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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 6

As Elizabeth came to; she seen that she was lying in a bed, but what bed? It wasn't hers, because she had a purple comforter, and this one was red. When she wiped her eyes, and began to look around; she noticed that the house she was in, was a log cabin. It looked like it had been there for ages, but the cabin had plumbing and electricity.

Elizabeth slowly got up, and flung the cover over her. When she looked down; she had seen that she still had her clothes on. Well, that was a good thing, she thought to herself, as she stood up, and walked out into the living room. She looked around, and didn't see Isaac anywhere. As she looked through the whole cabin, which was only one floor; she figured out that she was alone. She also could tell that it was a new day, because the time on her cell phone read ten a.m. Wow! She slept the whole day and night last night. She heard the birds chirping outside, and decided to go on the deck.

When she reached the deck, there was a most beautiful view that she had ever seen. When she leaned on the railing, and looked outward, she had seen nothing but blue ocean and blue skies. Then she heard nothing. Nothing but the birds chirping as she took in the beautiful air and the smell of the fresh air.

Elizabeth then remembered what happened at school with Raven, and wondered if everyone was okay, especially her friends. She also thought about Isaac, and how he flew her away, so she was safe. What was Isaac and why could he fly? She wanted to ask him the questions that she had before, but he was nowhere to be seen. Where was he anyways? She thought to herself. Then she heard some wrestling going on in the kitchen. So, she hurried to see who it was.

As she arrived in the kitchen; she had seen her friends eating at the table. A big smile crossed her face. 'Hey guys,' Elizabeth smiled. Michelle dropped her piece of bread as she turned and seen Elizabeth. Michelle then got up, and ran over to hug her.

'I'm so glad you're alright,' said Michelle when she let go of her.

'Of course I'm alright,' said Elizabeth.

'They told us what happened to you yesterday,' said Michael from the table.

'I'm alright…Isaac was there,' said Elizabeth.

'Well, next time we'll be ready to take Isaac's brother on,' said John as he stuffed his face with some food.

'I hope there's not a next time,' said Elizabeth to her friends.

'There will be a next time,' said Isaac as him and Ryan stepped out of the shadows. Everyone looked towards them.

'What?' asked Elizabeth confusedly.

'Come with me…we have a lot of talking to do,' smiled Isaac as he held out his hand. Elizabeth took his hand, and they walked out on deck, as the others waited. 'I know you must have a lot of questions.'

'Yes, how do you know Ryan?' asked Elizabeth right away.

'Ryan and I go way back,' replied Isaac.

'How'd you find me that day on the rock? I know that I was alone,' said Elizabeth.

'Alright, Elizabeth, you and I have a connection. Whenever you get hurt, I feel your pain, and I can tap into your mind and I instantly know where you are and the same goes for you to. Whenever I get hurt, you feel my pain and you can tap into my mind, and instantly know where I am,' explained Isaac.

'But what about the dizzy spell?' she asked him. Isaac sighed before telling Elizabeth. He sighed because he knew this day was coming and he had to tell her about his brother.

'Elizabeth, that wasn't no dizzy spell. You passed out, because my brother shot you with a fire arrow,' explained Isaac.

'Fire arrow…what's that?' asked Elizabeth curiously.

'Okay, I will give you arrows 101. There are four different kinds of arrows. The first arrow is the fire arrow which my brother shot you with. The fire arrow kills only angels, but not people. The fire arrows have fire inside of them and that makes it glow red. The fire arrows are made from demons, so you can see why it would kill angels. The second arrow is the water arrow. The arrow glows blue, because of the water inside, and is the only arrow that can kill the demons since their souls are made of fire. The water arrow is also blessed by God. They also can't kill people. The third arrows can kill people, but they are very rare and only a few remain. This arrow glows green, because it's made from the Earth. The fourth and last arrow is the air arrow. When this arrow is shot into the sky, it releases poisonous gas, and kills people little by little. This arrow is just black,' explained Isaac. Elizabeth had to take everything in; there was so much to remember.

'And your brother? How does your brother play in this?' asked Elizabeth.

'Raven; he had a thing for you. You guys hung out, but never was official, and then I came along, and stole you from him, well, it was more like you chose me. Then he started a fight, and our dad kicked him out,' explained Isaac.

'Your dad…kicked him out?' asked Elizabeth. Isaac let out another sigh.

'Raven and I are from Heaven. That's where I live and that's where Raven used to live,' explained Isaac. 'And our father is God, so that makes us angels.' Elizabeth's mouth dropped open; she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

'Is that why you can fly?' she asked.

'Yes, I have wings,' said Isaac. He stepped a couple inches from Elizabeth, took off his black tank top, exposing his white feathered wings. Elizabeth was in awe of this, because they were so beautiful.

