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Truth Or Dare My Sweet?

Novel By: Emerald Skye

Truth Or Dare?
Sometimes cute party games can turn in to lifelong nightmares.

Rayne Stone is a good role model in her small town of Twin Acres, but when one day, every ones little angel wants to have some fun, her life goes crashing through the floor. Tricked into believing that she had been raped at a neighborhood party, she runs away from home to escape the shame and gets over to Trinity Aces, a small town with a lot of wild life. She finds out that no one can survive on their own, and that sometimes the ghosts of Christmas past can be good. View table of contents...



Submitted:May 4, 2012    Reads: 44    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter One

Rayne Stone sat on the 4:15 bus out of town, her eyes were dark with her own demons and emotions. She kept her head down and her coat pulled up close to her lean frame. She hoped furiously that no one on the bus would recognize her.

A sigh of relief escaped her throat as the bus pulled out of town and into the interstate, she leaned back against the seat. She watched the scenery fly by the window in a semi-blur. The scenery matched her thoughts and emotions perfectly. Rayne's brown eyes glittered momentarily with tears before she blinked them away, she wouldn't cry, not now, not ever. She had cried enough back home.

Home….She didn't have one anymore. She had messed up, no one wanted to deal with damaged goods, so Rayne was heading out of town to save everyone the burden. She opened up her duffel pack and shifted through what little she had in it, a few 20 dollar bills. Her dairy, a pack of gum, and quite a few changes of clothing and socks. She closed that pocket and opened the side pocket to pull out her I-pod. It was the only thing that she had brought with her that she couldn't live without. Music was her life, without it she would die. It was what kept her going sometimes.

Rayne pulled on her head phones and let the violent beat of Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare", soothe her frayed nerves. She smiled to herself for the first time since she had boarded the bus.

Dragged you down below,
Down to the devils show
To be his guest forever….

She jerked as she felt the bus start to stop, she sat up and realized that she had dozed off. They were near the cross country interstate, and they had stopped at a bus stop to pick up more riders. Rayne wiped a hand across her face, trying to get herself to focus. Still her heart didn't slow its rapid pace.

Can't wake up and sweat, Cause it ain't over yet
Still dancing with your demons
Victim of your own creation….

She quickly pulled out her ear phones, the words were now making her remember things she would rather forget. Rayne packed everything away and tucked the duffel pack under her head, she doubted she could sleep, but Trinity Aces was about twelve hours away….



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