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Boots, Boys, And Bad Deals

Novel By: elphabalives17

Emery loves her band (The Seven Deadly Sins), her boot collection (which takes up two closests almost) and her guitar (which is her baby). She hates Cherry's singing (impossibly horrible), running (whats the point?) and Justin Kenly (who, at 19, is running almost every underground operation in Nashville).
Unfortunately, Justin needs a favor from Emery (and the whole band, really), and it's either be kidnapped and help him or go along willingly. Figuring it's easier to go along with it, Emery strikes a deal him. But none of them were expecting the mansion, or anything else that came along with it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 8, 2011    Reads: 177    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Not another word about me and Justin's attempt at a conversation was said over the next few days. Cherry was released from lock down and when she wasn't flirting or running or dressing up she pretty much stuck to Marly's side in the cool, dark computer lab, head on her lap, totally out cold. Hazel decided she was probably getting sick and made her eat a ton of soup and vitamins, and she was spending a lot of time with Chris in the kitchen, not always just cooking. Rory was drifting between me and Zane, when he wasn't on duty. Together the two of us online stalked a bunch of hot guys (while Marly rolled her eyes from her computer and Cherry snored) that weren't always celebrities using this weird system Justin had had installed that let you see just about EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. We were to scared to type in our own names.

And me, you may ask?

I went through all the basic motions of feeling all fine and dandy, but really I was agonizing, rehashing over every moment of the walk we had taken after Cherry's attempt to kill people. But I couldn't imagine what would have happened if Chris hadn't been sent by Hazel to find us (it was official, she was determined to kill my joy of making out with Justin… Chris was just against the L word it would seem). I mean, would he have said I love you? Would he have told me he didn't plan on feeling this way? That now what we had was real? What was he going to say? Why was he choosing then? Well, I had been choosing then, too, but….

I didn't know if Justin was freaking out too, because I barely saw him. we were back to the beginning pattern of being gone before I woke up, and the very next evening he skimmed a kiss over my forehead, announcing he had to go away for business. He looked so dangerous all over again that I didn't question him, I merely brushed the hair out of his face, planted a quick kiss on his lips, and saw him off at the front door like a good fiancé.

He was gone with no word for a week. I was worried sick. Where was he? Why wasn't he here? I irritated every one in my desperation for information.

Not that they told me anything, the ass holes.

"Don't worry," Keyon said for the thousandth time, "This is a routine business trip to an area you are to have no knowledge of- prior to the wedding that is. And I'm sure theres always going to be things-,"

"There will NOT be things kept from me," I snapped firmly. "He is going to be married to me, he will respect the fact that I have the right to know where he is, when, and why. Buisness be damned, understood."

Keyon nodded, chastised. "Yes, Ma'am," he said, and slunk off to find Cherry, who was in the kitchen trying to escape from more veggie filled soup. ("God, hazel, my stomach hurts! No MORE! PLEASE!")

I felt guilty later- Keyon after all, like all of us was nineteen, and it wasn't like we were all going to be the most informed on what marriage was like. Considering I hadn't seen any parents around here, there was a good chance they had no firm foundation on what a marriage was, like I had, seeing other people. If they had been raised here, they had had no chance to see that. It was a sad thought, in a way, and instantly I was glad that Hazel and Rory especially were going around mothering everyone.

And then Justin got back.

The sound of the doors in the front hall made me start. No one should have been coming in- I knew where people were.

That left me two options. We were being invaded (not likely considering we had roughly our own small army living with us) or….

Or my Justin was home.

MY Justin…. The very words made me smile.

Flinging aside (very gently, mind) my guitar, I jumped up off of the couch and went sprinting to the front hall.

And there he was. Still looking dark and dangerous, wearing black pants and a black silk shirt and tie and expensive shoes and sunglasses on the top of his head.

He was giving orders, but as soon as I stepped softly into the room, he rotated around, and saw me. I saw his face, and, for once not noticing that I was totally dressed wrong for the scene (super short black jean shorts and an old tennis sweatshirt from middle school with the sleeves rolled up past my elbows, and barefoot, too) I sprinted towards him with a delighted cry.

"Justin!" I squealed, throwing myself into his arms. He swept me up off my feet and spun me in a circle, lowering me only enough that I could lock my legs around his waist and kiss him full on the mouth.

When we were both breathless, he pulled back. "Emery." The tone of voice he said it in made me want to cry, it was so sweet. "I missed you." This said with almost childish wonder.

"I missed you too," I said, and he grinned, kissing me hard again.

Slowly but surely, every one had emerged, Chris and Hazel from the kitchen, Keyon with Cherry piggy back style on his back with Marly arguing softly with her as she talked to the ambassadors son, Rory from a corner with Zane (looking delightfully ruffled in that darling post make out sort of way), and a couple others.

I smiled to myself. It was weird, but I felt like I had my family there.

"Emery, I didn't tell you before, because we keep getting interrupted. But I have to tell you- and so help me god, if any of you," here Justin glared something fierce at both Hazel and Chris who blushed bright red and shrugged, "interrupt, I'll shoot you with the gun in my pants."

I snorted as I thought of a rather perverted joke that could go with that. He glared at me, too.

"Would you hush? I'm trying to tell you I love you!"

I froze in his arms. He froze too. Our eyes were big as saucers, I was sure.

Then I grinned. "I love you, too."

The cheers were deafening.

"Ha!" Cherry yelled, "I knew it! You owe me fifty bucks, Marly!"

I didn't hear her though. I was to busy kissing my Prince Charming.


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