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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

When they reached Elizabeth's house; her mom was furious and Elizabeth could tell by her facial expression. 'Where have you been?!' yelled Elizabeth's mom as she flung the door opened.

'I've been at the rock, with Isaac,' replied Elizabeth as she had her head down.

'I don't care where you where or who you where with! The problem is I was worried about you and didn't know what happened! Isaac, please go home, Elizabeth and I need to have a talk,' said her mom angrily as she crossed her arms. Elizabeth and Isaac turned to each other.

'I'll see you tomorrow,' smiled Isaac.

'Okay,' said Elizabeth. She smiled at him as they gave each other a quick peck on the lips. They said their goodbye's, before Elizabeth walked into the house, and her mom closed the door.

'Elizabeth, don't you know what time it is? It is almost nine p.m. and you have school tomorrow and probably homework to do. If this keeps continuing, then you won't be allowed to see Isaac again,' said her mom angrily. Elizabeth was sitting on the couch as her mom was standing up from her.

'Mom, you can't do that. I love him,' said Elizabeth disappointed at the fact that she might not be able to see Isaac anymore.

'You're too young to know what love is,' said her mother.

'You don't understand…we love each other, and no one can keep us apart,' said Elizabeth. Elizabeth's mom sat down beside Elizabeth, and looked at her.

'No one is trying to keep you from him. I just need to know where you are, and when you are coming home. Anyways, you know what time you are suppose to be home on a school night, don't let this happen again,' threatened her mother.

'I won't mom, and I know that you're trying to protect me. I will make sure that I let you know next time,' said Elizabeth. Her mom smiled at her and gave her a hug.

'Do you have any homework?' asked her mom.

'Nope,' said Elizabeth. There was a moment of silence. 'Well, I'm going to shower, then head to bed.'

'Okay, I'll see you tomorrow,' said her mom.

'Okay,' said Elizabeth. She told her mom goodnight, then took a shower, and then crawled into bed. As she laid there; she thought about her amazing first kiss with Isaac, and how she heard Angels singing. She wanted to kiss him again, and she wanted to be wrapped in his warmth.

As Elizabeth laid there thinking about Isaac, her phone went off. She reached over and picked it up, and seen the number. She didn't recognize the number, but opened the next message anyways. The text message read: Hey, this is Isaac, I hope I didn't get you into too much trouble,' he wrote.

'Nope not really! I just have to let my mom know where I am and be home by nine,' Elizabeth wrote back.

'Okay, cool…I got your number from Ryan, I hope that's okay?' wrote Isaac.

'Yeah, that's fine,' began Elizabeth. As she sat there thinking about what to write back, she went back to her dream of Isaac and Ryan and the place where Isaac said he was from. She still had to ask him questions; because she still feels like there is a lot that he wasn't telling her. So, she began to write back. 'Isaac, I have a few questions I want to ask you, but it's going to have to wait till tomorrow. Can you meet me at the rock again, after school?" she asked.

'Yeah sure,' replied Isaac quickly.

'Okay, I'm going to bed, and I'll see you tomorrow,' said Elizabeth.

'Alright, sweet dreams,' said Isaac. Elizabeth closed her phone, and laid it back on the nightstand. She then curled up under the covers, and went to sleep, thinking of Isaac.


The next morning was the usual routine for Elizabeth. She got up, turned off the alarm, got dressed, and put on her make-up, and her mom drove her to school. 'So, see you after school?' asked her mom as she stopped by the sidewalk.

'Naw, Isaac and I are going to the rock after school,' replied Elizabeth.

'Okay, just be home before nine,' said her mom.

'Alright,' said Elizabeth before jumping out of the car. She noticed Isaac talking to Ryan right away. Elizabeth walked over and hugged him.

'So your mom is cool?' asked Isaac as he put his arm around Elizabeth's waist.

'Yes,' smiled Elizabeth. Elizabeth's friends quickly rushed over to see the new couple. 'Hey,' she said to Michael and Michelle.

'Hey,' they both smiled in unison.

'So, it's official..you two are dating?' asked Michelle as she smiled.

'Yes,' smiled Isaac. Elizabeth leaned her head on his shoulder.

'Awwe, its about time Elizabeth gets a boyfriend,' chuckled Michael as he nudged her on the shoulder.

'Yeah, now me and John have someone to go out with,' smiled Michelle excitedly.

As Elizabeth talked with her friends, they didn't notice that everyone was stopped and staring at something. Isaac grabbed Elizabeth's hand and pulled her beside him quickly. 'What?' asked Elizabeth as her friends stared at Isaac wondering what he was doing that for.

