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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

All day Elizabeth thought about what Isaac said; she believed that he was an angel because she had shown her his wings, and she felt them. But what about the thing with his brother, Raven? How can she believe him, and how does she know that Isaac's telling the truth? Yes, she felt a strong connection with Raven at school yesterday, but what if that was a coincidence? 'There has to be some way that I can believe Isaac,' said Elizabeth to herself as she tapped her pen on her notebook. Just then, Michelle busted through the door.

'Come on chicky! We have to go and pick out your dress for tonight,' Michelle smiled.

'I don't know,' said Elizabeth as she looked at Michelle standing beside her.

'What's the matter?' asked Michelle concernedly, as she sat down.

'Well, first of all, why didn't you tell me that you were an angel?' asked Elizabeth. The smile faded from Michelle's face, as she leaned back in her chair.

'So I guess that Isaac told you everything?' asked Michelle.

'Yes,' replied Elizabeth.

'Well, if I would of told you that I was an angel..would you have believed me?' asked Michelle.

'Probably not,' replied Elizabeth.

'Then that's why I didn't tell you,' said Michelle. Elizabeth didn't say anything, but just tapped on her notebook with her pen. She was thinking about what Isaac had explained to her. 'What's on your mind?'

'Well, I don't know if I can believe Isaac and what he explained to me,' replied Elizabeth.

'Believe me Elizabeth, everything is all true,' smiled Michelle.

'You'd think I'd remember something like loving Isaac or Raven, but I don't,' said Elizabeth.

'Didn't you feel the connection when you met Isaac?' asked Michelle.

'Yes, but I felt the same when I met Raven,' replied Elizabeth.

'That's because you use to love him to, before Isaac came along,' said Michelle.

'But Isaac said that they both where form Heaven, and I'm not an angel, so I know that I'm not from Heaven. So how'd I fall in love with them?' asked Elizabeth confusedly. Michelle leaned on the table before answering the question.

'Elizabeth, all humans souls' live in Heaven before entering a body and coming into this world, so at one time, all you humans have lived in Heaven. And that's how you met Isaac and Raven and fell in love with them,' explained Michelle.

'But why don't I remember any of it?' asked Elizabeth.

'I don't know; that's just how things work,' replied Michelle. Elizabeth turned to look at the ocean, so she can think a little. Maybe Michelle was right about her meeting Raven and Isaac in Heaven before she came down here. Elizabeth does feel the same affect when she meets Raven compared to when she met Isaac. And she did see Isaac's wings and felt them, so they have to be real. 'It's not my place to make you remember, but I know that we better get going, so we can make it back in time for your date…I hear that Isaac has something very special planned for you,' Michelle explained as she looked at her cell phone.

'Alright,' said Elizabeth. She was kind of excited about this date; because it will be the first time that she and Isaac would be officially alone. So she got up and went with Michelle to pick out her dress and get ready for the night.


As Elizabeth looked in the body sized mirror at her black cocktail dress and high heels that Michelle had picked out for her; she wished that her mom was there with her to have the talk, since they didn't have it yet, but her mom wasn't there. So, she put the last touches of her make up on, before walking out into the living room.

When she walked out into the living room, she seen Isaac dressed in his black tie suit, which she thought, made him look very handsome. 'You look beautiful,' smiled Isaac when Elizabeth approached. The others must of thought so to, because their mouths were hanging open, as Elizabeth laughed at them.

'Thank you,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac held out his arm and she put hers around his, so they where intertwined. 'What are you guys going to do?' she asked the others.

'Well, John and I have a date tonight,' said Michelle as she nudged John playfully.

'And I have a date as well,' said Ryan.

'What about you Michael?' asked Elizabeth.

'I'm just going to hang out here and finish my book,' said Michael as he sat down on the couch. 'It's time that I had some peace and quiet.'

'Okay,' chuckled Elizabeth.

'Ready?' asked Isaac.

'Yes,' smiled Elizabeth. Isaac walked Elizabeth to the limousine that was parked out front of the cabin. 'Wow..I never rode in a limousine before.'

'Really?' asked Isaac surprised.

'Really,' replied Elizabeth. Isaac walked over and opened the car door for her.

'You don't know what you're missing,' said Isaac as Elizabeth climbed into the car. Isaac closed the door and got in on his side. 'Driver..can you take us to the park!' yelled Isaac to the driver.

