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Don't Let Me Go

Novel By: Elena ArtistiC

Jess, a sixteen year old girl from the US goes to live in Germany with her father and her older brother. At first everything seem to be terrible for her but soon enough He shows up and makes her life full of excitment and adventure... or is he just too dangerus? Find out and let me know what you think! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: First day

I was gazing out the window… People passing by… Germany seemed dull. Back in New York, things were so much better… I don't even know what I am doing here. My dad found a job so he forced me and my brother to come here too. We'll spend the next two years here, in this house which I hate. I don't even speak German that well!

My dad is an English teacher. He found a much better job that the one he had in New York, here in Berlin. We came here almost a month ago. I had spent the whole month locked up in my room, trying to accept the fact that I would actually graduate here, and not back home with my friends. I called Shellie, my best friend, every day crying on the phone. I knew no one here. I felt so alone.

I was sixteen years old! I could have stayed back, alone! It was my brother, Jack who convinced me to come. He said that ever since our mother died, we are all dad has left and that we can't abandon him like this! It was true…. But, I had no friends in Germany and everything was so new for me. I don't know how long it would take me to get used to this place. People seem so strict…

I left the window and I lied on my bed. I put some music on. Tomorrow would be my first day at my new school. That was something I was really nervous about. Would the kids like me? Would I make any friends? Would I even understand what they were saying in this terrible language, that sounded like they had twisted their tongs?

Someone knocked on my door.

"Hey, Jess, can I come in?" I recognized Jacks voice.

"Come in!" I said and turned the music off.

"How are you?" he asked trying to sound cheerful. He couldn't fool me! I knew he was as nervous as me, he just didn't want to admit it.

"I'm fine, I guess…" I said staring at the wall.

"Hey" he said and sat on the bed beside me "it's ok! You'll do great, tomorrow!"

"Yeah, you too!" I returned the favor.

"No, Jess, I really mean it! Time to meet people! We've been in this city of over a month and we've barely talked to anyone! Seriously, this can't go on!"

I noted. I knew he was right, it was just so hard. I wanted my old friend back!

"I just miss Kith so much…" I reviled and my eyes burst with tears.

I knew it was awkward for my brother hearing about my boyfriend but I had no one else to talk to, here…

"I miss everyone too!"

"And I miss mom" I whispered and I felt the tears coming down my face.

"Me too!" he said and he hugged me.

We sat there for a while. He spoke first "It's late! Get some sleep, ok?"

"Fine…" I answered.

"Everything will be just fine!" he promised me an got out of my room.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but I didn't make it until it was time for school.

"Jess! Time to get up!" my dads voice.

"Yes, dad!" I replied. I got up and ran to the shower, I had to get there before my brother, every morning since we were kids. Sometimes I made it and some others I had to wait half an hour outside the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth, and put my clothes on. I had picked them up the pervious morning. I tried to put my messy hair in order but they kept falling all over my face.


"Jessica!". My dad heard me! He did not like me too use this kind of words in front of him.

"Come on let's go! We'll be late!"

I checked myself in the mirror and put some of my brown, straight hair behind my ear, I grabbed my bag and left.

Dad and Jack had a small talk in the car about the new school. I wasn't in the mood of talking. I turned my mp3 player on and tried to imagine what my friend would be doing right now back at my old school. We got to the school much sooner than I hoped.

My dad, Jack and I went straight to the headmasters office.

"Mr. Jones, welcome!" he said in English, which surprised me.

"Good morning, Mr. Smits! It is great to see you again!"

My dad had met Mr. Smits before. He would teach at the same school we'd go, so he had come here a lot of times before, to get some paper work done for the new year.

"Those must be Jack and Jessica, your son and your daughter."

"Yes! They are very excited to be here!" my dad lied.

I looked away.

"It's very nice to meet you kids!" he said and he repeated the phrase in German. "Come on! I'll take you to your classes! Oh! Mr. Jones, you know where to go! Have a good start!"

"Thank you, sir!" my dad replied. "Enjoy your first day, kids!" he said to us in a smiling face.

"Thanks dad!" Jack answered.

I just faked a smile. I am not sure if it looked any real at all.

The school was not as big, as the one in New York was, not as new. I did not like it! And why was the weather always so cloudy? It made everything look even more depressing.

Mr. Smits walked me to my class and opened the door for me. I stood there looking inside it scared for a minute.

"Go on!" he said.

I forced myself to take a few steps in the class.

The teacher was not there yet. There were only kids playing around and throwing things to each other. I was very careful not to do anything that would make them notice me. I sat on a desk on the corner of the class, I pulled out my mobile and tried to count inside my head to find what time it would be in New York. Screw it! If I can't call them, I'll text them.

"I'M AT MY NEW SCHOOL, EVERYTHING SUCKS WITHOUT YOU! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT CHRISTMAS! MISS YOU!" and I pressed Sent after finding Kiths name on my contact list.

I looked around me. Most of the children were blond. I felt weird having brown hair! I noticed a redheaded girl playfully fighting with some guys. I felt so alone. I looked nervously at my phone, hopping Kith would finally answer, but there was nothing!

"Good morning!" a tall lady said loudly, in German of course. She must be the teacher.

The kids ignored her and continued what they were doing.

"Shut up and sit down now!" she screamed.

I looked at her with my eyes widely open. What kind of teacher was that?

"So, let me see… do I know everyone here?" she looked at every kid carefully.

"Hi, Anna! Hey Susie! Demean, I don't want any more trouble this year, ok! Billy, how was your summer?"

"It was fine, Miss Margot!"

"I' glad! How are you Hanna? Oh… and you… back there… I don't know you!" she pointed at me.

I swallowed. "I…" my voice was barely a whisper "My name's Jessica Jones!"

"Oh! Welcome, Jessica! Are you new here?"

"Yes, I just came here, with my dad and my older brother from New York!"

Of course I did not mention that my dad was the new English teacher!

"That's great! It's good to have you around! Do you like it here, Jessica?"

I wanted to make this chat as small as it could get so I lied "Yes, it's a lovely place!"

I felt something moving in my hands. My phone! Finally! The teacher looked away and started talking about something, Biology, I think, but I didn't care! I opened the message.


I smiled and got lost in my thoughts for a while.

The bell rang, I got up to go look for my next class. It looked like it was going to be a long day…


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