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Lovely Complex

Novel By: Entangled

She didn't mean to break the vase. Kai Riley, the commoner who only just managed to find a place at the most prestigious Private School in England, suddenly finds herself owing seven of the highest pupils £50,000.
All seven boys - rich and demanding.
As Kai's journey through CrossOver Academy heightens, she realises that money isn't everything. Hell- Maybe she might even get some aspects of love from this whole ordeal! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 13, 2012    Reads: 390    Comments: 33    Likes: 8   


~Chapter One~

First Impressions

'So elegant….' Kai trailed off, ascending the fifth set of staircase that morning. Behind her, perfect gatherings of young girls giggled and smoothed down the few creases on their flawless uniform which, incidentally, costed more than her entire wardrobe. Underneath the coarse sole of her black leather pumps, the solid marble steps echoed the sound of her movement - not that anyone would care to acknowledge the only commoner within the prestigious CrossOver Academy.

Thanks to her astounding mark on the entry exam, Kai Riley had managed to secure herself a permanent position within the halls of the best ranked private school in England. Naturally, exquisite fees are necessary for pupils to keep their place there, but luckily for Kai, the school's head had been a close friend of her father's and thus, offered her a free position - should she pass the entry examination with flying colours.

With mammoth sized, leather bound books underneath her arm, she flew up the remaining steps and cautiously stopped before the biggest room she had ever laid eyes on. Framed with a dark shade of mahogany, the two heavy doors were etched with intricate drawings of what appeared to be flowers.

The left door stood slightly ajar.

Human beings unfortunately possess a trait called curiosity which sometimes, can land you in the most dangerous and unfortunate situations. Kai was no exception. With her slim fingertips- dry from years of book pages- she prised open the door, hoping to land upon a deserted, cosy room upon which she could resume her reading.

Instead, she found her eyes focusing on the most posh, pompous and wealthy group sitting in the array of a semi-circle. All boys, wearing ridiculously white blazers and polished squeaky black shoes which were clearer than the mirrors back at her home.

Seven pairs of sharp eyes swivelled in her direction.

"….And suddenly, my day just got a whole lot more interesting" One of the seven blinked, his head cocked to one side. "Did you stumble here by accident or are you here to entertain us?"

She struggled to find an answer which could suppress the amount of humiliation which weighed on her shoulders. "S-Sorry…It appears I've wandered into the wrong room. I'll, Uhm. Let myself out," the words came out as almost a croak.

"Wait- Miss! Be caref-"

Before Kai could apprehend what he was saying, the sudden weight of the books slipped from her arm, landing with a piercing pain onto the tip of her foot. From the sudden jolt, she stepped back, and the bottom of her pumps gave way on the spotless floor. Her body fell and as her arm flew out to soften the fall - she knocked the vase resting on a granite stand to come crashing down with her.

"Kevin. Get me a wet cloth from the kitchen. Ryan - dustpan and brush please. Sweep up the remains of the vase and dispose of the pieces downstairs," A deep voice ordered his authority which was obviously higher than the rest.

"Well, that's the annual auction ruined,"

Kai groaned, writhing on the floor. Her head throbbed with a pounding headache and as the boys around her murmured, she tried to focus her blurry eyes onto the figure crouched beside her body. He was undoubtedly attractive - dark brown strands of hair mussed unevenly here and there. High cheekbones and smooth skin which contrasted against the green iris's fixated on Kai.

Opening her mouth, she was about to protest her innocence when the boy beside her placed his finger on her lips, ushering a scary silence which not only filled her mind, but the whole room.

"And as for you, Miss. Don't even think about running away. Rest, for now. And when you awaken you will face the seven of us and decide upon how you are going to repay the damage,"

With those final words, he arose from his position, dusted his blazer clean and strode off in such a manner that Kai contemplated who he was. As the pain from her head slowly decreased, she felt her eyes slip into an alluring but confusing sleep, along with one last thought.

Im going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble when I wake up.


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