'Will do,' said the old driver as he began to drive off.

'The park?' asked Elizabeth confusedly.

'Yeah, I want to be alone with you for our first date,' smiled Isaac. Elizabeth smiled back, but didn't say anything. She just wanted to take in this ride, because she never rode in a limousine before and she just wanted to be with Isaac.


The whole ride to the park was quiet pretty much. Elizabeth thought about what Michelle explained to her about how human souls live in Heaven before coming down to earth in human form. Before Elizabeth knew it, Isaac was opening the door for her to get out. 'Thank you,' she said as he helped her out.

'No problem,' said Isaac. He closed the door as the driver drove off.

'Wait! Where's he going?' asked Elizabeth as she watched him drive off.

'He's leaving, don't worry, I have his number so I can call him when we're ready to go,' said Isaac as he took her hand. As Elizabeth looked at the park, she noticed that it was secluded, and that they were the only one's there. She also seen that it was dark, but lights lit up the walk way, so they could see.

'So, what do you have planned?' asked Elizabeth as they began to walk down the lit up pathway.

'You'll see,' said Isaac.

'What do you think Raven's going to do next?' asked Elizabeth as they walked.

'It's hard to tell, but we'll be ready for whatever he does,' said Isaac. After a couple of minutes of walking, they finally reached their destination. As Elizabeth looked, she seen that there was a table that had a couple of candles and a single red rose. She also seen a waiter waiting for us to sit down and serve us. Along with this, it was a perfect night, because the moon was out and the stars. 'So what do you think?' asked Isaac as he pulled out the chair so Elizabeth could sit down.

'Very romantic,' smiled Elizabeth as she sat down. Isaac sat down on the other chair in front of her.

'Thank you,' said Isaac. He then grabbed the rose, and handed the flower to Elizabeth. She took it with a smile.

'Thank you,' she said again as she smelled the flower and laid the rose down on the table.

'You're welcome…I didn't know what your favorite flower was so I got you the rose,' said Isaac.

'It's fine…I love it,' smiled Elizabeth. The waiter walked over at their table to hand them their appetizers. 'Oh thank you, I'm starving,' she said as she ate when the waiter laid down their plates.

'Have you thought about everything I explained to you today?' asked Isaac as he took a drink of water and Elizabeth ate her cheese sticks.

'Yes, and Michelle and I had a talk to, and I think that I believe you and I'm going to help you with your brother,' replied Elizabeth. When she looked up at Isaac, she had seen that he had the biggest smile on his face.

'Elizabeth, I'm so glad that you believe me, and going to help us,' smiled Isaac.

'Well, I know that I love you and that you love me, and I seen your wings, and I know that you can't be faking that,' smiled Elizabeth.

'Nope…definitely not,' smiled Isaac. After they finished their appetizers, the waiter served them their chicken alfredo.


After they had their ice cream; Isaac and Elizabeth walked further into the park. 'So, I know that you believe me now and love me, but your friends and I put together a little video so maybe you won't have any more doubts,' said Isaac.

'A video?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, while we were in Heaven, we decided to video tape everything, just in case this day would come,' replied Isaac. He showed Elizabeth to her seat and he sat down beside her. When Elizabeth looked up, she seen a screen standing in front of them. 'Are you ready?' he asked before sitting down beside her.

'Yes,' replied Elizabeth. She wanted to see her life, especially the life she had in Heaven before she came down here. Isaac didn't have remote to turn on the movie, but he snapped his fingers and the movie came on. Elizabeth got excited whenever the movie started.

After the movie was over, Elizabeth understood somewhat of her love for Isaac. She had seen how they first met, when she was walking with Michelle in the garden and bumped into him. She also seen what happened between her and Raven and that he cheated on her, and that's when she ran into Isaac. She also had seen that Isaac had to send her down here so she would be away from Raven, and that he wouldn't find her, but somehow he did. She also seen that Raven was kicked out of heaven for starting this war between Isaac and them.

When Elizabeth was going to say something, Isaac's phone went off. As he pulled his phone from the front of his suit pocket, he had seen that it was Ryan. He hurried and answered the call. 'Yes?' he asked. Elizabeth couldn't hear what was being said, but when Isaac hung up the phone, his face just said it all.

'What happened?' asked Elizabeth worriedly.


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