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lBoys Will Be Boysl

Novel By: Emerald Skye

"You can't escape you past. It'll always be there, like that obsessive girlfriend you can't just get rid of and see on every street corner." ~ These words have followed Jared Miller since he left his hometown in Moscow, Idaho and decided to move to Los Angeles. He knows he can't escape what he was before, and even as he struggles to rebuild his shattered life, he can't keep from looking over his shoulder. He's shut himself off from the world, and he darn ain't about to let anyone in without fight... And well, that's exactly what he gets when on his first day he meets the rude, masochistic Derrick Rhodes, who just doesn't seem to take no for an answer. How can you protect someone who doesn't want to be protected? Things just got complicated. View table of contents...


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"Hey! Hey! How was your vacation?"

"It was great! I went on vacation with my family and met this hot guy!"

"Oh God, how was it? Did you guys hit it off?"

"You can bet we did, we went out and even went to second base!"

"Ha, Oh. My, God!"

"I know right?"

"I know!"

"No way!'

"Yes Way!"




Without warning I slammed my head down against the desk, the hollow thunk of it startled the two idiots sitting at my side, causing their conversation to cease and heads to turn in my direction. I heard the whispers start up, some scattered giggles, and snorts. I didn't give a damn, I felt as if somehow I had just lost all of my braincells simply by being in the same room as these girls. Their voices had droned on and on about their vacation, and though everyone in the room was talking about their own vactions, they weren't being so damn stupid about it. Did all girls really need to start that 'Nuh-uh' argument everytime they wanted to express how surprised they were? Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

"What's your problem?" One of the girls said from my side, I still hadn't lifted my head from my desk, so I wasn't sure exactly who was talking--And honestly, I didn't care enough to check.

"You are." I growled, talking into the desk, my voice was slightly muffled, but the room was quiet enough for them to hear me, "I'm going stupid simply from listening to you two talk,"

Gasps rose from the students in the room, and dead silence followed my statement. It was as if I had suddenly gotten up from my seat, stripped naked and shouted, "HAIL HITLER!" For everyone to hear. It was so quiet, I couldn't help raising my head to look around me. Tanned faces were slack with surprise, a few glared at me with distate, others simply stared with blank, creepy expressions. The two girls were also staring, their faces red--Anger or embarassment? It was hard to tell--while their mouths worked uselessly, like a pair of goldifsh I'd owned as a kid back in Idaho; I would have laughed, if I didn't feel like I'd just fucked up big time.

You see, I've just moved here and well, its obvious I don't fit in. I'm like an elephant in a room full of Zebras --Useless, and totally out of place. But how could I really? These kids were all tanned, blonde beach bums--Yes, I do mean ALL of them, it's like the look was genetic or something. And me, well, I'm just a lanky 18 year old with skin so pale I put milk to shame. While they were blonde, my hair was a shock of blue-black, courtesy of my half-sister Audrey, who had decided that using me as her 'Cosmetic lab rat' was a good idea. Standing at 5 feet and 7 inches, I wasn't exactly that 'Tall, dark, and handsome stranger' girls dreamed about, hell, I was often mistaken for a girl... From the back of course, not like I have any breasts or anything--Thank God or Satan or flying llamas or whatever the hell was watching us from up there-- I didn't need any other reason to look like I didn't belong.

"What?" I growled, annoyed at the gawking, I knew I was putting on quite a show, but no way in hell was I backing down now.

Then suddenly all hell broke loose.

"HOW DARE YOU INSULT A FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE BARONS?" One of the girls spoke, her blonde curls boucing wildly as her head bobbed up and down like one of those toy bobble heads I have sitting on the dash of my car. It was like each of her words had to be accumpanied by a head bob. I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing, it was comical, pure comedy gold.

"Excuse me?" I asked, brows raising in question, "Barons? Founding Member? What in the world are you talking about girl?" None of this was making sense, the silence, the sudden motion all around me as kids stood from their seats and crept closer in order to hear better--Not like they couldn't from the back of the room, but, eh.

"Ugh, you're such an ignorant red neck," Came head-bobbing girl's reply as she stood, her tailored capris and loose tank top fluttering as she moved, and well, I couldn't help it. My eyes locked on her breasts... Or well, the breasts that should have been there. From my vintage point, all I saw was fabric... Was she really a girl under all that make-up? I was so focused on her appearance that I didn't even hear her insult, and even if I had, I wouldn't of cared, I got it pretty often, wasn't much I could do about where I came from.

"You don't even know who the Barons are," Her head bob and up went that snotty little nose of hers. Had she had a little more in the breast department, I would've considered her cute, but sadly, I'm a breast man and well, no boobs, no dating. "And it's Trish, not 'girl'," She sneered the last word and lifted a carefully manicured hand to her face, brushing back a curl and tucking it behind her ear. "Right now, you're on our black list 'boy' so you better get to appologizing real fast... Or else."

Appologizing? Was she out of her goddamn mind? There was no way I was going to say sorry for telling the truth, and even if I had been, that 'or else' rose up my defenses. No one threatens Jared Miller, not even the President himself, or else they were going to deal with one very pissed off white boy. "Or else?" I echoed, my voice hardening. I noticed several students standing from their seats, and feeling slightly intimidated, I got up as well. I wish I could say I towered over Trish, but that was not the case, to my dismay, I ended up having to look /up/ at her. Still, the height difference wasn't much, but she seemed pleased by it.

The bitch.

"Or else you're gonna have to pay the price of disrespecting a Founding Member of the Barons, and I'm sure you don't want that, so..." One manicured finger rose up and pointed to the floor. "On your knees,"

"Fuck you, I'm not getting on my knees." I growled, how dare she? There's no way I was going to grovel and beg for forgiveness, i'd rather remove my own testicles.

"Fine." Her head bobbed sharply, curls flying all over the place, "Then, I think we should get in a rather important member of the Barons." She turned slightly to her right and bobbed her head once more, "Derrick.~" She cooed, motioning someone forward from the crowd of onlookers. "Come here a sec."

I followed her gaze, watching as the students visibly parted to make way for this Derrick person. I found myself staring directly into someone's chest, so I looked up...

And up...

And up...

And up...

And found myself staring into a pair of mirrored shades.

White teeth flashed from a tanned face, "Hello Kitten," Derrick purred.

He did not just....So as a reaction, I kicked him.


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