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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 8

'Raven,' began Isaac as his eyes filled with tears.

'Yeah?' asked Elizabeth getting really nervous now.

'Somehow, he found your mother, and he shot her with one of the four arrows, and Elizabeth…I'm afraid she didn't make it,' explained Isaac sadly on the verge of tears. It took a minute before Elizabeth could process this information. What? Her mother is dead…this couldn't be possible, she thought to herself. As Elizabeth sat and thought about her mother, she began to cry hysterically. Isaac took her in his arms and just held her as she cried.

'I'm so sorry,' said Isaac as Elizabeth cried. Elizabeth couldn't speak, all she wanted was her mother back, so she can hug her and hear her voice. When Elizabeth didn't stop crying, Isaac decided to call it a night, and take her back to the house. Elizabeth crawled into bed and just cried herself to sleep that night when they arrived.


'How did he find her mother?' asked Isaac angrily as he paced the deck floor. It was still night, and everyone was feeling the pain of losing Elizabeth's mother.

'We don't know,' said Michelle as she sat on the railing of the deck.

'What we think is that when we came down here, he must have followed us, and seen where she lived,' explained Ryan.

'I can't believe I let this happen! How could I have let this happen?!' yelled Isaac angrily.

'Isaac, none of us could have known what Raven was up to,' said Ryan trying to calm him down.

'We have to find him! We have to find him, so Elizabeth can kill him and we can be together, and she doesn't have to worry about losing anyone else!' yelled Isaac.

'But where do we start looking for him?' asked Michelle as she jumped off the railing ready to go.

'Elizabeth's mom's house, he had to of left something behind there. Michelle, you take John and Michael with you, Ryan and I will stay and keep guard,' ordered Isaac.

'Alright,' said Michelle.

'But don't fly there; I don't want anyone using their wings in case he is watching. I want you guys to be discreet as possible,' ordered Isaac.

'But what should we use to get there?' asked Michelle a little disappointed that she couldn't fly.

'You can use the Mustang, but be careful with her,' said Ryan as he took the keys from his jeans pocket, and handed them to Michelle.

'Okay, go now and don't come back till you have something,' ordered Isaac. Michelle didn't talk back, but just nodded. The other two followed as Michelle walked out. 'I'll be the first look out for the night. I just can't stand to look at her when I have failed to protect her,' said Isaac disappointed.

'Isaac, it's really going to be okay. She knows that you didn't do anything to hurt her mother,' said Ryan trying to calm Isaac down.

'Please Ryan, just go and look after her,' said Isaac as he leaned on the railing and didn't look at Ryan. Ryan didn't say anything, and just did what he was told.


When Ryan walked into Elizabeth's room, he had seen that she was sound asleep. So he gently closed the door, and lay down on the couch that was sitting in front of the window. As he lay there staring out the window, about to fall asleep, Elizabeth began to scream uncontrollably. So Ryan quickly got up, rushed over to her, and hugged her as he tried to wake her up. 'Elizabeth!' he finally yelled as he shook her awake.

'Oh Ryan, it was such a horrible dream. I dreamt that I seen Raven kill my mother,' cried Elizabeth.

'It's okay now, I'm here,' said Ryan as he hugged her and let her go.

'Ryan, I want to see my mom again. I want to hug her and tell her that I love her,' cried Elizabeth.

'I know you do, but you will see her again someday,' said Ryan.

'But I don't want to wait,' cried Elizabeth. Ryan hugged her again, not knowing what to say. 'Ryan please stay with me tonight. I don't want to be alone.'

'I'll be here tonight; Isaac and I are taking turns watching out,' said Ryan.

'No, I don't want to see him right now. Whenever I look at him, I remember Raven and the news that Isaac gave me, I just want you,' said Elizabeth.

'Alright, I'll sleep on the couch,' began Ryan.

'No, I want you to sleep in bed with me. I'll feel safer with you close to me,' said Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth, I don't know,' said Ryan.

'Ryan, we're just friends. Nothing's going to happen,' said Elizabeth. Ryan thought before answering.

'Alright,' said Ryan. He had never slept in the same bed with a girl that nothing happened, but he really cared for Elizabeth and didn't want to do anything that would hurt her or her relationship with Isaac.

Elizabeth lay down followed by Ryan; they both were underneath the covers. 'Ryan?' asked Elizabeth. She had turned the lights off when Ryan had lay down.

'Yes,' said Ryan; his eyes were closed.

'What would you have done if I would have said yes?' asked Elizabeth.

'What do you mean?' asked Ryan.

