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Novel By: elmoshurtside

This is for enchantress's contest...its not done yet though. hope you like it so far. View table of contents...


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In her world things were different in sorts. Outrage plagued the land and the sea. A war far beyond all wars that any world had ever known was at midst. A war between good and evil had destroyed everything her people had created, and everything they stood for was ruined. A war that had lasted hundreds of years, that's what she was born into, but she had a secret. She was the secret. A divine being, the perfect life, the perfect soul, that's who she was. She was named Leta, she was the hidden one. She was human.
She awakes the rustling of the autumn leaves and the slits of sun light that fell between the over head branches. She is greeted with the immense pain of her solitude, and despair of her lonely life. A tear swells in her eye and falls gracefully. Her heart whither in grief, her soul crumbles. In the midst of her heartbreak she thinks of Ace, her keeper. Her protector, the fallen angel. She remembers his face and wishes for it. She wishes for him to be near her and keep her away from her lonely state, to bring her out of this place of darkness. She wishes for his touch, and as she does, more tears begin to fall from her eyes. She longs for him almost out of a sense of love that she never knew she had for him, but was just realizing. She didn't know how much longer she would have to wait to see his face, his sandy glistening hair, or his sunflower eyes. She didn't know how long it would be before she heard his angelic voice say her name, or feel his warm hand touch her face. Almost as if by magic she hears his whistle. The whistle that lets her know it's him, Ace, and not someone there to kill her. Her heart raced in anticipation as he fought his way through the bush and appeared in front of her.
It had been two weeks since she had seen him. It had been two weeks of loneliness. Her heart melted at the site of him. She crumbled to the ground as tears poured from her eyes. Ace rushed to her side. She was his princess, his treasure. He was the only person in the whole world who was actually aloud to see her and only one of few who even knew she existed. In their world humans weren't aloud to exist anymore. The whole world had been taken over by demons and fallen angels. Ace was one of few who didn't agree with killing humans, however he didn't always think that way.
He reached out his hand to brush the tears from her face and embraced her tightly. His heart fluttered and hers did too. They were one person in that moment, their hearts beating as one. She laid for a moment with her head on his chest trying to calm her heart and her mind, but she was so happy that he was there it was hard to be calm at all. Ace ran his hand along Leta's cheek and down her neck attempting to ease her soul. She looked up at his face and noticed his straining look. She opened her mouth and produced the sweet sound that Ace had been looking forward to for so long, "Ace, is everything alright?"
Leta was one of five humans in the area being hidden by Ace and his friends. Ace and his friends owned a safe house where they kept the other four humans. The house had been raided by a group of fallen angels. Leta was hidden in the woods because Ace felt it was safer, but now that the house had been raided she was in danger even though she was hidden separately. "Leta, we have to go far away from here."
Her face was so innocent to him, "Why, Ace?"
"Because, honey," He tried so hard to hide the truth from her but as he did her intrest only grew, "we just have to."
She could see the pain in his eyes and she knew the truth he didn't need to tell her about the raid, she knew that the others had been caught and killed and that now not only her life was in danger, Ace's was too. She saw images in her mind of what they had done to those other humans, and what they might do to her and, even worse, to Ace. Ace looked her in the eyes, and they both understood.
"I have a friend waiting in a near by city who knows we are coming. He will give us a place to stay for a night or two, but then we will keep moving. There will be other safe houses for us along the way. We will keep going until we get to the outlands." The outlands were abandoned forests. They would be safe there, but the nearest one was over 200 miles, and they would be walking. It would take them at least a week if they only stopped once every day to sleep for six hours. They would be walking at night to avoid being seen.
"Won't we be in danger of being caught? What if someone sees us?" The fear in her voice brought tears to Ace's eyes. He hated to her the stress she was feeling.
He wrapped her in his arms, "Everything will be alright. I promise." Leta trusted him and so she fell down into his arms and let herself calm down a bit. "We will leave here at sun down." He kissed her forehead. "I have a backpack with supplies in it over there by the roses." She looked at him confused about what they might need. Ace explained that they would need jackets at night because it would be really cold, also they would need food to eat, and bandages incase she got hurt. "Lets get some sleep before the sun sets. Your going to need it."
Ace pulled Leta close to his chest as he laid down next to the tree they had been leaning against. They began to breath in sync and rest easily together. She let her body fall against him heavily as she drifted off into her world of sleep.

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