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Falling in Love with an Angel (completed)

Novel By: Dolphin198818

As Elizabeth started school at Peace in Brownsville, she feels alone, and by herself. But when the new kind shows up; there is no longer Peace at the school and Elizabeth can not keep her eye's off of him. Will Elizabeth fall for the new kid? Or will he be bad for her? Read on to find out! View table of contents...


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Chapter 9

Ryan knocked on the door before walking in with her clothes. As he walked in and closed the door, he had seen Elizabeth crying and hugging the pillow. 'What's the matter?' asked Ryan as he sat down the duffle bag, and went to sit beside her.

'Isaac left me,' cried Elizabeth.

'How did you know about that?' asked Ryan.

'I overheard you and Michelle talking,' replied Elizabeth in between sobs.

'He didn't leave you. He went to go and find a new place for us, because you can't go back home,' explained Ryan.

'Why not?' asked Elizabeth.

'Because, Raven found your mother there, and possibly knows that you live there to,' replied Ryan.

'What about my father? We can't just leave him there for Raven to find him next,' said Ryan. He then closed his eyes, and a couple minutes later Michelle walked in.

'Yes?' asked Michelle.

'Could you go and look after Elizabeth's dad,' suggested Ryan.

'Sure,' said Michelle.

'And take the other two with you just in case,' said Ryan before Michelle walked out without saying anything. 'Before you ask, us angels can send other angels messages through our minds, and that's why Michelle came in here after I closed my eyes.'

'I wasn't going to say anything about that. I was going to say thank you for sending them to look after my father,' explained Elizabeth.

'Oh well, you're welcome,' said Ryan. There was a moment of silence, as Elizabeth quit crying.

'Ryan, I wish sometimes that I would of said yes on that rock, then maybe everything would have been different,' said Elizabeth.

'What? Don't say that; Isaac is trying to keep you safe, that's why he left you tonight, to get you a safe place, so we can figure out where the arrows are,' said Ryan angrily, because Elizabeth seemed like she didn't have no trust for Isaac.

'He should of sent you or Michelle to go and find something; instead he left me here alone and didn't even tell me goodbye,' said Elizabeth angrily.

'You are not here alone! You have me!' said Ryan.

'Yes, but for how long? It seems like everyone is leaving me now a days,' said Elizabeth.

'Elizabeth I need you to look at me,' said Ryan. Elizabeth slowly looked up at him. 'No matter what happens I will never leave you. I am here to protect you, and this is where I'll stay,' said Ryan.

'Promise?' asked Elizabeth.

'Promise,' replied Ryan. She hugged him and he hugged her back. Elizabeth yawned after they hugged. 'I think you need your sleep now, and don't worry, everything is taking care of,' he smiled to her.

'Okay,' yawned Elizabeth as she turned out the light before lying down. Ryan lay down beside Elizabeth and stared at the ceiling till he fell asleep.


The next morning as Elizabeth slowly sat up and looked over to where Ryan was suppose to be, she had seen that he wasn't there. She then started to panic, as Ryan walked in with some breakfast. 'Good morning, I made you some pancakes,' said Ryan as he sat the tray across Elizabeth's lap.

'Oh thank you,' said Elizabeth as she dug in. She had never had breakfast before in bed; her mom and dad always made her eat at the table. 'Aren't you eating?' she asked with a mouthful of pancakes.

'I ate earlier,' replied Ryan. 'So, Isaac texted me this morning, and he said that he should have another place for us to go by the end of the week.'

'What? You said only a couple days,' said Elizabeth.

'I know, but that's what he said,' said Ryan.

'Oh no; this weekend I'm suppose to see my father. I've been waiting for this weekend all week,' said Elizabeth.

'Well, I can have him stay here for the weekend, and you two can have the house to yourselves,' suggested Ryan.

'No, you guys can stay and meet him,' said Elizabeth.

'Ooooh, meeting the parents,' smiled Ryan.

'Stop that, we're just friends,' said Elizabeth.

'Awe, the friend's stage,' joked Ryan. Elizabeth just laughed as she ate, and her and Ryan talked.


After breakfast, Elizabeth got a shower, and walked into the living room where Ryan was waiting. 'What do you think?' asked Elizabeth as she twirled in her purple dress and high heels; she also had a purple flower in her hair.

'You look good,' smiled Ryan.

'Good, because I want you to take me to my house,' said Elizabeth.

'I can't…Raven might be there waiting for you and we can't risk that,' said Ryan quickly.

'I don't care…I want to see what it looks like, and I want to say goodbye to my mother,' said Elizabeth with a little anger.

'I promised Isaac,' said Ryan.

'Well, Isaac isn't here! He left!' yelled Elizabeth. 'So, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.' Ryan let out a sigh before answering.

'Alright, but I warned you about going,' said Ryan. Elizabeth smiled because she was going. 'We have to take the Jeep though; I don't want to draw any attention to us.'

'Okay, that's fine…as long as I get there,' said Elizabeth.

When Ryan and Elizabeth entered the garage, Elizabeth had seen Ryan's yellow Jeep. 'You first,' said Ryan. He opened the door for her and she got in. 'Alright, here we go,' he said when he got in, started the car and backed out of the garage.

The whole ride was quiet, because Elizabeth was thinking about her mom and what kind of scene she might walk into. As she thought about everything, tears began to roll down her face. She just couldn't believe she was gone, and what about her dad? She wondered if anyone told him yet. As they pulled into Elizabeth's driveway; she had seen that the house was still intact. 'Do you want me to go in with you?' asked Ryan as he turned off the jeep.