'That day on the rock…when you asked me to be your girlfriend…what would you have done if I said yes?' asked Elizabeth. There was silence as they both lay there in the dark.

'I would have been happy and I would have treated you right,' replied Ryan. 'Why do you ask?'

'Just wondering,' replied Elizabeth as she turned on her side facing away from Ryan. The truth was that Elizabeth was starting to feel something for Ryan, but she still loved Isaac. Despite everything that was happening between them, she still loved Isaac. Maybe this thing that she is starting to feel for Ryan is just a friend thing. They have been hanging out for half of the summer. She finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Isaac was pacing the woods, thinking about what he could have done to save Elizabeth's mother. 'Why didn't I see it coming?' he asked himself angrily. He continued to pace the woods as he thought. Then he decided to go to Elizabeth's house. He wanted to see how Raven got in and how he killed her mother. He took off his shirt to show his wings, and flew to Elizabeth's house.

When he arrived at the house, he seen everything, and everything was still intact, and it looked like nothing happened there at all. So, he quickly walked in, to check out the scene. As he walked in, he noticed all of Elizabeth's friends doing what he asked them to do. 'Isaac, what are you doing here?' asked Michelle surprised. She was looking at some shattered glass that was in the living room, which came from a window.

'I couldn't stand it anymore. I have to see the scene,' said Isaac as he walked up to Michelle.

'Well, I think he busted a window and came in through there,' said Michelle.

'What was she killed with?' asked Isaac.

'We don't know yet; we haven't found the weapon,' replied Michelle. Isaac looked around and nothing was moved. Nothing looked like anything had happened there. Isaac walked over to behind the couch, and seen a puddle of blood, and knelt down beside it. He knew that it was Elizabeth's mom's blood.

'Isaac, you couldn't have done anything. None of us knew Raven's next move,' said Michelle sadly.

'He's my brother; I should have known!' yelled Isaac as he smashed his fist into the carpet.

'Isaac, don't worry, we will get him,' said John as he walked out of her mom's room.

'Did you find anything?' asked Michelle.

'Nope; we searched everything, but Elizabeth's room. We figured we would leave that to you,' said Michael as he nodded towards Isaac. Isaac swallowed before walking slowly to her bedroom. He had never been in her bedroom before and this wasn't exactly how he pictured the first time to be. As he walked to Elizabeth's bedroom, he slowly opened the door, and slowly walked in.

When he walked in, he seen that nothing was misplaced. Maybe he didn't come in here. Isaac stopped in the middle of the room, and decided to get Elizabeth some clothes. Since Raven knew where she lived, he didn't want her staying there. So Isaac walked over to her closet and started grabbing some clothes.

After packing a pink duffle bag that he had found in her closet, he quickly walked out into the living room. 'Okay, Raven has started the war again, so we have to keep Elizabeth on the move. She will be fine there for a couple of days till I find her a place to go,' explained Isaac as he handed the bag to Michelle.

'You find her a place?' asked John.

'Yes, I will go, and Elizabeth needs all of the friends that she has right now,' explained Isaac as he looked at the three of them. He then turned to Michelle, 'I will call you when I find a place, and you guys can bring her,' he told Michelle.

'Wait, we're going to?' asked Michelle excitedly.

'Yes, none of you are safe by yourselves with my brother on a murderous rampage,' replied Isaac. Both John and Michael whispered yes at the same time.

'How are you going to be safe?' asked a worried Michelle.

'Don't worry; I will only go out at night, and I'll make sure not to show my wings in the daylight,' replied Isaac.

'Okay,' said Michelle. Isaac walked closer to Michelle.

'Make sure and protect Elizabeth; I will try and find a place as fast as I can,' said Isaac. Michelle didn't say anything, but just nodded her head up and down to show Isaac that she agreed. Isaac said his goodbye's before walking out, and flying out into the night.

'Okay, we should get going. We can't do anything else here,' said Michelle as she ushered Michael and John out.


When Elizabeth woke up and looked over, she'd seen that Ryan wasn't there. So, she sat up, and got out of bed. She had on her purple silky pajamas. As she approached the door to open it, she heard some people talking. 'He left her now?' she heard Ryan ask.

'Yes, but only to find a safer place for her. He will send for us,' said Michelle calmly.

'How long?' asked Ryan.

'A couple days at least, but he got her some clothes,' replied Michelle. What..Isaac left her? She thought to herself. At the thought of this, tears began to roll down her eyes. Why wouldn't he of took her with him? She thought as she crawled into bed, hugged her pillow, and cried.


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