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Modern Day Shakespeare

Novel By: Emmie Lynne

The Clarks and the McNilsons have hated each other ever since the Clarks moved in next door. Mr. McNilson and Mr. Clark are always competing for 'Best Decorations' during the holidays and 'Best Yard' the rest of the year. And Mrs. McNilson and Mrs. Clark are always competing for best garden. But what'll happen when the two families teenage children meet and fall in love? With their rivalry subside to love, or will it tear the teens apart?

Jaymie Clark is a 16-year-old beauty with the brains of a scholar. After skipping two grades, Jaymie's graduating really early with her best friend, Nyomie. Jaymie's a goody two-shoes who'd never disobey her parents, being the Daddy's Girl she was. But when Jaymie meets Ricky at a party at Nyomie's boyfriend's house all of that goes down the drains when she falls for him.

Ricky McNilson is your average bad boy 18-year-old. He grew up in his parent's footsteps, hating his neighboors the Clarks, even though their teenage daughter is the hottest at Riverwood High School. When they meet at a party he hopes he can win her heart, even if that means going against his parent's demands.

***This is a more modern version of the brilliant William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. I practically stuck to the script, making it more relatable of course, but changed a few things. Hope you like it!*** View table of contents...


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For Never was a story of more woe

Than that of Juliet and her Romeo

I smiled at the last two lines of my all time favorite book, "Romeo and Juliet," I'd read the book over a dozen times and never tired of it. I could almost relate to the heroine, Juliet. For my heart belongs to the one I cannot hold. The one I cannot have. For my heart belongs to Ricky McNilson, my families enemy. None of the girls in any of my classes have ever been able to really relate to the fair and beautiful Juliet, no one, but me. I sighed as I closed the book and rolled from my stomach to my back on my bed. I store at the white ceiling above me and sighed once more, my thoughts on the poor Romeo and Juliet and their unfair fate.

I turned my head away and rolled off my bed, expertly landing on the balls of my feet to keep the sound from bouncing to the kitchen below where my mother was cooking. I walked to my vanity and lifted the dark wood top to reveal a "hidden" compartment which was hallow and lined with soft suede. My makeup was laid perfectly along the bottom, waiting to be used. I ignored the makeup and reached for my brush, the top of the vanity resting against the pale cream wall behind it as I looked into the mirror that was attached to the other side. I ran my brush through my silky soft brown hair and sighed inaudibly as my pale blue eyes searched my face.

With another groan I pushed myself away from the cream coloured vanity. My furniture around me reminded me of Juliet as well. My entire life did! I was the only child to Lucas and Lacey Clark, I was a teenager, we hated our neighboors, I loved our enemy's son, what else? My furniture was a pale cream, almost white color with swirly and flowery designs etched into the frames. The tops of my vanity, wardrobe, dresser, and bedside table were all a deep brown, woody colour. I walked to my window, which was basically two doors that pushed open onto a small balcony that overlooked my backyard and some of the McNilson's.

I pushed open the doors and walked to the banister, leaning over it. I frowned, my chin resting on my folded arms as I looked around the backyard, I looked from our small apple orchird to our cherry tree in the corner. I used to sit under the cherry tree when I was younger, on the white metal bench as I played games; pretending to have tea parties or whatever. I heard something and looked over our fence to the McNilson's yard and saw Ricky walk out into the green yard. My heart melts as I watch him sneak over the fence and go around towards the front.

I've been in love with Ricky McNilson since we meet when I was four, he six. It was my first day of first grade, I'd skipped kindergarten. I walked in, the school year halfway over, with my Powder Puff Girls bookbag on my shoulders. I walked in, head held high, my mother beside me. I didn't hold my mom's hand, or her pants leg when she introduced me to my new teacher, Ms. Bree. I hugged Mom goodbye, not a single tear escaping my eyes. I was made to stand in the front of the room and introduce myself.


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