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Sparkling daydream

Novel By: emerald waters

When Roxy finds out there is a new guy in school, she has no idea her world is about to be blown into pieces.
Jared Abelardo: mysterious, over confident, and absolutely gorgeous.
To Roxy, he is just an idiot. Irritating, infuriating, brimming with self confidence, thought the world of himself...
And yet, she can't understand why, but something about him that just puts her on edge...
By the time she could figure out was it was, it was too late. Was the charming serial heart breaker going to settle down, or persist in his lack of respect, commitment, and emotional involvement? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 12, 2009    Reads: 2,111    Comments: 16    Likes: 8   

"Oh my god Roxy, Jayden just texted me!"

I looked around helplessly as my best friend continued to float at my side on cloud nine, dreaming about her newest conquest.

We were slowly making our way towards English, the very last lesson of the day.

The sun was filtering through the trees around us, shining radiant light in our direction, half-blinding, yet mesmerizingly beautiful to look at. Wind blew straight into our faces, tangling our hair into messy knots that were going to take hours to comb out.

My thoughts drifted away, sliding down the slippery road of speculation.

My 18 year old brother Luke-who spent the majority of his spare time chauffeuring around girls in his brand new car- had just called to say he was going to pick me up from school so that I wouldn't have to walk home. How very generous of him. I really wonder, what could possibly have motivated his sudden urge to make an effort ? Trick question.

Maybe the fact that his new girfriend Layla seemed to think that his having a 15 year old sister was something "totally unbelievably cute!!!!". But yeah. It makes me feel great to know im being used. I wonder what Luke would do to me if I ran a fork along each side of his precious mercedes benz.

Well, a girl's allowed to dream...


I looked up at Kristen, pushing stray strands of honey coloured hair out of my face.

My best friend was staring at something in front of us intently, with sheer and utter curiosity etched plainly across her pretty face. I followed her gaze to a large group of guys who were hanging around in the middle of the courtyard.

"Oh come ON Kristie, don't waste your time with THEM! You know they just like mess-"


Kristen looked up at me, and her face split out into a huge grin, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

"It looks like there's a new guy at school sweetie."

She winked and gestured towards an individual who was standing in the midst of the most popular group of boys in our year.

Oh sweet Jesus kill me right now!!! Yes so I should have guessed as much. He was hot. Why else would she have pointed him out? But oh my god he was SO hot I could just die right now and roll around in hot embers within the realms of hell. Forever.

With the devil sticking forks in my back and all.

His dark, glossy hair came just above his eyes, and his eyes were incredibly dark. Like the kind you could lose yourself in forever. *Sigh*..

This guy had this whole ragged, mysterious, hot bad boy thing going on. And let me tell you, uh WOW. In the midst of complete strangers, he looked perfectly at ease, his mouth twisted up in an angelic smile, giving the impression he was enjoying his own private joke...

He looked up, and our eyes met. I looked away, embarrassed that he'd caught me looking. If I was lucky he'd pass it off as some funny reaction to seeing a new person in our school.

Yeah right.

The phrase "If he caught you staring then he was staring back" ran through my head so quickly it was as if I hadn't even thought it .

Dreaming had got me nowhere in the past.

Kristen grabbed my arm.

"Come ON! We're gonna be late for English!!" She all but screeched in my face.

We hurried into our classroom, and I slid into my seat, waiting for the lesson to start. As students began to file into the classroom, I saw the new guy coming in and talking to the teacher.

I began to regret having talked so much that that the teacher made me move a table on my own, carefully rearranging everyone so that I was the only person without a partner.

Naturally, the only spare seat was next to me.

Miss Clarkson gestured towards me, and began to walk in my direction.

I held my breath.

"Miss Dawson would you mind helping this student get initialised with the school until he's comfortable with things on his own? "

Like there wouldn't be 50 girls ready to jump on the offer if I said no. And it might do me some good to get to know someone new...

I wondered why he'd only come for the last lesson, but managed to mute my unnecessary questions; it would probably be rude to bombard him when he'd only just arrived.

I smiled up at him and told Miss Clarkson that I'd be more than happy to be his guide until he was initialised with the school.

So that's how I ended up sitting next to the most hottest guy EVER in english.

As the lesson started, I tried my best to remain concentrated, despite the fact that my neighbour looked like one of those hot models off the Dolce & Gabbana adds. Only better. If that was even possible.

Maybe there was a reason he'd been taken in by the in crowd on his first day.

"Hey so what's your name?" He looked sideways at me. Yeah definitely.

"Wouldn't YOU like to know"I replied, attempting humour and failing like hell would. I laughed at my own stupidity. I didn't usually behave like this, but the way in which he was exuberantly overconfident had tapped a nerve, and I'd blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"It's Roxanne, but people call me Roxy." I amended, hoping to heaven he would let it pass. When my words were greeted by a short silence, I turned away, miffed that i'd single handedly killed the conversation.

Poor guy. He must be thinking superdweeb. As it was, he was already looking at me in one of those ways people look at the insane. And you know they're thinking you're so weird. Which I am .

But he shouldn't find out this way.

"My name's Jared"

I looked sideways at him and he smirked. Which. Even when he was pulling faces he was hot.

Well I guess we solved the mystery of the irritating overconfidence, and how it had come about...

" So where do you come from? " I'm guessing somewhere like Brazil. Latino god. Latino sun god. If he can speak Spanish I'll start begging.

Wow. I should really learn to control my thoughts. Seriously.

"Oh me, I just moved here from London" He flicked his hair out of his eyes and smiled properly this time. Probably pleased that something relatively sane had come out of my mouth. And may I just say? Heartmeltingly breathtakingly beautiful.


"So have you always lived in London? " How is he from london? I thought he was from somewhere relatively, well SPANISH.

He smiled wryly.

"No, I used to live in Spain." He continued.

"It was lovely really but I think everyone needed a change, and my parents wanted to come back to England anyway, so why wait?"

By the end of the lesson, I knew so much about Jared Abelardo that I could probably recite his life story by heart to anyone who asked. As it was, I'd already told Kristie practically everything there was to know.

He was 16, born in August, had three sisters (Lianna,Carla, and Melania) and had only just moved from Spain- despite having said he was from London, they only stayed there until they had found schools for all three of them- his parents weren't separated, and he used to play for his various schools in Badminton, tennis, football, and cricket( I KNOW). I could go on forever. Literally.

I don't know what it was about him that made me come to this conclusion, but Jared was different. He had this whole messy, couldn't be asked thing about him, and he was so casual that he seemed to naturally get on with people.

And yet, I didn't know what did it, but he still managed to irritate the hell out of me. Whilst we'd been sitting there in class, and I began to get to know him, I started noticing all these little things about him that just...Gahhhh!!!

He was so casually overconfident, and just by the way he talked you could tell that his whole life, he'd had it easy. As in WAY. I began to suspect that maybe he'd never had to work for anything, that he'd just had it all given to him. And hell, guys like that irritated me. Muchly.


I walked towards my brother in his posh car, uncomfortably aware of the fact that every girl who wasn't related to him (this does not include kristen who, having grown up with me could never see him as the babe magnet that he apparently is) was completely giving him "the eye". Which was slightly irritating in a weird way, because excuse my language but even the bitchiest bitch out there-Madison (who incidentally seems to have made friends with Jared rather quickly) was checking him out. And apart from the fact that my brother? Ewww!!!! Well the girl completely hated me and yet there she was eyeing up my brother. Which. Annoying much?



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