight.

'Oh…yes,' said Elizabeth jumping to pay attention.

'Can you tell us what we have learned so far?' asked Mr. Knight.

'Awww,' began Elizabeth as she looked around the room at everyone staring at her. 'Well, we've learned so far, that Angels do God's work, and they are around us all the time to guide us and protect us from harm,' she explained.

'Excellent…good to know that you are paying attention,' the teacher smiled. He then picked on someone to read, as Elizabeth began to think about Isaac again.


The whole day while at school, Elizabeth was distracted. She wondered the whole day, why Isaac didn't show up for school. Then she started blaming herself. Did she have something that caused him to stay home from school? Maybe he got hurt trying to save her yesterday, but didn't show t till he left.

Before Elizabeth knew it; she was waiting for Ryan at her rock, as she wrote. She was writing about Isaac and the first day they met at school. Elizabeth went to turn the page, when she heard someone walk up behind her. She turned around startled, till she seen that it was Ryan. 'Oh just you,' said Elizabeth relieved as she caught her breath.

'Yeah, sorry to startle you,' said Ryan as Elizabeth closed her notebook and stood up.

'No, you didn't startle me, just caught me off guard,' said Elizabeth. There was silence for a few minutes. 'So, what was so important?' she asked him.

'Oh, I've been thinking a lot lately, and we had so much fun over the summer, and I've missed hanging out with you, and I just missed being with you,' Ryan explained. Elizabeth knew where this was going, so she swallowed nervously. 'So, I was wondering, if you would be my girlfriend?' he asked her nervously.

There you have it chapter 3: What do you think that Elizabeth is going to say?


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