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Through My Eyes: A Never Ending Story Of Psyco Teen.

By: elmoshurtside

Chapter 1, I\'m going to start a book. I don\'t know how this will work but I will just coninue to post new chapters to this story. Parts of it might be true and parts fiction, but you\'ll never know what\'s what. Hope you enjoy. BTW: The narator is a 15 year old girl living in a small suburban town outside of Atlanta. She is bisexual and she fights with her mom alot. She has alot of personallity disorders that cause issues with the people around her. I hope this wil be both funny and heartwrenching.

This morning i woke up to screaming again. What the fuck is wrong with my mother? Well, before i even start, let me tell you some things about the crazy bitch.  My mother, Braily, Is crazy...

this is just a slash of what you will see when i actually post the first chapter.

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