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What If This Ends?

Novel By: elmoshurtside

This will be about a young girl names Amber and she will undergo a tragic heartbreak a terrible loss and the best love she will ever have all in just one year. You will enter her story at the loss, just one month after her boyfriend Jess Breaks her heart. Will Scott show her how to love again, or will she be too afaid to wait and see? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 8, 2009    Reads: 67    Comments: 4    Likes: 8   

Amber opened her eyes to see the room spinning around her. She was still adjusting to life with out Chris. It had been a week since the funeral and she was being forsed to go back to school. Amber whiped the sleepies from her eyes and sat up. The sun was still steeping do why wasn't she? A shower was just what she needed.

Amber let the warm water roll of her body in beads.� She lathered her hair in shampoo and scrubbed her scalp. Bubbles flew around in the stone shower and for the first time since her brother died, Amber smiled. She rinsed her hair and put conditioner in it for a moment but quickly rinsed it out too. As she stepped out of the shower and onto the rug she dried her body with the towel. Once she had on a pair of jeans and a shirt, she slipped on some convers and walked out her front door.

The air was musky, it had rained. There was dew on the grass and the sun was coming up. Amber walked slowly so that she could� let the wind dry her hair. A car drove past her and honked. Amber jumped in her skin and looked up. "Hey, You need a ride?" The voice was angelic, perfect.

Amber tried to gather her whits, "How did you find me?" She giggled. He said nothing and just grinned. "I'm going to school. I have to go."

"Is that where you want to be going?" What was with this guy? He didn't even know her, so why was he so determined? Amber shot him a look that� even she couldn't explain. "Why don't you just get in the car, and then we can decide where we are going...What do ya say?"

Amber stood there for a moment, and then reluctantly got in the car. there was no way she could say no, not when he was looking at her that way. His eyes beamin right through her. no, she just slid into the front seat.

He smiled a crooked smile, like all sexy guys do in the movies. He was satisfied. "Ok, mister, where are we going?" Amber's voice seemed to fit the setting perfectly.

"Well, tell me your name and I'll pick a place that matches it, how about that?" He was trying so hard to woo her that she had to laugh. "Don't laugh, just tell me your name you goof." He grinned back at her.

"Jennaveav." Amber tried as hard as she could to keep a streight face and did well untill he actually called her that. "I'm just kidding! It's Amber."

He looked her deep in the eyes as they stopped at the stop light, "I love it. I'm Scott." He turned back to the road as the light turned green.

"So, where to?"� Scott ignored her. The car stopped in front of a huge building and Amber's mouth dropped open at two things...the sight of her location, and the fact that she was kinda smiling.


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