'I just don't trust the new guy,' replied Isaac.

'What new guy? I didn't know we were getting a new guy,' said Elizabeth as she searched around for him.

'Do you think?' asked Ryan silently to Isaac.

'I'm not sure yet, but we'll have to keep a close eye on him,' replied Isaac.

Elizabeth was too awestruck to even pay attention to what Ryan and Isaac where talking about. She was too busy staring at the new kid, and so where her friends. Elizabeth thoguth this new kid was gorgeous. He had to beat least six feet tall, short black hair, green eyes, had muscles, which Elizabeth could see coming out of his tight black shirt; he was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. He also had a nice tan to. Elizabeth couldn't keep her eyes off of him, and she had the same connection with him as she did Isaac. Isaac and Ryan noticed that all the girls were practically drooling over him, as their boyfriends tried to get their attention. 'It's him,' whispered Isaac.

'What do we do?' asked Ryan worriedly. Even though Elizabeth turned down his proposal, he still had a soft spot for her, and he wanted to protect her always.

'Nothing yet, we'll see if he does anything first. I don't want to start anything,' whispered Isaac as the new guy approached Elizabeth.

'Hey, I'm Raven, could you show me where the principal's office is,' he said to Elizabeth. She could barely talk because she was too awestruck. Instead of her talking, Isaac took her by the hand.

'Sorry…this one is already taken,' said Isaac as he stood tall. Raven had to look down at Isaac.

'I'm sorry, but I don't see your name on her,' said Raven.

'Well, she's taken. Go find someone else, you devil,' said Ryan angrily. Raven just gave Ryan an evil smile, like he liked being called devil.

'Isaac it's fine…I could show him around,' said Elizabeth finally.

'Elizabeth…I do-,' began Isaac.

'The lady has spoken, and I think she's allowed to whatever she wants,' said Raven. Raven ushered Elizabeth to walk in front of him, as he followed behind.

'I think we need a plan,' said Ryan as him and Isaac watched them walk into the school, followed by the other students.


'So where are you from?' asked Elizabeth as they walked the hallway.

'Oh, far away from here,' replied Raven. The second bell rang for everyone to be in their classroom, but Elizabeth didn't seem to notice; the hallways where suddenly all clear, and Raven and Elizabeth where alone. Raven stopped in the middle of the hallway, followed by Elizabeth. 'Can I just say, that you are the prettiest girl in the world,' smiled Raven. Elizabeth couldn't help but smile when he said this. She was never told this before.

'Please,' said Elizabeth like she didn't believe him.

'No, it's true. That other guy doesn't deserve you,' said Raven.

'And you do?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, I can treat you better than him. I will give you anything you want, and I will take you anywhere you want to go,' said Raven.

'I just met you,' said Elizabeth.

'But I was instantly drawn to you. Like we had a connection, didn't you feel it to?' asked Raven. Elizabeth did feel the instant connection with Raven.

'Yes, but I can't,' said Elizabeth.

'Why, because of that other boy? Elizabeth, he can't give you what you want. I can only give you what you want,' said Raven. He was trying really hard for Elizabeth to believe him. 'Just one kiss…one kiss, and you'll forget all about that other guy,' said Raven as he leaned in closer to her lips. Elizabeth didn't think, she couldn't think. At that moment, all she was thinking about was Raven and how much she wanted him. Nothing matter to her in that moment. In that moment, she felt wanted and she didn't feel alone. She began to lean in to Raven, as he leaned in to her.

When they were about inches away from kissing, she heard a voice making her stop. 'Elizabeth, don't kiss don't kiss him!' yelled Isaac.

'Isaac..what are you doing here?' asked Elizabeth feeling a little confused.

'I'm here to save you,' said Isaac.

'Save me..From what?' asked Elizabeth. She was really confused now.

'From Raven…my brother,' said Isaac. Just then, Raven began to laugh evilly, and grab Elizabeth by the arm. Elizabeth looked at him and grew scared.

'You're stupid Isaac! All I need is for her to kiss me, and she'll forget all about you and fall in love with me!' yelled Raven.

'No, I will not let that happen,' said Isaac angrily. As Raven tried to make Elizabeth kiss him, Ryan flew right into him, knocking him to the floor, giving Isaac a chance to get Elizabeth. Before Isaac grabbed her, she seen Ryan's wings, and how strong he really was. She seen Ryan picking up Raven, slamming him into the lockers, making one fall down, and making a loud banging noise echoing down the hall.

Isaac drug Elizabeth quickly out of the school, as he let his wings out. 'I have to get you away from here,' yelled Isaac as he held Elizabeth close and flew her up towards the sky


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