'Yes please,' said Elizabeth as she was already crying.

Elizabeth hopped out of the jeep, as Ryan met her and took her arm in his, and helped her inside. When they walked in, Elizabeth had seen the broken window where Raven could have gotten in. She walked a little further, and seen the puddle of blood, that Isaac had seen earlier. She just couldn't hold it in anymore, and began sobbing. Ryan immediately took her and held her. 'We can leave,' suggested Ryan.

'No! I have to do this,' said Elizabeth as she wiped her eyes and Ryan let go of her. When Elizabeth knelt down next to the puddle of blood, she heard a voice coming from behind her, and it wasn't Ryan's.

'Elizabeth?' the person asked. She quickly got up and turned to see who it was.

'Dad?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes honey,' replied her father. As Elizabeth looked at her dad, she noticed that he had been crying, because his eye's where red. Her dad had still loved her mother after all of these years, Elizabeth thought to herself. Elizabeth quickly ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

'Oh dad, I'm sorry,' Elizabeth cried.

'Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong,' said her dad confusedly.

'Yes I did…I wasn't here to protect her,' cried Elizabeth. Her dad hugged her again.

'No one knew this was going to happen,' said her father.

'I know that's what everyone keeps saying, but I don't know,' cried Elizabeth. 'So, how'd you find out?' she asked as she wiped her tears away with her hands.

'Well, when your friends came over they told me everything that's been happening with you, and they explained about your mother,' replied her father.

'So you know who done this?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, Raven, Isaac's brother and I guess your boyfriend,' smiled her father. Elizabeth smiled at this statement.

'Yes,' she smiled. Her dad looked over at Ryan.

'I guess I have to introduce myself then, to the man that loves my daughter,' said her father as he walked closer to Ryan. Elizabeth gave a little chuckle before stopping him. 'What?'

'That's not Isaac…that's Ryan, a really good friend,' smiled Elizabeth.

'Oh, I'm sorry,' said her father to Ryan.

'That's okay, I did ask her to be my girlfriend, but she declined,' said Ryan.

'That's because I love Isaac,' said Elizabeth.

'Where is this Isaac? He should be with you instead of him,' said her dad.

'He's not here because he's trying to find somewhere for us to go, so we can be safe,' explained Ryan.

'Okay, I just asked,' said her father. 'So I'm having the funeral for your mother in a couple of days, and you better be there,' he said to Elizabeth.

'Yes, I promise I will be there,' said Elizabeth. Just then, Michelle, John, and Michael busted through the front door.

'Oh hey guys,' said Michelle to Ryan and Elizabeth.

'Hey,' said Elizabeth.

'I see that you found your father,' said Michelle as she walked over and stood beside him.

'Yes,' smiled Elizabeth.

'And did he tell you?' Michelle asked.

'Tell me what?' Elizabeth asked.

'That he quit drinking,' smiled Michelle. A big grin came over Elizabeth's face.

'Is that true?' asked Elizabeth.

'Yes, I did it for you guys,' replied her father. As Elizabeth smiled; she ran over and hugged her father.

'I'm so proud of you,' said Elizabeth excitedly.

'I was going to wait and tell the both of you, but then this happened,' said her dad. Elizabeth was excited that her dad had quit drinking, and they could start being a family again.

'Alright, we'll leave you two alone to get caught up,' said Michelle as she ushered everyone out. Ryan walked up to Elizabeth.

'You going to be alright?' asked Ryan.

'Yes, my father is harmless,' replied Elizabeth.

'Yes, don't worry about her, she is safe with me,' smiled her father.

'Alright, we'll be right outside then,' said Ryan.

'Okay,' smiled Elizabeth. Ryan gave her dad a hand shake before leaving them alone.

'Geez, for not being your boyfriend, he sure is acting like one,' said her dad when they sad down on the couch.

'He's just doing his job till Isaac comes back,' said Elizabeth.

'Yes Isaac, tell me about him. Does he treat you good?' asked her father. Elizabeth gave a little chuckle, because she never had seen her dad this protective of her before.

'Yes, he treats me good,' smiled Elizabeth.

'And you're happy with him?' he asked. Elizabeth smiled when she nodded her head up and down. 'As long as you're happy that's all that matters,' smiled her father.

Just then, a tall skinny guy busted through the door, and ran over to Elizabeth, and captured her. 'Let me go!' Elizabeth yelled as she tried to get free, but couldn't. For this guy being skinny, Elizabeth thought that he was pretty strong. Her dad went to wrestle the guy down to the floor, but a couple more busted through the window and stopped him before they could do anything.

'What do you want?!' yelled her father trying to get free, but couldn't.

'We came for Elizabeth,' said the guy holding her. When Elizabeth looked up at him, she noticed that he had red glowing eyes.

'No! Leave her alone! Take me instead!' her father tried to bargain.

'Silly old man…our master only wants the girl and that's what he's going to get,' said the guy angrily.

'Ryan!' yelled Elizabeth.

'Don't bother…the others are chasing our decoys they will never hear you,' said the guy.

'Please, leave us alone!' yelled Elizabeth.

'No, you are coming with me,' said the guy. And before Elizabeth knew it, she was having one of her dizzy spells again, and passed out, but not before she heard them speak again.

'What about the father?' asked one of them.

'Get rid of him,' said the other. After hearing these words, Elizabeth passed out.


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