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What If This Ends?

Novel By: elmoshurtside

This will be about a young girl names Amber and she will undergo a tragic heartbreak a terrible loss and the best love she will ever have all in just one year. You will enter her story at the loss, just one month after her boyfriend Jess Breaks her heart. Will Scott show her how to love again, or will she be too afaid to wait and see? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 15, 2010    Reads: 43    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

The cafeteria at school was so loud on mondays, Amber could barely hear herself think. She sat waiting on Scott. He had begged her to let him come have lunch with her. That meant she would be sitting accross from Scott in only moments. Just as the thought crossed her mind Scott pulled open the lunch doors and stood looking around. All the girls turned to look at him. After all he was gorgious, about two years older than Amber, kinda short for a guy, but Amber didnt mind after all she was 5'0" and he was at least three inches taller than her. He also had the most stunning pale green eyes. They were almost blue looking because they were so light, but sht had noticed the green tint at the funeral. He saw her and his eyes pierced hers, and a grim spread across his face as he walked towards her. He had on a greenish sweater jacket that zipped in the front, and some baggie jeans with converse. His camera in his hand.

Scott quickly smiled, "Hey beautiful." And snapped a poleroid of Amber's blushing face. She giggled and smirked at him as he waved the image in the air as it developed into and actually decent picture. He glanced down once the picture was completely visable. "Stunning, see?" He placed it on the table and pulled the shoulder bag off and set it on the table opening it. "I'm glad you havent gotten a lunch yet. I braught you something." He pulled out a brown paper bag. "I hope they are still warm." He pulled out two perfectly wrapped homemade burgers. "I didnt know what you wanted on yours so..." He smiled shamelessly and began pulling out baggies with onions and tomatoes and pickles. Then pulled out bottles of ketchup and mayo and mustard, and Amber started to laugh.

"So you just braught everything?" She smiled and giggled as he nodded his head saying something about being prepared. Neither of them noticed that everyone was staring at them. Amber put an onion and some pickles on her burger, "They are still pretty warm did you make them?" She squirted mayo and mustard on her bun and closed the burger squishing it down a bit. Scott shook his head 'yes' and put everything on his burger, even tomatoes. Amber took the first bite and let out a slight moan, "This is so good!" Her mouth was bulging as she tried to talk, and she started to laugh.

"Im glad you like it darlin." He smiled at her, and she smiled back. "Thanks for letting me come, Amber."

She didnt know what to say, so, she just gave him her smile. The smile that says it all. The smile that she has given so many people, the one that says 'of course'. But in such a happy way. They sat an ate, not taqlking about her brother at all. Amber was ok with that though. She was so sick of everyone wanting to talk about Chris. It was nice to just be enjoying time with him. They laughed and talked about pointless topics for the rest of lunch and as the bell rang, Scott stood up throwing away all the trash, and putting the various toppings back into his bag. "Again, Amber, thanks for letting me come." He smiled a wide smile, and Amber knew that he wasn't just doing this out of pitty. He was just as happy to be seeing her as she was to see him. For the first time she felt like it was ok to just be happy.

"I'm glad too" She smiled.


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