'Can I touch them?' asked Elizabeth still in awe.

'Sure,' smiled Isaac. Elizabeth slowly walked over to the wings and gently touched one; the feathers where soft to the touch.

'There so soft,' said Elizabeth. Isaac let out a little laugh.

'Yeah, you always liked touching them,' he said. 'Elizabeth there's more to explain.' Isaac had to put his wings away so Elizabeth couldn't get distracted again. 'This war that we're in, won't stop unless my brother is dead.'

'How do we kill him?' asked Elizabeth.

'Angels can't kill people, they are forbidden to since they are holy,' replied Isaac.

'But how is he suppose to die then?' asked Elizabeth confusedly.

'The four arrows that I explained, they have to be fused together. When they are fused together, they make one arrow called Elizabeth's Arrow,' explained Isaac. Elizabeth just looked at him and thought: Why would an arrow be named after her?
'Why is it named after me?' asked Elizabeth.

'Because, it's your arrow…you're the only one who can fuse the four arrows together, and kill my brother,' replied Isaac.

'Why me?' asked Elizabeth.

'Because, you are the only one that both of us love, so in order for you and I to live happy, you have to end it between you and Raven,' explained Isaac. Elizabeth was confused now. How could she love someone that she never knew? She didn't remember anything about Raven and their love, so how did she know that Isaac was telling the truth? That he wasn't just jealous of Raven liking her.

'I don't know Isaac; I don't remember anything about Raven or what happened,' explained Elizabeth. Isaac walked over to Elizabeth and grabbed her hands gently.

'In time you will,' said Isaac.

'So, if this is true…how do we come about finding the four arrows, so I can fuse them together?' asked Elizabeth.

'That is a good question. We need to do some researching, but I have some books in the study. But before we do some researching, I think we have time for our first date,' said Isaac happily.

'What? Are you sure?' asked Elizabeth. A first date…she'd never been on a date before. This would be her first one ever. What was she going to wear? She wanted to look good for their date. Her and Michelle would have to go shopping.

'Of course I'm sure. After the beating that Ryan gave to Raven; I'm sure he'll have to recover for awhile,' chuckled Isaac. Elizabeth also gave a little chuckle.

'But I don't have anything to wear,' said Elizabeth.

'Don't worry about that. Michelle will fly you in town,' said Isaac.

'What? Fly?' asked Elizabeth.

'Oh right, I didn't tell you, Michelle and Ryan are angels to,' replied Isaac.

'What? Michelle is an angel?' asked Elizabeth. She was confused, because she knew Michelle since kindergarten and Michelle would of told her that she was an angel.

'Yes, that's why she's been around you since kindergarten. We wanted you to have a normal life, and Michelle was there to protect you in case anything happened,' explained Isaac.

'Why didn't you come down with me?' asked Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth, I had to make sure that Raven wouldn't get a feel where you where at. But now somehow, he got wind of where you are, and that's why I'm here,' explained Isaac.

'So you're here just to protect me, and that's it. When there is no more need to protect me, then you'll leave?' asked Elizabeth angrily.

'No no, that's not it. I love you; that's why I came back here. To protect you and so that we could be together, forever,' said Isaac quickly.

'I don't know Isaac…I have to think about what's going on and what you've explained to me,' said Elizabeth.

'Don't shut me out,' pleaded Isaac.

'Isaac, I'm not shutting you out. This is just a lot of stuff to take in all at once. I just need some quiet,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac sighed and put his head down. Elizabeth gently lifted his head, so they could see eye to eye. 'I believe you, I just need to take all of this in, just let me do that.' There were a few minutes of silence.

'Alright, but please, don't wonder off,' said Isaac.

'Don't worry, I won't,' said Elizabeth. Before Isaac left her alone with her thoughts, he leaned in and kissed her passionately.

'Don't forget about our date,' smiled Isaac before leaving.

'I won't,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac walked back into the cabin, and closed the door. Elizabeth leaned on the railing, and took in the air. She began to think about what Isaac explained to her. She was the only one that could kill Raven by fusing all four arrows together. Her and Raven use to have a fling, but she doesn't remember. Isaac and Raven our from Heaven and their father is God. 'Wait a minute,' said Elizabeth as she turned to a little round table sitting in the corner of the deck with a notebook on it. She rushed over to the table, sat down, opened the notebook and lifted the pen beside it. She had remembered the place where Isaac said that he was from, and jotted it down, Navaeh. After some time of looking at the word, and remembering what Isaac had said, she began to write the word backwards. After writing the word backwards, she seen that it spelled Heaven. Why didn't she think of that before? She thought to herself.


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