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Death and Fate Took My Perfect Life

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

I am spoiled, have a rich family, and beautiful. but that all came crumpling down as soon as that day came. I was relaxing by the pool with my headphones in. I didn't see it coming and he slipped right by me killing the only people I ever loved. He had climbed my fence running from the cops and ran into my house ignoring me.

The cops went threw my front door and the guy had a gun to my mother's head. I was 17 when this happened. I had gone inside to get a glass of iced tea when blood came flowing my way on the ground like a river. I dropped the glass I had in my hand and ran to find my parents.

That's when I saw them wide eyes with no life and bloody tears. That's the day my nightmare of a life started. View table of contents...


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I am Daniella, 17 years old with beautiful natural cherry red hair, and I have model like qualities. Yes I'm spoiled and rich, well was, and had every guy in school drooling over me. It was that dreadful day that I ended up here in this hell hole of a house. My parents were murdered by some criminal. I was in my designerblack and purple bikini by Dereon. I had my headphones in on blast and relaxing by my pool letting serenity calm me completely. Until he came and killed my parents. Yes I'm an only child and my parents were actually expecting a baby girl soon. So I wouldn't be an only child for long, or so I thought.

A criminal was running from the cops and he was jumping fences. I had a mahogony fence that stood a couple feet tall. He had gotten over our fence and ran into my house opening the glass back door with blurry flowers painted on them. He had seen my mother making more iced tea for me. He crept up behind her and pulled out a gun and held it to her back. She gasped and dropped a lemon slice onto the clean floor. It wasn't going to stay clean for long.

"Dont you fucking dare say a word," he whispered in my mother's ear.

She nodded slighly scared that he'd shoot her and her precious baby. The cops just showed up as my dad walked down the stairs.

"Who are you?," my daddy asked.

The man turned around and shot my dad. I mom jumped a little at the sound of gun shot. She got an idea as the man was looking at my dead fater. She picked up the knife she had and chopped off the man index and middle fingers he had rested on the counter from his left hand.

"Damn it!," he shouted cupping his bleeding fingers in his right hand, "You bitch!"

He grabbed my mom's long flowwy brunette hair and tossed her on the gorund next to my dad. She was on her stomach crying because she landed on it. He put a foot on her back and shot her in the back of her neck. She lied on the ground with her eyes wide open and bleeding erradically. Her baby was also dead from suffication. The cops busted open my front door and shot my parents' murderer. I turned off my ipod and went to go get some more tea. My back door was wide open. I wonder why. I shrugged it off and walked in. I stopped as I felt something wet and warm under my feet.

I looked down and saw a river of blood flowing out the door. I dropped my glass towards my kitchen. I gasped as I saws my parents lying on the ground with their eyes wide open and their necks bleeding. I fell to the ground crying my eyes out getting blood all over my arms and legs. I saw that my mother's stomach was moving. She was moving the baby was kicking for air.

"Please someone help!," I shouted rolling my mom on her back.

The paramedics ran over to my side and lifted my momther's shirt. They had to cut her open to get thee baby out. But they were too late and as soon as they got my baby sister out she was dead. The two paramedics shook their heads and handed me my dead baby sister. I began to cry my cerlain eyes out. The paramedics stitched my mother's stomach and walked away. Iwas drenched in blood and tears.

"I'm so sorry," a police officer walked up to me gently touching my right shoulder.

I closed my parents eyes and my baby sister's as well. I stood up and saw everyone from school standing outside.

"You have to go outside for a minute please," a paramedic said.

I shook my head and hugged myself together. He took my hand but I snatched it away. I grabbed a nearby blanket and wrapped it around me. The paramedic lifted me up by my under arms.

"No!," I screamed.

I kicked my feet and struggled, but he had already gotten me outside. I slipped out of his grip and fell onto my front lawn. They police already had my parents and their murder in body bags.

"No!," but someone grabbed my wrist.

I turned back to see who and it was my real best friend Max. He wrapped his arms aaround me not caring if he got blood on his clothes. I sobbed into his chest as the police and everyone else began to do their jobs. All the girls from school were crying and clenching their fists. I had anger, depression, fear, confusion, and regret boiling inside of me.

