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Things Are Never What They Seem

Novel By: elphabalives17

my story for Ghosti Harrell's challenge! Jessica is hugley distracted by Justin, the new boy next door. Jessica feels a strange attraction to him... But what does it mean? Especially when Jessica realizes that things really never are what they seem? View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 12, 2009    Reads: 137    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Jessica foeced her eyes to look at her paper.. and felt her own head snap back, and her feet go up on point as if she was at dance, and she peered over the wooden picket fence, st the boy sitting across from her, not seeing her, as he was half turned away.

She had never seen a person so beautiful, even more beautiful than she, who was very pretty, with long silky strawberry coulored hair, big sky blue eyes, and creamy pale skin. She was round in the right places, flat in the right places, and very pretty in general. But the boy... He seemed tall, where he was, with long jean encased legs, and a thin black muscle shirt showing off the perfect six-pack, then totally white skin, full red lips, a tousle of honey blonde hair, and a slighlty pained look on his gorgeous face, mixed with utter amusement.

Jessica wondered if she should go over. She was used to having the pick of any boy she wanted, but never had she felt so remarkably compelled and drawn to a boy, like she was... under some kind of spell. But the same thing seemed to repel her, make her want to.. she didnt know, hurry off to find one of her freinds, and maybe even Tristen, the boy she had broken up with last week....

Hmmm, Jessica was definetley going over there.

She smoothed down her pink very short short shorts, perfect for the overly warm fall day, and straightened up her simple tight white shirt with 'I ROCK THIS WORLD!' in black, and opened the gate and stepped through. The boy made no sign of noticing her, so Jessica walked over and sat down beside him.

"Hi" She said quietly, not wanting to disturb him to much. He nodded vaguley at her, and his honey hair fell into his eyes, so he shook it out gently. "Hold on a minute, Jessie" he said in a voice that sounded like a the ringing of deep brass bells.

But how did he know her nickname? Jessie pondered in her own mind, slightly confused, and still tired from lasts nights party. There was another onein a week or two for an early Haloween thing, Derek Vanstringles was throwing it at his place, up by the old woods.

"Sorry about that. I didnt want to loose my spot." said the boy, swiping his hair from his eyes once more. He held up a paperback, and showed her the title. It was one by Danielle Steele, someone Jessie had never before heard of.

"My name is Jamie. I know your name, I saw the look on your face when I used it, because your mother came over earlier and dropped off a casserole. I just moved here from Wiscosin, Bayfeild actually, and am starting school tommorow. You are very pretty, but you probably dont want to be my freind. Most people tend to ignore me. If you do want to be my freind, I will see you at school tommorow. But I cant talk right now. I have work to do."

He walked away and was gone before Jessie could say anything.

Jessie stared at his cute butt in amazement as he swaggered off. To cute, to pulling, yet so frightening, and almost.... dangerous. Huh....

Jessie ran back to her house, dialing Matia's cell number as she went.

She didnt feel the appraisingly shocked eyes on her from the upstairs windows of the house, nor did she hear the little voice, deep and beautifull..

"You should have run while you had the chance. But you belong to me now... and I will take much better care of you."


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