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The Friend Zone

Novel By: Emmy97

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love is one of those words that you can keep saying and never get sick of it. Well I am. I'm sick of it. Love hurts. It's not even worth it. Boys just break your heart and cheat on you. Or stay in the 'friend zone' as my best friend, Shelby says. No point to love. I'm Lynne Summers. Welcome to my life. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

(Dream) 2003, Spetember 8th, First Day of Year 3

I saw myself, running into my primary school. This is the day I met Kai (Kai is said like Kye) for the first time. I remember this day so vividly. My younger self ran into the school with all the other children. I was wearing my favourite purple summer dress with the shiny purple shoes to match. We were all starting to get to know eachother so our teacher, Miss Collins told us to draw our favourite animal, then show eachother our pictures. I sat on my own, too shy to sit with anyone else. I was nearly done drawing my deer but i needed blue for it's eyes. I saw a very pretty looking girl sititng in the corner, with other girls and boys. She had short blonder hair pushed back with a neon pink hairband, and light blue eyes. There was a blue pencil on her table so I got up and walked over to it. I went to pick up the blue pencil when the blonde girl snatched it away, a mischievous grin spreading across her red lips.

"Oh sorry, is that your pencil?" I asked, knowing it wasn't.

"Yes. It is. You can't borrow it so don't bother asking." The girl said.

All the other boys and girls laughed at me.

"Go on now, go back to sitting on your own. No one wants you to sit at our table. Go away." The blonde said, waving her hand dismissively.

All the children laughed at me. I turned around and walked away, tears in my eyes. I sat back down and crumpled up my drawing and threw it.

"Are you ok?" I heard a boy ask.

I lifted my head up to see a cute boy with glossy black hair and bright green eyes stare down at me, worry twisting his features.

"Y-yes I'm o-ok." I sniffled.

"Here" the boy said and handed me a blue pencil.

"My names Kai by the way." Kai said and gave me a big cheesey grin.

"I'm Lynne. Thanks for the pencil." I smiled, which faded slowly when I realize I threw my picture.

"I'm guessing this is yours?" Kai asked, handing me my crumpled picture.

"Yeah thanks." I smiled.

Everything began to blur and fade out.

2011, Spetember 8th, First day of year 11


"Ugh..." I moaned, hitting my alarm clock till it shut up. 7am. Not my favourite time of the day. I slid out of bed and into the bathroom to go to the toilet and brush my teeth. Once I flushed I went to wash my hands. I gasped, looking at the state of my hair in the mirror. It was sticking up in pretty much every direction. Talk about bed head. I giggled to myself and finished washing my hands and cleaning my teeth. I attacked my hair with everything my brush had, when i finished it looked reasonable at least. I put on my favourite pair of jeans, my black short sleeve top and my brown gladiator-style sandals before grabbing my bag and leaving for school, apple in hand.


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