After that day nothing was the same. I stayed with Max and his parents until my house was as clean as could be. My parents' funeral was a few weeks later and my aunt Kristine and uncle Tom finally got here. They were moving into my large house because I couldn't inherit it yet. I am now wearing all black at my parents' and baby sister'sfuneral as they lower their caskets. Max was behind me gently rubbing my back. Once their caskets were all the way down in their hole me and Max grabbed a handful of soil. I held it over the hole then let it drop. Max did then same and then we took a step back as the diggers filled the hole back up. I grabbed the two flowers I had and set them on the grave letting tears decend my pale depressed face.

My aunt and uncle hated me actually. And they were actually glad that's my parents were gone. Max gave me a gentle kiss and I got in my car. My guardians were driving like mad men. They were whispering with smiles on their faces, then my uncle Tom looked back at me and slightly frowned.

"Are you okay Dani?," my aunt Kristine asked with fake sympathy.

I nodded and looked down at my phone. Max had texted me on cue.


U sure u gonna b ok 2nite? u can come over.


I'm sure. Juss leave da key under the mat juss in case


K dani juss txt me if u need a ride


K Max


Luv u dani


Luv u 2

I stuffed my phone in my clutch purse and the car pulled into my driveway. Everyone was gone and the door was shut. I got out and went up to the door. I opened the door and the blood stains were gone. I went upstairs and threw a pink tank top on and gray sweatpants. My uncle walked in with a smile on his face.

"Yes uncle Tom," I turned to him seeing him in my mirror.

"If you even tell anyone about last time me and Kristine were here you will pay," he growled.

Inodded and he slammed my door shut. I remember that day last time they visited. Aunt Kristine recorded everything that Uncle Tom did to me. He forced me to give him a blowjob and he fucked my pussy from behind. That's when I lost my virginity though I don't say that's loosing my virginity. Aunt Kristine was laughing the entire time and pulling my hair and forcing me to kiss her.

I figured she was a fucking slut. I shuddered at the memory of that day and crawled into bed. It felt weird not having my mommy and daddy not tucking me in at night. It was only 6:30, but for some bizzare reason I was tired. I climbed into my queen sized bed and cried to sleep. Though I woke up six hours later. It was only midnight and I felt scared. I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and texted Max.


Max u wake?


Yeah. wats up?


Can u come pic me up?


B there in a min

I stuffed my phone in my pocket and ran to my dresser.I pulled out random clothes and put them in a bag. I heard pebbles being thrown at my window and it was probably Max. I opened my window and threw it down to Max and he caught it.

"Come on Dani," he whispered.

"Okay," I replied.

I went to my closet and pulled out the rope ladder I hid in there. I clamped it on my window ledge and climb out and down. Max gently held out his hand and I accepted it. He directed me to his car and we drove in silence to his house. Every now and then he gently rub my leg to assure that he was there for me. Could I trust him if I told him what my aunt and uncle did to me? The car stopped in Max's driveway and we got out.

We walked into his house and closed and locked the door. I walked into his bedroom and he shortly followed. I sat on his bed and kicked off my converses. I tossed my bag in a corner and lied on Max's bed staring at his ceiling. Max pulled his hoodie off over his head and I saw he wasn't wearing any other shirt under his hoodie. I bit my lip and sat up.

"Are you okay?," Max asked.

"Yeah," I nodded.

Max sat on his bead and gently stroked my hair.

"You wanna go to sleep?," he asked.

I nodded and lied my head on one of Max's pillows and pulled the blanket over me. Max got up and walked to his door.

"Where you goin?," I asked leaning on my right elbow.

"Imma sleep on the couch," he answered.

"No, please stay," I begged with teary eyes.

Max closed his door and turned out the light. He could see in his room by the light of the full moon. He walked around to the other side of his bed andclimbed in with me. I felt tears gently descend my face as Max put an arm around me and I felt his rock hard warm chest against my back. I snuggled closer to Max and he hugged me tighter. I felt him kiss the top of my head making me feel a lot better.

"Go to sleep Dani," Max whispered in my ear.

"Okay," I repliesd as Max gently kissed my cheek and soon enough I fell asleep.


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