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The Wedding (Always a Bridesmaid)

Novel By: EllaJane

Kirsten is the girl who is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. She's stuck in a relationship going nowhere while she watches all of her friends marry off one by one. She meets someone who might change all that for her at her friend, Mindy's wedding. But will her best friend and fellow bridesmaid, Amy, who's suffereing from a bad marriage herself ruin it for her? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: Always a Bridesmaid

I wrinkled up my nose, trying not to squirm as the guy at the nail salon scrubbed the bottoms of my feet. My best friend, Amy, and I were getting pedicures and I was completely and totally ticklish. The young man kept glaring up at me like I was annoying him, but I figured at the price I was paying he could handle a little squirming. I tried to focus my attention back to Amy, who was going on and on about how much she was NOT looking forward to the weekend ahead of us.

"I just don't understand why we all have to stay in the same hotel room TOGETHER," she said with a sigh, dropping her bright red hair against the pillow of the chair. It framed her round face as she stuck her tongue out at me, exaggerating her feelings on the subject.

"Maybe it won't be too bad?" I tried, half heartedly.

"Right, Kirsten. And maybe we'll get run over by a mack truck?" Amy snickered.

Amy and I were lucky enough to be co-maids of honor in our close friend, Mindy's, wedding. The three of us had been friends since high school, and we were genuinely thrilled to be a part of her day. The part we weren't so thrilled about? The other three bridesmaids. They were all friends of Mindy's from college. And they were all sorority girls. And Amy and I? Well, we definitely weren't sorority girls. And the best part, after the rehearsal dinner that night, Amy and I got to spend the weekend in a hotel room with all of the girls getting ready for the wedding. We were thrilled. That's why we were treating ourselves to pedicures before we had to be at rehearsal in a few hours.

"Just remember, we're doing this for Mindy," I reminded Amy, flinching again as the man scrubbing my feet seemed to find my ticklish spot.

"I know. Well, maybe there will be some cute guys there anyway. I've never met Kent's best man...what's his name? Bob? Or Rob? I dunno...but Mindy said he's single. Could be an option."

I rolled my green eyes at Amy, biting my tongue to stop from saying what I really wanted to say. Sure, flirting with cute single guys sounded like a good plan. But there was just one small problem....Amy was married. She was going on 2 years. Granted, she and her husband were having some serious problems and she was very unhappy, but they were not separated. And Amy had been having some extra-marital affairs as of late with pretty much anyone who would give her the time of day. I loved my best friend, but I didn't always agree with the choices she made. And it upset me how low her self esteem was that she would pretty much just mess around with or sleep with any guy who so much as talked to her, just to make herself feel better.

"I think its Rob," I said, unsure. "Or maybe it is Bob..." I shrugged my shoulders as I heard a 'ching-ching'. I dug my phone out of my purse and read the text message. It was from my live-in boyfriend, Joel.


I quickly texted him back then threw the phone back into my purse. My relationship pretty much had the opposite problems that Amy's had. I couldn't get my boyfriend to commit. We had been together for several years and lived together for over half of those years, and he didn't seem to have any intentions of even talking about marriage. And, as the age old saying goes, I was tired of always being a bridesmaid and never being a bride. Lately I had been fighting some inner demons, trying to decide whether or not to wait around forever on a guy who I loved and treated me well, versus finding out if someone else was out there who WANTED to commit to me. It was an impossible decision to make. And being the maid of honor in a wedding just reminded me that much more that I wasn't anywhere close to walking down the aisle myself.

"What about Jayson?" I asked, referring to one of Kent's groomsmen. Amy had hung out with Mindy, Kent, and Jayson a few times and had a small crush on him.

"Oh he'll be there. But you know, he's not down with the whole married thing -- and I know, I know, before you even say it I need to do something about it. But it's just not that simple," Amy said, defending herself. And I knew it wasn't simple. Things like that never are. "Plus," she went on, "maybe I can make Jayson jealous?" she giggled as she winked one of her blue eyes at me.

"I'm sure you could. But don't forget, you can't leave me alone with the Omega Airheads. I can't survive those girls by myself," I pleaded.

"Don't remind me!! What was Mindy thinking? This weekend would be perfect if it was just you, me, and the boys!" Amy laughed.

I had to laugh with her, although I had to wonder at times if Amy's boy-crazyness was going to eventually get me in trouble.


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