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Harmony by stacey bell

Novel By: Dolphin198818

the second part of Falling in Love with an Angel. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

As the white fairy cried and her tears landed on Ryan's wounds, something began to happen. When the white fairy opened her eyes, and looked at Ryan, then down at his wounds; she noticed that they where starting to heal. The white fairie's eyes widened in surprise at what was happening.

When the tears reached all the wounds, one by one, they began healing. The white fairy couldn't believe what was happening as she looked shocked. The white fairy sat back, and watched all the wounds heal, with widened eyes. After the last wound healed; there was silence. The white fairy didn't know what to do. She didn't know if she wanted to stay or leave, so by her surprise, she stayed to see what happened.

After a few minutes of silence; it was like someone turned on the on switch. Ryan's chest began to rise, up and down, and his eyes slowly opened, looking up at the white fary. 'What happened?' he asked slowly, and the white fairy just looked at Ryan stunned.


'I'm sorry,' Isaac said when he approached Elizabeth. Elizabeth looked at him scared, because she didn't know what Isaac was going to do. Isaac grabbed the top of the sword with both hands, as Elizabeth grew scared and tears ran down her cheeks. She didn't want to die; she was too young to die.

Isaac looked at Elizabeth and she looked at him, with plea in her eyes. Elizabeth then grew confused, because at that moment, Isaac smiled and winked at Elizabeth. 'But I can't kill Elizabeth, because I love her,' said Isaac quickly, when he turned with he sword into Raven's chest, making him fall to his knees.

'You are foolish,' said Raven. 'After all this time, you should know that you can't kill me. Only Elizabeth can kill me, if she finds all the arrows, but that won't happen, because they are hidden very well,' said Raven as he rose to his knees and knocked Isaac on the floor with his hands, and pulling the sword from his chest, showing no blood.

Raven held the sword up as the blade shined from the growing of the fire. 'Now, I'm going to kill Elizabeth, since you are not man enough,' said Raven when he approached Elizabeth, chained to the table in her purple dress.

'Please Raven; you don't have to do this,' pleased Elizabeth as she tried to escape and tears fell down her cheeks.

'Yes I do. You don't love me anymore, and I can't have you loving anyone else, especially my brother,' said Raven with anger in his voice and eyes.

'I can't help who I love, Raven,' said Elizabeth.

'You did love me, until Isaac came along!' yelled Raven. When Raven yelled; his voice echoed the whole room, making the little monsters shake and back up.

'Raven, get over yourself!' yelled Isaac as he still layed on the floor leaning on his elbows.

'Shut up Isaac!' he yelled. Raven than ordered one of his little monsters to come over.

'Yesss masssster,' the little monster hissed.

'Stand Isaac up! I want him to see his precious girlfriend being killed!' yelled Raven. The little monster didn't say anything, but scurried away to get Isaac. The little monster reached Isaac, and pulled him to his feet. Isaac tried to get away, but the little monster was just too strong for him.

'Now, it's time for you to watch,' said Raven, before turning back to Elizabeth. Raven stepped on a rock, so he was higher than Elizabeth. He could hear her please and cries, but Raven didn't care. Instead, Raven grasped the handle of the sword with both hands, and raised the sword over Elizabeth.

Elizabeth began to panic and yell for Isaac, but there was nothing he could do. 'Since I can't have you, then no one can!' yelled Raven, before slamming the sword into Elizabeth's heart, making her scream in pain.

'No, Elizabeth!' yelled Isaac as tears began to fall from his eyes.


'Well, you where attacked by Raven's little monsters, and they bit you, then you died. But somehow my tears brought you back to life,' explained the white fairy slowly.

'What/?' asked Ryan slowly still a little dazed and confused. 'So, I died and came back?' he asked slowly.

'Yes, I guess you did,' smiled the white fairy. Ryan slowly sat up, and the white fairy noticed that all the bite marks where gone.

'So, you saved my life then?' asked Ryan with an innocent look on his face. the white fairy didn't say anything, but shook her head in agreement. Ryan smiled at her. For some reason, all he could think about was the white fairy. He remembered Elizabeth and Isaac, but he didn't have the same feelings toward Elizabeth anymore. What all he thought about was taking the white fairy and kissing her pationately. He also seen them spending enternity together.

So, without anything said, Ryan leaned in and kissed the white fairy. As the two kissed, Ryan knew that he loved her very much. He knew that he wanted to mend with this fairy.

'What was that for?' asked the white fairy taken aback.

'I just felt like kissing you,' replied Ryan. 'Was that fine?'

'Oh yes, it ws fine,' smiled the white fairy. She couldn't help, but feel the same way about Ryan as he did her.

'We need to go and find Raven,' said Ryan as they stood up.

'Well, we can't go down the tunnel, because I don't want those little monsters to come out again,' explained the white fairy.

'then, we'll just have to go back above ground,' said Ryan as he walked over to the light, that was shining from above. 'You can go first,' he smiled at the fairy.

'Okay,' said the white fairy. She stepped into the light, and flapped her wings, until she took off, out of the tunnel, followed by Ryan. The white fairy landed with grace, and when Ryan landed, he made a dent in the ground, followed by shaking trees and birds flying. The white fairy just laughed at him. 'Sorry,' Ryan said when he stood up.

The white fairy walked over to him, and held out her hand for him to take. 'That's okay,' she smiled when Ryan took her hand.

'So, what's your name? I don't want to keep on calling you the white fairy,' Ryan smiled.

'Oh, it's Victoria,' she replied.

'Well Victoria, I'm Ryan,' he introduced.

'Ryan, I like that name,' she smiled. Ryan laughed when he turned his head, and seen something lying in the distance. He couldn't quite make out what was lying there.

'What?' asked Victoria when she noticed Ryan trying to see something.

'There's something up ahead,' replied Ryan. They slowly approached the object in silence, and seen that it was a body lying on the ground. Ryan let go of Victoria's hand, and ran to see who it was.

When he reached the body, and knelt down to check the person's pulse, he noticed that it was John. 'Oh no,' Ryan gasped after feeling the pulse and there was nothing.

'What's the matter?' asked Victoria when she knelt down on the other side of the body.

'This use to be John. He was a good friend of ours, and Michelle's boyfriend. She's just going to be devastated when she finds out,' said Ryan sadly.

'Ryan, I'm sorry,' said Victoria.

'Yeah me to,' said Ryan. Just then, they both heard a noise in the woods, and went to go search to see what it was.


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