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America's Sweetheart

Novel By: EbonyLove

Give it up for America's sweethearts, I must confess View table of contents...


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It was 12:08 in the morning, I was at school, and I was too bored to even think about being bored I mean when the hell am I gonna use pytagourass in my life seriously!

I groaned flopping my head on the wooden desk to announce my bordem.

This class was stupid in the first place! Our teacher Mr Mackey was flicking through his emails when we were SUPPOSED to be working on a maths sheet, but we'd finished that in 10 second since it was made for the year sevens and not year eleven brains.

No one I spoke to on a regular bacis was here, Ashley was in a lower set, and sweet talking Brandon and all my other friends were in hers.


I day dreamed about Guinness, Brandon and Summer time, I leaned on my arm the sun catching on my face from the slit in the blinds.

I was in a field with Brandon layed at one side and Ashley layed at the other. Guinness was running around woofing like mad. "So babe?" Brandon snuggled closer to me.

I sighed happily when Ashley giggled. "You too should get a room! But wear protection Bran flakes cause I sure as hell didn't and look where it got me!" Her stomach was blown up like a beach ball. I gasped.

"Mrs Davis?" She asked looking confused. I looked at her mirroring her looks why was she saying my last name?

Brandon nudged my shoulder, ouch that hurt! "Mrs Davis!!!" He shouted my ears really hurt now. Why was he shouting at me?

I woke with a start, my soroundings....a boring old maths classroom.

"And why do you think it was aproprate to sleep in MY class Mrs Davis?" Mr Mackey's voice boomed around the classroom, I jumped out of my seat...well almost!

"I..ur..well.. you see Sir I finished my sheet. And when...urm I put my hand up you were too busy with your computer Sir" He sneered at my pathetic excuse, but when he picked up my sheet he looked astonished.

"Stay after class Mrs Davis" Was all he snapped to me. "The rest of you pack up come on chop chop!"

The rest of the class shuffled out not wanting to miss out on a shout fest. Mr Mackey was known for his temper. He sat on his desk and beckoned me to come closer I could smell his smokey breath.

So not sexy.

I thought of Brandon, his soft looking straight brown hair and my fingers running through it. "Now Mrs Davis!" Mr Mackey said briskly tearing me away from Summer land and Brandon.

"Yes?" I asked sharply. More sharper than I intened. He crossed his arms at me smirking.

"I REALLY should give you a detention for snapping at a teacher and falling asleep in class!" He told me sternly. Oh please don't let him be a porn teacher who wants me to sucj his dick, however much I loved Brandon sex would have to wait.

Anyways, I'm not having sex till I'm old enough to know what I want to do with my life.

"But" He concluded. "I'm not. On account that you're an amazing girl at maths!" I froze at that. Me good at maths? I don't think so! Was I still day dreaming?

"Thank you Sir, it was nothing really" I bragged then stopped I still had to wait for Emily and it was getting late. "Can I go now Sir?"


I scaddadled out of the room grinning like a fool. I turned left and scuttled down the corridor to wait for Emily, her maths was next to Brandon's maybe I'd see him too?! Is squealed at the very thought.

I was now within eye shot of Emily's maths classroom, I saw her standing outside it yanking at Brandon's sleeve. She giggled at something he said. He smiled nervously at her then looked up and saw me frowning at them.

What the fuck was she up to stealing MY Brandon. Granted, he wasn't REALLY mine but..."Hi Angel" He smiled at me warmly, it took everything I had not to grin like a fool at him. Before I could reply Emily pipped in.

"Hey there Cassie kins how was maths, you took your time getting out sexy teacher?" She winked at me.

I suddenly got what she was doing, trying to make Brandon jellly for me! He frowned at her and looked at me saying. "Who's your maths teacher?" Emily stuck her thump up mouthing 'You're welcome!' behind his back.

I grinned rolling my eyes. "Yeah I wish I did but nah I've got Mr Mackey the pervert maths teacher" I peered at Brandon who was grinning at me.

"Soooooo..................." I trailed off suggestivly. NOT LIKE THAT! DIRTY PEOPLE!;)

Brandon blushed and turned bright red. "Erm yeah Emily said you have to tell me something apparently REALLY important so I stayed here y'know waiting!" He smiled gently. I don't think I could handle rejection today so I frowned at Emily.

"Only that you're an amazing friend Bran!" I winked at him then linked with Emily walking out onto the pitch heading towards the dinner hall for foods! He blushed again muttering slightly. "Thanks"

"We're going to the cinema's this Saturday wanna come?" Emily burbled happily unaware that me and Brandon kept looking at each other and looking away blushing like mad!

"Maybe" He said.

"Oh go on they'll be popcorn and everything!" She winked smiling realxing.

Brandon laughed at her. "You're like a dog with a bone you just won't let go!" He smiled at me and said. "Although I just might come if your off Cassie?"



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