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Death and Fate Took My Perfect Life

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

I am spoiled, have a rich family, and beautiful. but that all came crumpling down as soon as that day came. I was relaxing by the pool with my headphones in. I didn't see it coming and he slipped right by me killing the only people I ever loved. He had climbed my fence running from the cops and ran into my house ignoring me.

The cops went threw my front door and the guy had a gun to my mother's head. I was 17 when this happened. I had gone inside to get a glass of iced tea when blood came flowing my way on the ground like a river. I dropped the glass I had in my hand and ran to find my parents.

That's when I saw them wide eyes with no life and bloody tears. That's the day my nightmare of a life started. View table of contents...


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I was walking with Max on my heels. The only thing missing from this scene is wrist and ankle cuffs. Aunt Kristine smiled at me and I glared at her. I could feel anger, tension, and from me, fear. I gulped as a single tear decended my cheek and kept walking until I saw the pizza. I grabbed a paper plate and took two slices of cheese. I got a thought, .but it was a mean, ignorant, degrading thought. I did it anyway and walked back up to Aunt Kristine. I took a bite and moaned at how good it tasted.

"Mmm Aunt Kristine this is really good pizza, you try," I shoved the hot cheese pizza in her face.

She screamed into the pizza that I held aggresively to her face until Uncle Tom pulled me away from her and I dropped the pizza on the floor. She ran upstairs crying and whinning and slammed the bathroom door closed and locked it. Uncle Tom threw me on the ground and I hit my head super hard on the ground I groaned in pain.Uncle Tompulled a knife from their holster I gulped and Max stood in front of me guarding me with anger practically radiating from him.

"Leave her be," Max said darkly.

"Fine, but Dani you step out of line again you'll pay," Uncle Tom put the knife away and ran upstairs to check on Aunt Kristine.

"Dani are you okay?," Max helped me up.

"Yeah," I said.

I gasped and opened the front door and told Max to follow me. He followed me to my backyard where it homed my old treehouse. Luckily the rope ladder was resting on the side of the large tree. We climbed up and into it and I pulled the rope ladder up and locked the latch. I sighed and closed the wooden windows. I used to have slumber parties up here and there were still blankets and pillows up here.

"We're staying here for the night?," Max sat beside me.

"Yeah just until tomorrow," I answered.

"Okay," Max smiled at me.

I gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek and grabbed two pillows and two blankets. I lied my head down on a pillow and pulled the blanket over me. Max lied next to me wth his head placed on the pillow and pulled the blanket over his shoulder. I scooted closer to him so I wouldn't be so entirely cold. Max didn't mind and nudged himself closer to me in order to stay warm. It was going to be cold up here, my dad used to bring more blankets up here in the middle of the night because he'd here are chaddering teeth. I didn't know why, but I was extremely colder than when I used to come up here. Maybe it was because I was bearly wearing any frigging clothes!

"Dani are you okay?," Max whispered in my ear.

"I-I-I'm f-f-freezing," I studdered chaddering my teeth.

"Come here," Max put his arm around me and over-lapped the blankets to keep me warm.

"M-M-Max I l-l-love y-you," I said and he kissed the top of my head gently.

"I love you too Dani," I smiled with my lips quivering and they had turned a blue-purple.

I don't know why, but I wasn't getting any warmer. Not even the heat obviously raditating off of Max was helping me.

"Dani?," he asked worried.

"Max something i-i-is d-definately wrong," I studdered trying to keep myselg warm by rubbing my upper arms.

"You wanna go to the hospital?," he asked.

"N-no," I said.

"Well is there anything I can do to help?," I saw he was shaking with tears threatening to fall out his eyes.

I thought for a moment, but nothing cam to mind so I shook my head. Max walked moved over to me and captured me in a bear hug. I sighed as I fet him against me.

"You'll be fine," Max whispered kissing me multiple times

I kissed him once and felt a little bit warmer. I didn't want to use Max just to get warm, but I was as cold as an iceicle.

"I know how to warm you up," Max gasped lying me down on the floor.

"Max?," I asked with teary eyes.

"Dani I want to help you any way possible," he said standing up and banging on the wall.

"You a-are too s-sweet," I lifted my hand and he grabbed it kneeling beside me.

"You're freezing!," Max's eyes were wide, "Please let me help you Dani."

I was about to say yes until a freezing pain shot threw me. I shuddered and fell on my back and hugged myself in a tight ball. I heard MAx calling my name, but it sounded as if he was calling me from a plane's window. I felt hot tears stream down my face and heard them drop onto the floor. Damon unlocked the hatch and threw down the ladder which rolled out and grazzed the grass. He helped me sit up and did all he could to make my arms lock around his neck.

"Dani please hold on tight," Max said climbing down the ladder cautiously with only one hand and the other was holding the very upper part of my left thigh.

I tried as much as I could to hold onto him and squeezed to hold on. He coughed a little and he finally touched the ground. I didn't mean to let go, but when my back hit the ground I groaned in agonizing pain. I was trying my very hardest to keep myself awake. Max pulled out his cellphone and dialed 9-1-1. I was on the ground hyperventalating and in a lot of pain while freezing to death. Max was kneeling beside me trying to keep me awake because he said that I could slip intoa coma if I fell asleep. I tried my hardest to stay awake, but I was that close and just couldn't help myself. Max kept shaking me, but that wasn't helping at all. The police and ambulance got there just after I fell asleep and slipped into a coma.

Max's POV

I was doing all I could to keep Dani awake, but she had fallen asleep as soon as the police and ambulance arrived. I had dropped my phone and was vigorously shaking her trying to keep her awake. The paramedics ran over with a gurnee and lifted Dani onto it. I followed them into the truck and saw her Aunt and Uncle standing in a crowd of people. They had blank expressions on their faces and I frowned at them and slammed the doors as the ambulance took off. I couldn't describe that ride, but inside I was dying looking at poor Dani, tears streamed down my face.

I was screaming inside, hurting and couldn't do a thing to get Dani to wake up. The paramedics were doing everything they were trained to do. I helped open the door as the ambulance pulled up in front of the hospital where the ER section is. Everyone was running around and slid Dani into an open room and was doing whatever was necessary. They told me that I had to wait outside the room and I could se threw the glass what they were doing. Dani was thrashing around and they had to hold her down to keep her from falling onto the cold floor.

They had to put restraints on her to keep her down. She looked as if she was trying real hard to get out of them. I heard her scream and her poor cries of pain were stabbing me in my heart. I couldn't stand it and ran towards the elevator and sat by the bench to clear my thoughts. Empathy was something that absolutely sucked. A nurse was running my way and I really didn't want to hear what she had to say to me.

"Are you Max?," she asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"She's not awake, but she's saying your name," she said.

I stood up and ran back to the room and the door was open. I walked in and the doctor was holding onto one of her arms so I slowly walked up to him and took her hand. She instantly tightened her grip and I saw a small smile spread across her lips. Her concious was still here and my heart heated a bit. I remember that she hit her head pretty hard earlier. Hopefully there's no brain damage. I'll find out soon.


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