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Loving The Goth Next Door

Novel By: elphabalives17

FINISHED!: Brei secretley loves her longtime best freind nick.
Nick secretley loves his longtime best freind Brei.
But what happens when a complicated game begins that leaves Brei- your general goth next door- more endangered than ever before... Maybe when she learns the only secret Nick has ever kept? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 26, 2009    Reads: 462    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Brei giggled as the water balloo cae flying at her. "Nick! Stop!" she squealed as she was bombarded, "Im on your tem for gods sake!"

Nick laughed, lowering the water baloon/ water missile. "But its just so hilarious to get you drenched! I mean, seriously, detta, would you give up on wringing out that shirt? Your just making it all baggy!"

"And thats a bad thing why?" Brei smirked at him, refilling her own water gun as he struggled to clench the tip of one of Nicks water baloons between her side teet without breaking a wire n her braces.

"You look terible in baggy clothes." her freind replied, earning himself a facefull of water as the two freinds yunger brothers ran around the corner of the house. "Seige!!!!" they screamed and Brei and Nick carelessly forgot the carefree argument to take defensive positions, nick carefully making sure Brei didnt fallsince she was so clumsy and Brei covering Nick as they always did during times like these.

"Evasive manouver N plus B!" Nick shouted, and Brei scrambled in the opposite direction, towards the fort, while Nick went the long way around... And just as he used the long rope to swingacross the narrow creek in the woods, Brei opened fire from up in the trees... moments before se fell out, right into her best freinds (and only neighbors) arms. "WHy does this always happen agian?" she groaned, as he placed her right side up on the leafy ground.

"Hmmmm... I was starting to think it was part of evasive manuver N plus B!." he replied, chukling,as he alwas did.

"I think you catching me is part of EVERY plan we've createdso far." Brei sighed, placin her hands on her hips and arching her back lik a content cat.

"Wow, you figured thatone out. And they say Im the smart one." Nick rolled his eyes at her.

"Only because your a year older than me," Brei growled, "And that still doesnt mean much." her full lower lip pouted all the way out, prohibited by the teeth pulling braces.

'Calm down, Brei,"Nick said putting an arm around her shoulder after checking that both of their brothers were gone, probably to reload. She shivered at the contct of his freezing wet skin on her porcelin like almost dry skin. He hugged her tight to him, and she wrapped her arm around his waist like theyd done since they were five, and looked up at him, smiling.

"Im calm. Cold water works miracles with my temper." She grinned at him, showing almost perfectly straight teeth, and his blue eyes stared into her own glowing green pair. He grimanced.

"Its to bad we both have braces," muttered, and watched the confusion cloud her eyes, and smiled at how small she suddenly seemed. He was a ood three inches than her, at all time not just when her hair lay soakingingly plastered to her back., instead of its usual windblown gotic style.

Suddenly, clouds covered the whole now darkened sky. "Where did that come frm?" Brei whispered, keeping her voice light, though she trembled terribly agianst his side. He was one of few that knew how frightened she was of thunderstorms.

"Lets get you home," Nick said, and grabbed her hand and ran with her to the border of the trees where she left him, streamlining into her house just as the fiirst giant rain drops fell from the sky and crashed to the ground, just behind her younger brother, who was hollering good bye to Nicks own brother, who stood far away from him in the trees. Nick barely noticed the younger two, nor did he see Bri's older brother watching him curiously from his hidden post at the kitcen window, the only person to see him, as he stood sheltered and hidden away amongst the trees. He smiled as Brei smacked the door agiast its frame as she ra inside.

"Bye, Brei," Nick whipered to her from the woods, a smile touching his lips as he melted away, and from where Brei stood in the window of her second story window, she didnt see him, but she felt his words, right on her fast beating heart.


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